Gender: Female Meaning of Juliet: "youthful or sky father" Origin of Juliet: English from Latin Juliet's Popularity in 2019: #270

Juliet Origin and Meaning

The name Juliet is a girl's name of French, English origin meaning "youthful or sky father".

One of the most romantic names, the lovely and stylish Juliet seems finally to have shaken off her limiting link to Romeo. In Shakespeare's play, it was Juliet who said "What's in a name?"

Juliet originated in the Middle Ages as a diminutive form of Julian, then a predominantly female name. It ultimately derives from Julius, a Roman family name. Its origin is shrouded in history, but possible roots include Latin iuvenis, meaning "youthfu"; Greek ioulos, meaning “downy-bearded”; or Jovis, a form of Jupiter, which means "sky father".

French version Juliette, pronounced the same by most English speakers though the French emphasize the last syllable, was more popular than Juliet for the first time in 2015. Both names have taken over for Jennifer and Jessica as fashionable girls' names starting with J.

Juliet Burke was a character on Lost and Juliet Sharp on Gossip Girl. Juliet Low was the founder of the American Girl Scouts.

Other ideas to consider: the original Julia, still lovely; Juliana; or even Jules.

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Rank in US: #270

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Famous People Named Juliet

Pop Culture References for the name Juliet

Julyet, Juliett, Julette

Juliet's International Variations

Giulietta (Italian) Julietta, Julieta (Spanish) Juliette (French)


EchoMalex Says:


I love this name, but does anyone have middle name suggestions for it?

i dunno yet Says:


I am thinking of changing my name, and honestly LOVE Juliet for a middle name, and the reason i love it is because of the relation to Shakespeare, I am really into literature and I think the play has a good meaning behind it, a reminder that love isn't everything, and I don't understand why everyone thinks that that is negative, ya the whole suicide thing is bad, but that adds to the meaning behind the play.

Nommy Says:


I love the name Juliet. So pretty

getjuliet Says:


My name is Juliet Elizabeth (my mother was an English professor). To all of you who say you'd never name your child after a dead teenager, I would respond: If that's all you got from reading Shakespeare, please save the name for others who find it more meaningful.

mrs.malloy Says:


In 2019 with all the Ava's and Olivia's, Juliet is a dainty, classic name that deserves a comeback. It is familiar and has no-nonsense spelling, but is quite uncommon. Juliet was my favorite name growing up, but now that I more highly prioritize nickname potential, Jules/Julie just don't cut it for me! Overall, I think this name is absolutely lovely and timeless.

mrs.malloy Says:


In 2019 with all the Ava's and Olivia's, Juliet is a dainty, classic name that deserves a comeback. It is familiar and has no-nonsense spelling, but is quite uncommon. Juliet was my favorite name growing up, but now that I more highly prioritize nickname potential, Jules/Julie just don't cut it for me. Overall, I think this name is absolutely lovely and timeless!

mrs.malloy Says:


In 2019 with all the Ava's and Olivia's, Juliet is a dainty, classic name that deserves a comeback. It is familiar and has no-nonsense spelling, but is quite uncommon. Juliet was my favorite name growing up, but now that I more highly prioritize nickname potential, Jules/Julie just don't cut it for me. Overall, I think this name is absolutely timeless and lovely!

mrs.malloy Says:


In 2019 with all the Avas and Olivia's, Juiet stands out as a dainty, classic name that deserves a comeback. Its familiar and has no-nonsense spelling, but is still quite uncommon. Juliet was my favorite name as a kid, but now I look for names with great nickname potential and Julie/Jules doesnt make the cut! Overall, Juliet is a gem of a name.

Armor Says:


I agree, I love the name Juliet, but i understand if someone would rather be known as someone else, at least as a child/teenager, to avoid the smart-mouths out there. Which is why I like the rich amount of nicknames: Julie, Julia, Jules, Jewel, all of which are really pretty. I especially like Jules and Jule/Jewel. Also, I like the way Juliet sounds as a full name, and I've always thought it would be nice to go by a nickname and still have a first name when being written out that sounds more professional and elegant. And if she feels like it, I have nothing against her changing it to Juliette. I just like Juliet personally because it isn't as frilly looking, but is still feminine.
And hey, when she falls in love I can always tell her what NOT to do :)

Scorpio Says:


A beautiful name, but unfortunately I don't think I'd ever be able to get past the link to Romeo and Juliet. There is nothing admirable or romantic about a thirteen year old girl killing herself because of a man she met three days ago, and this name will FOREVER be associated with that character.

bordercollie Says:


Juliet is a lovely slight little name. It's getting reasonably popular, but for good reason, as it's such a romantic name.

beachbear Says:


I love this name! I don't love Juliet the Shakespeare character AT ALL. Suicide for the sake of infatuation does not equal a good role model. The -et ending rather than -ette retains the name's strength, and it's feminine but not frilly.

indiefendi2 Says:


People attach themselves to the stories of Juliet and Ophelia but have no problem with Olivia, Miranda and Ariel? Come on, let's be fair. Shakespeare could've "ruined" ANY name.

