Gender: Female Meaning of Olive: "olive tree" Origin of Olive: English, from Latin, nature name Olive's Popularity in 2019: #213

Olive Origin and Meaning

The name Olive is a girl's name of English origin meaning "olive tree".

Though greatly overshadowed by the trendy Olivia, Olive has a quiet, subtle appeal of its own -- and is now enjoying a remarkable comeback. Olive is one of only four girl names starting with O on the US Top 1000. Cool couple Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen chose it for their daughter, reviving the name to stylishness, and now Drew Barrymore has a little Olive too, as has country singer Jake Owen.

Olive has positive associations to the olive branch as a symbol of peace and the ancient olive wreath that celebrated success.

Olive was the name of the adorable Abigail Breslin character in the popular movie Little Miss Sunshine. Olive Chancellor is a major character in Henry James's The Bostonians and Olive Kitteridge is a Pulitzer Prize-winning Elizabeth Strout novel that was adapted into a TV miniseries in 2014. Kids might be familiar with Olive the Other Reindeer.

Olive came into fashion at the end of the nineteenth century along with other botanical names, when it had a run in the Top 100.

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Rank in US: #213

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Pop Culture References for the name Olive

Olivette, Olivet, Oliffe, Oliff, Olie, Olly, Ollie


fearlessfirefly Says:


I love this name. My mom was considering it for me, but she named me Faith instead. I did end up liking olives though. I'm thinking of using Cecilia Olive for my future daughter.

Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


I hate this name with a passion.

private Says:


My sister is named Olivia, but its ready way too common. Go for Olive! 💚

Sapphire Says:


That’s why I won’t use it it’s a great name, and it’s very pretty, but it’s just too popular right now

Sapphire Says:


i really like this name its a little bit too popular for me, but otherwise i would use it

Maria94 Says:


Makes me think of olive snook from pushing daisies, one of my all time fave characters

Maria94 Says:


Love this name. Makes me think of Kristen chenoweths character from pushing daisies

bethlena Says:


There is a character in Ransom Riggs book, "Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children" called Olive - so that is what I first associate the name with (and the book is brilliant, I highly recommend it!). I agree with many of these comments, I too prefer Olive to Olivia. Although Olivia is pretty, it is the number one most popular name in England at the moment - and as a teacher, I know of so many little Olivias running about. I know so many that the name has lost its sparkle - in my opinion. Olive is definitely on my list, along with Violet and Paris.

islandbreeze Says:


My name is Olivia and I really dislike my name. I'm thinking of slowly transitioning into Olive. I just am so annoyed when someone calls my name and I turn around and they say, "I was talking to the other Olivia."
I just can't stand it!

iipostmvh Says:


I like Olive and I prefer it to Olivia. Olive reminds me of Hazel. Unfortunately both are too popular in my area.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I love this name, and feel that it has to be looked at separately from Olivia. They are both beautiful names, but in different ways. I am able to really appreciate both.

Dalmatians101 Says:


Olive is the name of my great grandmother, I would love to use it one day!

LaurenDH Says:


I can't stand Olivia, but I love Olive.

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Although I love Olivia, I love Olive more. Olive is most definitely not as popular as Olivia but still has that charm that modern day parents are often seeking. I think two adorable names with Olive in it is, Bridget Olive or Olive Sophia.

bethanyengl Says:


I love the vintage botanical name Olive! It's more subtle and understated than Olivia. I love the meaning.....the Olive tree is a symbol of peace and abundance; they grow and flourish in rocky soils where other plants can't survive. Just beautiful!

cabosanmucus Says:


Olives are disgusting foods and for heaven's sake I'd rather name a child Kale than this!

EW314 Says:


I adore this name, but it does tend to get very negative reactions for some reason. I've heard that it's too old-lady, too cutesy, too hipsterish and too similar to Olivia. I don't think any of this would stop me, though, as long as I could get DH on board.

I think it's elegant, understated and very pretty. I don't think it needs a nickname but Liv and Oli are both lovely options which are there if you want them.

Impwood Says:


Olive is a pretty name with a bit of zest to it. Olivia is nice too.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


I love this name so much!

EllaYu Says:


Yeah some of us want our kids to be smart and not be obsessed with how much they're living up to society's standards of what they should look like.

Weird.. i know.

EllaYu Says:


No, olive (fruit or tree) was not taken from the proper name. It's the other way around.

EllaYu Says:


My great grandmother's name was Olive and it is currently the top contender for our little girl who is due in December.

priviledgedpistachios Says:


This is way better than Olivia. I have a lot of girls in my grade named Olivia and if my future husband really wanted Olivia, I'd compromise to Liv or Olive.

jtay07 Says:


I don't get the appeal of this name at all. To each his own though.

raefrank Says:


I love this name. It rolls off the tongue and sounds pretty. I also like that the olive branch symbolizes peace.

Mulu Says:


The name came from a tree that's been around long before you were born; not from a food. the fruit olives grows from that tree. And that means: peace and harmony. So its a down to earth name if you know206 the meaning of it. My family surname is Olive and we love it!

Hazelle Says:


Though I would never use Olive, it's an adorable name, and would constantly gush over it if my son/daughter brought home a friend named Olive.

headintheclouds Says:


It's a nice nature name- whimsical-sounding and unexpected, seems very popular with the hipster crowd of late, from what I can see. I much prefer Olivia though- Olive is a great nickname for Olivia IMO. Olive on its own sounds rather incomplete to me, and I think of Olive Oyl from the Popeye cartoons when I see the name Olive by itself.

w12 Says:



Catastroffy Says:


This is more of a nature / botanical name than a food name.

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I like this name so much more than Olivia, it's quirky and spunky.

Shansen923 Says:


Absolutely love it!

servals_ Says:


a relative of mine is called Olive so this may make it as a middle name for future kids. Unfortunately her last name was brown.

clairels Says:


The little girl from "Little Miss Sunshine," who, let's face it, was kind of a dork. But I have the feeling that any parent who would use this name would see that as a positive thing.

clairels Says:


The olive is a tree, not just the fruit from that tree. That's where the name comes from.

kitchi1 Says:


No, I don't have that association.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


When I hear this, I think of Olive from the Disney Channel show ANT farm, as that's where I first heard Olive as a name. At first I thought it was a nickname for Olivia. Does anyone else have that association? It's definitely not a bad one, just wondering. : )

Guest Says:


I was saying that where I live the name would get teased. But it's mainstream and popular now/on television and stuff so the teasing factor isn't there (unlike poor Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter Apple)

I'm pretty sure Olive comes from the Latin word "olea" or "oliva", it couldn't have been a name first.

Olive Says:


indiefendi, my name is Olive and I was never really teased. The most I ever got as far as comments was "Wow, that's a really pretty name." It's a very old name, but to me it is very beautiful name and if anything, the food was named AFTER the name.

Guest Says:


I don't really care much about Olivia/Oliver but why are parents naming their kid Olive?! In my area it would get teased so harshly so I'd never use it. Naming kids after foods no matter how positive the connotation is just so weird to me!

ahoymccoy Says:


I prefer this to Olivia. It reminds me of the story Olive the Other Reindeer.

leonoras Says:


I much prefer this to overdone olivia. It's much more...salty.

faithnamer Says:


I really like this name. I love the color and the fact that it represents peace. My only problem would be that she might get teased about the food..

Sweekune Says:


I want to love this name, with the lovely nickname Livvy, but keep being reminded of Olive Oyl.