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Gender: F Meaning of Juliet: "youthful" Origin of Juliet: English from French, diminutive of Julia Juliet's Popularity in 2016: #228

One of the most romantic names, the lovely and stylish Juliet seems finally to have shaken off her limiting link to Romeo. In Shakespeare's play, it was Juliet who said "What's in a name?" This year, Juliet sits at number 228, its highest point ever.

French version Juliette, pronounced the same by most English speakers though the French emphasize the last syllable, is also on the rise; it was more popular than Juliet for the first time in 2015.

Juliet Burke was a character on Lost and Juliet Sharp on Gossip Girl. Juliet Low was the founder of the American Girl Scouts.

Other ideas to consider: the original Julia, still lovely; Juliana; or even Jules.

Famous People Named Juliet

Juliet Anne Virginia Stevenson, English actress
Juliet Cassidy, daughter of American actor/producer Shaun Cassidy
Juliet Grey, American novelist
Juliet AnnMarie Huddy, American TV journalist
Juliet Rose Landau, American actress
Juliet Moss, American water polo player
Juliet Anne Prowse, South African dancer
Juliet Nicole Simms, American singer-songwriter
Juliet Turner, Irish singer-songwriter
Juliet Ingleby, Dutch model
Juliet May, British TV director
Juliet Waters (b. 2005), daughter of actors Emily Watson and Jack Waters
Juliet Heath (b. 2010), daughter of actress Jaymee Ong and Matthew Heath
Juliet Rosales (b. 2014), daughter of baseball player Adam Rosales
Juliet Devine Worrilow (b. 2015), daughter of NFL player Paul Worrilow
Juliet Elizabeth Rader (b.2016),daughter of the youtubers Sam and Nia

Pop Culture References for the name Juliet

Juliet Capulet, main character in Shakespeare's "Romeo & Juliet"
Juliet Burke, character on TV's "Lost"
Juliet Sharp, character on TV's "Gossip Girl"
Juliet Hobbes, Lisa's best friend on the The Simpsons
Juliet O'Hara, character on TV's "Psych"
Juliet Van Heusen, a character on TV's "Wizards of Waverly Place"
Juliet, character in short story "The Transformation" by Mary Shelley
"Check Yes Juliet," song by We the Kings
Juliet, character in film "Love Actually"
Juliet Granville, character in "The Wanderer"
Juliet Martin, character on TV's "Ringer"
Juliet Silverton, character on TVs "Grimm"
Juliet, character in "The Wizard of Oz"
"Juliet," song by Stevie Nicks

Julyet, Juliett, Julette

Juliet's International Variations

Giulietta (Italian) Julietta, Julieta (Spanish) Juliette (French)