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Gender: Male Meaning of Griffin: "strong lord" Origin of Griffin: Welsh, variation of Griffith Griffin's Popularity in 2017: #243

The name Griffin is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "strong lord". Griffin is ranked #243 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Vintage Boy Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "How many ____s do you know?".

From the experts:

Griffin is one of the newer and most appealing of the two-syllable Celtic surnames. In English, griffin is the name of a mythological creature, half eagle, half lion. It re-entered the list in 1983 after an absence of 75+ years.

Brendan Fraser, Teri Polo and Joey McIntyre all chose Griffin for their sons. Actor Griffin Dunne's mother's maiden name was Griffin. Another well-known bearer was Griffin Bell, Jimmy Carter's Attorney General.

Also worth considering: the original classic Welsh Gruffudd (dd=th).

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Famous People Named Griffin

Griffin Boyette Bell, 72nd U.S. Attorney General
Griffin Steinfeld, American NASCAR driver; brother of actress Hailee Steinfeld
(Thomas) Griffin Dunne, American actor
Griffin Reinhart, Canadian ice hockey player; son of ice hockey player Paul Reinhart
Griffin McElroy, podcaster/media luminary of "My Brother, My Brother and Me" and "Wonderful" and formerly Polygon video producer
Griffin Gluck, American child actor
Griffin Patrick O'Neal, American actor; son of actors Ryan O'Neal and Joanna Moore
Griffin Perry, (b. 1984) son of politician Rick Perry
Griffin Levitan, son of TV writer/director Steven Levitan
Griffin Alstott (b. 1997), son of NFL player Mike Alstott
Griffin Arthur Fraser (b. 2002), son of actor Brendan Fraser
Griffin Moore (b. 2002), son of actress Teri Polo and Anthony Moore
Griffin Parker Taylor (b. 2002), son of singer Corey Taylor of Slipknot
Griffin Musk (b. 2004), son of business mogul Elon Musk; twin of brother Xavier
Griffin Brandon Bonnar, son of mixed martial artist Stephan Bonnar
Griffin Thomas McIntyre (b. 2007), son of singer Joey McIntyre
Griffin Kauffman (b. 2009), son of actress Leigh-Allyn Baker and Keith Kauffman
Griffin Brown (b. 2011), son of photographer Scarlet Page and Tom Brown; grandson of guitarist Jimmy Page
Griffin Roland Sands (b. 2015), son of actor Stark Sands

Pop Culture References for the name Griffin

Griffin Holbrook, a character on TV's "Party of Five"
Griffin, character on TV's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"
Sir Griffin Tewitt, fiance of Lucinda Roanoke in "The Eustace Diamonds" (1873) by Anthony Trollope
Dr. Griffin, main character in H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man"
Griffin "Griff" Hawkins, character on TV's "Boy Meets World"
Griffin Conner, character from the tv show Remedy
Griffin, character on TV's "How to Get Away With Murder"
Griffin Vesey, character on TV's "Cosby"
Griffin Mill, lead character in 1992 film, "The Player"
Griffin Bing, main character in book and TV movie "Swindled"
Griffin Bowen, character in 2015 film "Poltergeist"
Griffin Alto, character in "Sims" series
Griffin, character in "The Dead-Tossed Waves" by Carrie Ryan
Griffin Grey, character on TV's "The Flash"
Griffin Foley, character in novel "Belzhar"
Griffin, family name on TV's "Family Guy"
Clarke Griffin, character on The CW's "The 100"
Griffin Jennings, protagonist of Adam Silvera's 'History Is All You Left Me'

Griff, Griffen, Griffon, Gryffen, Gryffin, Gryffon, Gryphon


EmersonWildWood Says:


Is it a D&D podcast? I listen to that one too if so :)

Amy Clarie Says:


Amazing!! If we have a girl, we're dead set on Juniper, and we like griffin for a boy. Ha seems we have similar taste!

