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Gender: Female Meaning of Valerie: "strength, health" Origin of Valerie: French variation of Valeria Valerie's Popularity in 2017: #167

The name Valerie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "strength, health". Valerie is ranked #167 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Classic Girl Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "A brother or sister for little Jack or Olivia".

From the experts:

The name of a martyred medieval saint, Valerie has been on the popularity list since its earliest publication in 1880. Though it peaked in the 1960s, remaining in the Top 100 until 1988, it still doesn't sound terminally dated; the association with the word valor gives it a sense of boldness and makes it one of the special group of girl names that mean strong.

The original name Valeria, came into use in the 1890s, followed soon after by the French form Valerie, which rapidly became the more accepted form. In the 2011 werewolf update of Red Riding Hood, Red was given the name Valerie.

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Famous People Named Valerie

Saint Valerie of Limoges, French martyr and associate of Saint Martial.
Valerie Anne Bertinelli, American actress.
(Marie) Valerie Mathilde Amalie, Archduchess and Princess Imperial of Austria.
Valerie Cruz, American actress.
Valerie Kathryn Harper, American actress.
(Valerie) June Carter Cash, American singer and wife of Johnny Cash.
Valerie Simpson, American songwriter of duo Ashford & Simpson.
Valerie Elise Plame, former U.S. CIA agent.
Valerie Doris Gresham, daughter of American singer Solomon Burke.
Valerie Ritchie Perrine, American actress.
Dame Valerie Kasanita Adams, New Zealand Olympic shot putter.
(Babette) Valerie Louise Hobson, Anglo-Irish actress.
Valerie Ann Amos, British UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs.
Valerie Solanas, American radical feminist.
Valerie Anne Poxleitner Bokan aka Lights, Canadian singer-songwriter.
Valerie Leon, English actress.
Valerie Fairman, American reality TV personality

Pop Culture References for the name Valerie

Valerie, main character in the movie Red Riding Hood
Valerie Hawthorne, character in the Ace Attorney series.
Valerie Tulle, character on TV's "The Vampire Diaries".
Valerie, gym leader in the Pokemon series.
Valerie Grey, character in "Danny Phantom".
Valerie Da Vinci, character in "Despicable Me 3"
Valerie, “Val” Leftman, character in “Hate List”
"Valerie", song by Amy Winehouse.
"Valerie", song by The Weeknd.
"Valerie", song by Steve Winwood
"Valleri," song by The Monkees

Valerie's International Variations

Valeriana (Spanish) Valérie (French) Wala, Waleria, Valeska, Valery (Polish) Valeria (Italian) Valya, Valka, Lerka, Lera (Russian)


LaulenaG Says:


Pretty but sad

Daiseymae Says:


I was real little when that song came out. That is how I came to know it.

Josie1497 Says:


For some reason, I remember vaguely disliking this name a long time ago, perhaps because I thought it was a "mom" name when I was younger? But now I can't even really remember why I disliked it. I just think it's extremely lovely.

Daiseymae Says:


I have always liked this name! It is very pretty.

headintheclouds Says:


Valerie is one of those names where I can't see past its feel of dated time-stampedness to fully appreciate the name, and it makes me wonder if I would actually really like it, had it been completely unknown and free of associations in my mind. I certainly like the way it flows and rolls right off the tongue, and its meaning is lovely. Also, I associate Valerie with the words valor and valiant in a way that I don't with similar names Valentine, Valentina etc., so Valerie seems very strong and brave to me in addition to its dainty girly prettiness.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Valerie is stunning, and Val is cute.

Yessica Says:


Val Val <3

Bobcat108 Says:


There's a Monkees song called Valleri.

csd267 Says:


I had never considered this name until today I heard it called out in the coffee shop and an elderly woman in a raccoon hat answered to it. Then, I fell in love!

Guest Says:


sorry but in the international variations there are Valery, Valeska and Wala and it says it's in Polish; but first, there are no such names in Polish language (only Waleria for a girl, almost disappeared, extremely rare, and Wala could probably be used as a nickname), and second, the letter "V" does not exist in Polish alphabet either; so obviously there's a mistake :)