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Gender: M Meaning of Balthazar: "Baal protects the King" Origin of Balthazar: Phoenician

This evocative name of one of the Three Wise Men of the Orient, also spelled Balthasar, may finally be ready for prime time. Balthazar, Melchior and Caspar were the Magi who brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus, though their names were not mentioned in the Bible.

Balthazar, in its various spellings, has been attached to a number of distinguished artists, writers and philosophers of the past; the most prominent contemporary bearer is Balthazar Getty, actor and great-grandson of J. Paul Getty. The iconoclastic modern painter Balthus was born Balthasar.

Balthazar is well represented in literature. The name appears in no fewer than four Shakespeare plays, is the title of a Lawrence Durrell novel, is the main character of a Balzac novel, and has been seen in everything from a James Bond film to Buffy the Vampire Slayer to The Smurfs to Xbox and online games, and there is a J. P. Donleavy novel titled The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B.

Famous People Named Balthazar

Balthazar Baro, French poet, playwright and novelist
Balthazar Alexis Henri Schauenburg, French Revolutionary general
(Paul) Balthazar Getty, American actor
Balthazar P. Melick, American founder of Chemical Bank
Balthazar Johannes "B.J." Vorster, 4th President of South Africa
Balthazar Venn Reznor (b. 2011), son of singer Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails
Balthazar Saint Tillman (b. 2011), son of NFL player Travares Tillman
Balthazar Wolf Burwell (b. 2015), son of TV journalist Victoria Recano and Tom Burwell

Pop Culture References for the name Balthazar

Balthazar, one of the Three Wise Men
Balthazar, characters in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice," "Romeo & Juliet" "Much Ado About Nothing," and "The Comedy of Errors"
Balthazar Blake, character in movie "Sorcerer's Apprentice"
Balthazar, angel on TV's "Supernatural"
"Balthazar," novel in The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell
"Balthazar, Impresario," a song by Frank Turner
Balthazar, Magi computer in Japanese amine "Neon Genesis Evangelion"
Balthazar Bratt, villain in movie "Despicable Me 3"
Sofia Balthazar, main character in "Sofia The First"