Gender: Male Meaning of George: "farmer" Origin of George: Greek George's Popularity in 2018: #127

George Origin and Meaning

The name George is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "farmer".

Iconoclasts though we may be, we like Fred, we like Frank, and we like George, which was among the Top 10 from 1830 to 1950, when the number of little Georges started to decline. Solid, strong, royal and saintly, yet friendly and unpretentious, we think that George is in prime position for a comeback, especially since it was chosen by Britain's royal couple.

George was the name of the king of Britain for 116 straight years, as well as the patron saint of England (Saint George), who slayed the dragon and became a symbol of good conquering evil. America's most famous George is, of course, Washington, the Father of Our Country.

Just a few of the many many possible namesakes are George Handel, Shaw, Bush, Gershwin, Burns, Clooney, Shearing, Steinbrenner, Stephanopoulos, Harrison, Orwell, McGovern, Lucas and Clooney.

Celebrities who have chosen George for their sons include Kristin Scott Thomas, Jane Kaczmarek and Eva Herzigova. George Forman named all five of his sons George.

Not surprisingly, there are Georges scattered through English and American literature, including in two Jane Austen novels, and in Vanity Fair, Uncle Tom's Cabin and An American Tragedy, not to mention Curious George, "George of the Jungle," George Jetson, George Jefferson, George Bailey and George Costanza.

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QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I like Geo. It reminds me of Team Umizoomi.

Dadtwobe Says:


Is there any other "meaning" one could derive from George other than farmer? Like "connected to the earth" and "strong work ethic" or is that grasping at straws.. ?

Carla jemma Says:


I like the name George it’s my favourite boys name & I don’t like boys names very much I never had boys names until 2016 & I have a comfortable good feeling with it I just love it I have George James as a boys name as it was a popular middle name & I wanted it

Carla jemma Says:


I like this

George Samaras Says:


Oh Yea? Want to try it and find out why? : -

paulapuddephatt Says:


Love this name, a firm favourite for me

kertheshe Says:


Sounds a bit too harsh for my liking.

headintheclouds Says:


I've always found it ironic that a name so loved by royals has the meaning of "farmer"! George has always been a classic name, though maybe not a core one like James or Robert- I know some people who found it very old-man-like and unappealing until cute and squishy little Prince George was born, and I'm sure many others have had similar changes of heart.

Personally, while I've always respected George for its stalwartness and can see its enormous appeal, where it would age well and be adorable on a baby boy, I've never really liked George as a name. It's the two hard g-sounds and the way it looks on paper, with its rounded g's and the o in there- that puts me off it.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I want to like this name but the only George I know is awful. He's the kind of kid the adults like because he acts nice around them but is just terrible when around only the other kids. So while I can respect this name as a well-used and timeelss classic, I don't think I can ever fully like George due to a bad experience.

ThistleThorn Says:


I love this name, it's so cute!

Georgie Porgy pudding and pie, kissed all the girls and made them cry!

Kateri Says:


I think George Marcus called Gus is great!

Angelicaecb Says:


Oh! I think Gus is workable as a nn, I especially love George Marcus to get both Gus and honor your husband. It's a cute way to get the nn and still make a lot of sense if you need to explain to someone where Gus comes from. :)

dawne3 Says:


To me, George is a name filled with character. A name that can work for any age!

RehiFam Says:


George Spencer?

indiefendi2 Says:


Geordie is a nickname for George but it's one of those names that doesn't really have nicknames.

Hylian Wizard Says:


I don't think Gus works for George, they're like two different names.

MaryKathryn Says:


I think that Gus could absolutely work for George!

vanessa_joanna Says:


My husband and I are currently in debates about this! We are expecting in July (don't know the sex!) and are having a hard time with boys' names. We both like Gus for a nickname, but would like something else for a full name. My grandfather was George, and I love it as a name. My husband is so-so on George. I'm floating the idea of a little 'George S----' (example, George Samuel) and using G-S to get to Gus. Any thoughts? Similarly, I suggested 'George Marcus' (my husband is Mark) and using G-us to get to Gus. Do you think this is doable or too weird?

Plutophelia Says:


Not in some areas. i know five guys named Graham. Plus it just reminds me of Graham crackers and you don't even want to know how weird the history of graham crackers is.

Angelicaecb Says:


But what other nn's could George have beside's Georgie? Maybe Geo? GG?

gem3 Says:


what did you name him?

Guest Says:


This name is quite nerdy to me but George Clooney, Prince George, and George Daniel from The 1975 are making me love it. I adore Georgie as a nickname.

Kateri Says:


George, hands down. Love it.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I prefer Graham because it is less common than George.

LolaAugust Says:


Our son is going to born in 3 months and we can't decide on a name. We're torn between George and Graham- what does everyone prefer?