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Gender: Male Meaning of Finnegan: "fair" Origin of Finnegan: Irish Finnegan's Popularity in 2017: #410

The name Finnegan is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "fair". Finnegan is ranked #410 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Irish Boy Names - Baby Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Picky Parents BNG".

From the experts:

If you like the Finn names and love James Joyce, Finnegan is extremely winning. Will & Grace 's Eric McCormack chose the Finnigan spelling for his son. And of course Finnegan gains you access to the great short form Finn.

James Joyce took the title of Finnegans Wake from an old Irish-American song.

Finnegan represents a whole genre of Irish family names you might consider, such as Harrigan, Brannigan, Corrigan, Donegan, Mulligan, Flanagan and Lanigan.

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Famous People Named Finnegan

Finnegan Frayn "Finn" Harries, English vlogger, designer and entrepreneur; twin of fellow vlogger Jackson Frayn "Jack" Harries
Finnegan Lyric O'Connell (b. 2017), son of vlogger Greg O'Connell of GregglesTV
Finnegan Biden (b. 1998); son of Hunter Biden; granddaughter of VP Joe Biden

Pop Culture References for the name Finnegan

Finnegan, a dog puppet in Canadian television show "Mr. Dressup"
"Finnegans Wake," novel by James Joyce
"Finnegan Begin Again," TV movie about main character Michael Finnegan
Finnegan, minor character in "Star Trek"



GenEric Says:


Probably the hard g sound in the middle of the name, it makes it sound more masculine.

jessiefree Says:


I love the idea of a little girl named Finnegan!

jessiefree Says:


I adore this name! Finn as a nickname conjures images of a self-assured, slightly wild little boy. However, our last name is also an F name and it just doesn't flow the way I would want it to.

beachbear Says:


Any name which is used on babies of both genders is unisex.

beachbear Says:


There once was a man named Michael Finnegan
He had whiskers on his chin-egan
He got fat and then got thin again
Poor old Michael Finnegan-egan-egan

PontyPool Says:


Finnegan was a name of male cat in my neighbourhood. The idiot got all the other unfixed cats pregnant.

Jazzy7 Says:


I like this name a lot lol it seems so cool. Plus finn as a nickname is a great. Our Alexander "Xander" Knight with little brother Finnegan/Finnian "Finn" Wolfe sounds good to me! Xander and Finn are an awesome sibset.

headintheclouds Says:


To me, Finnegan is associated with the James Joyce novel, the one forever on my to-read list that I never seem to get around to starting :b It's a nice friendly-sounding full-length name to get to Finn as a nickname, and I do like three-syllable names for boys.

EW314 Says:


I really like this name, and this is my preferred spelling. I think it has a lovely musical quality when you say it, and I agree that Finn is a great (if super-popular) nickname.

Louise Wilding Says:


Reminds me of the Patsy Biscoe song

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


Since when did Finn and Finlay become unisex? Unless I'm mistaken, I do not believe that either rank in the top 1000 for girls. And even if they did, since Finnegan is not being used on girls currently and has no legitimate feminine history or phonetics, why on Earth should it be listed as unisex when it is quite clearly not?

Mia17 Says:


If Finn and Finlay are unisex names, why isn't Finnegan?

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I loved it as a kid, but I wore it out by naming so many characters that. So it's not appealing to me anymore

CocoLoco523 Says:


This is our top contender! I love Finn as a nickname.

loverofnames86 Says:


This name sounds really cool. Of course the nickname Finn is a plus.

raevynstar Says:


What do you all think of this one?