Catgirlmri Says:


I love the name Griffin, but like Juniper (another name I love) it's one of those names people don't think is popular but is. I'm twelve, and at school there are two Griffins in my grade. If you're considering this for a child, though, don't let that stop you!

emilyshurmer Says:


My husband and I first met in a pub called the Griffin... so this could be perfect *starry eyes*

indiefendi2 Says:


apparently there is a popular FEMALE YouTube star named Griffin Arnlund. what the?????

headintheclouds Says:


Update: Griffin is still one of my favorite boy names! I just love it.

katinka Says:


I really like Griffin. It sounds rugged and gruff, but very handsome, and I love the mythological connection! Griff and Finn are equally lovely nicknames.

Jessi19lynn96 Says:


I always thought this name was harsh when I was little because of the heavy
F sound in the middle. I think this name is fresh and adorable now. I love the nickname fin and kind of love that the name has a grumpy old man cuteness to it as well. I love the mythological aspect of it as well :)!

Rush1986 Says:


There is a podcast i listen to with one of the hosts being Griffin. I think he is like a 25 year old man. Anyway, i kept hearing the name and thinking "wow, what an unusual, and yet completely wonderful name". I mentioned it to my husband and he LOVES it. Officially on the list.

Rush1986 Says:


i never thought of Finn for a nickname. I've only heard Griff. Me likey.

babymagic Says:


What a great choice in name!

Tammy Says:


My daughters name is Griffin. Fits her perfect. She is 22 smart, independent, courageous and beautiful.

headintheclouds Says:


Love this name. The mythological and nature aspect of it is great, and it sounds fresh and modern though it's a traditional established name with roots. There's something magical-sounding about it, and though it's getting more and more common now, it still hasn't deterred me from Griffin.

lindseydl Says:


We named our three-week-old Griffin William; he's also very blonde! It was the first thing the doctor mentioned when he was born.

I like the nickname Finn but we haven't used it. I've been calling him Griff for short instead.

I get a kick out of the popular similar names suggested here. His big brother is Gavin Lewis. We didn't originally intend for two G names for our boys, but now we love the sound of Gavin and Griffin together!

Like others have mentioned, we were drawn to names that were familiar but uncommon with a quirky/cool vibe. Different but not too different.

indiefendi2 Says:


Griffin always reminded me of a scruffy Kurt Cobain type of guy who lives in the mountains and drinks beer all day.

G'smama Says:


We named our son Griffin James and have also received tons of positive feedback! We mulled over so many combinations, looking for something different but not weird. And that's what most people say.... Different but not too different :) It fits him perfectly.

cengel73 Says:



karla61220 Says:


Our first born, now 9, is Griffin. He loves his name, and loves the mythological aspect to it. We are so happy we chose this name, and have never doubted our choice. It is strong, unique, but not made up or out there. It's very familiar, and have only had a few people misspell it with an 'en' at the end. He is a wise soul with beautiful blonde hair and green eyes. He prefers Griff or Griffin, but Finny has become a nickname from the family.

jordalini Says:


i love this name, and I think a little boy would love being Griffin

AbbyNashville Says:


We named our son Griffin, nn Fin - and I love it. We get tons of positive feedback from others on his name - both the full name and the nickname. I love that he has a strong and traditional name to fall back on, but a more trendy, light-hearted nickname.

hamwan Says:


Cute yet strong name. Love, love, love.

SunKissedChild Says:


Haha that's awesome! Congrats on picking a name, Griffin is a great name :D

vblanch Says:


Reading this makes me so excited. We finally agreed on Griffin for our son and we were both born with bright blond hair that faded as we got older, but mine is still a dirty blonde color, and my SO has brown eyes, so my little Griffin could look just like that some day!

SunKissedChild Says:


I agree! I had never heard of it before I met the most darling little 3 yr old boy named Griffin! He has floppy blonde hair and big brown eyes, and he's just such an old soul. I've loved the name ever since :)

mommax2 Says:


I don't think it's odd at all. My son is Griffin and I like it because it's different without being weird. And it's not popular, in my area anyway. It's a good strong name! :)

leonoras Says:


I don't's rather odd.

Sweekune Says:


A wonderful mythological name for a boy with the lovely nickname Finn.