Rachel E Banks Says:


I guarantee there a is child who killed herself with nearly every name. That's silly. Your child would be her own person and isn't being "named after" someone simply because someone else happened to have the same name. My name is Rachel, and there are TONS of Rachel's but I wasn't named after any of them.

onebrilliant1 Says:


I adore this name. Two of my favorite tv characters of all time are Juliet Burke and Juliet O'Hara. I think it could be a nod to my favorite characters while still having a classic and beautiful sound.

abertawe Says:


Yes, with the Juliette spelling it becomes clear it is joo-li-ET

Juliet Young Says:


I pronounce my name "JEWL-ee-it" but because I condense everything down, it actually comes out like JEWL-yet. Either way I LOVE my name. Love love love it.

Lulu82 Says:


I think I pronounce it both ways! Although I tend to say JOO-li-et for this spelling and joo-li-ET for the juliette spelling.

larkub101 Says:


I've always had the same issue with Juliet. It's never been clear, it's like people say it one way one minute and the other the next minute.

julie laurenzo Says:


my name is juliet katherine and i go by julie. often i wish that i went by juliet (my parents said they tried to call me that but it was just too long) just because it's a lot cooler and less mom-ish. (every julie i know besides me is older than 40 at least!). but i do love my name and the uniqueness of my real name being juliet!

ridersienna Says:


Elegant and simply beautiful-Juliet is my absolute favourite girls name. Whilst the connotations associated with the famous Juliet Capulet aren't exactly positive, the romantic feel makes this name the top of my list. The 'et' sound completes it for me, and as one of the only gorgeous names not ending with 'a' why isn't it more popular than it's current ranking?

abertawe Says:


I always wonder if I should say JOO-li-et or joo-li-ET

indiefendi2 Says:


I mean yeah it's pretty but then there's high school English class.....

Netta5187 Says:


This is very close to my name, but much nicer!

Giinkies Says:


I will never be naming my child after a teenager who killed herself.

SimoneKadele Says:


I love this spelling. I'm a Shakespeare nerd, so it has another level of meaning to me. However, there are much stronger, more empowering female characters to name your daughter after. While Juliet is a nice name and is better off than Romeo nowadays, I'd much rather go with Rosalind or Viola.

HDFK Says:


This is my best friend's name, spelled Juliette though. I love the unique spelling, less likely to go through life always being asked "Where arth thou Romeo?"

actingfun Says:


I really hope this name doesn't get too popular! I absolutely LOVE it, but it has all of the components to become the next Isabella. Hopefully it continues on the downward trend so that I can take advantage of it >:)

tori101 Says:


I love Juliet it has grown on me so much of recent, it's romantic, elegant, and fresh in sound. I love the Jules nickname as well. To be honest and I know I'm going against the crowd but I love the Shakespearean connection. Romeo & Juliet is my favourite play I love the naivety and innocence of the characters the intensity of there love everything. So I love this name and everything about it.

GabsterGirlie Says:


Wow! I thought I was the only one who thought of O'hara. Great namesake in my opinion. :)

scblovesnames Says:


Its a lovely name, yes it has a Shakespeare connection it will never quite shake off, but Juliet is so pretty.

clairelaliberte Says:


As long as we put aside the Shakespearean connotation, this is a beautiful name!

clairelaliberte Says:


I love this name. In my opinion, if a girl is given this name but thinks it's too close to Romeo and Juliet, she can just go by Julie or Julia, as the name is close enough for these to be logical nicknames.

headintheclouds Says:


I've always adored Juliet, and it's my favorite Julia- name variant. But I've always felt it unusable due to the Shakespeare play association. Nowadays, I think it's shaken off that image, unlike Juliet's lover Romeo. I like that Juliet is a pretty and feminine name that doesn't end with -a, and that it sounds elegant but also with an element of spunk to it.

kk4d Says:


We have chosen Juliet for our daughter due in March. I just love it!

PineWarrior Says:


I love the way this name sounds, but I wouldn't want someone to be saddled with the same name as an over innocent naive Shakespere character (I remember when reading this in school, I kept rolling my eyes at every obvious mistake she made, so it'd take a lot of convincing to put this in action for a child of mine)

britney d Says:


I was close, lol. I thought she was somewhere between 12-16.

strawberrything Says:


Juliet was 13 in the play :)

britney d Says:


What exactly do you expect from someone who's about 14 years old?

lauren forstner Says:


I love this name! It is a classic and although it is most known for the Romeo and Juliet connection it was a common name in that era. It is also the name of the female detective in the tv show Psych. A cute nickname is Jules. We are considering this gorgeous name for our next daughter.

LadyVanRaven Says:


While the name itself is beautiful and has a nice meaning, I cannot stand Juliet from the Shakespeare play. She was selfish and a little bit stupid.

LunaCross Says:


Lovely name, and very romantic.

Chrisco Says:


I really love this name : ) I think it mostly has lost the Shakespeare connection, at least much more than Romeo has managed to.