Gender: Female Meaning of Clementine: "mild, merciful" Origin of Clementine: French feminine version of Clement, Latin Clementine's Popularity in 2019: #686

Clementine Origin and Meaning

The name Clementine is a girl's name of French, Latin origin meaning "mild, merciful".

Clementine is a Nameberry favorite that has finally broken back into the US Top 1000 after more than half a century off the list. Still, its style value may mean there are more Clementines than you might guess in your neighborhood—it may be a name that raises Mom's eyebrows, but it won't surprise your friends.

If "Oh, My Darlin'" still rings too loudly in your ears, consider pronouncing Clementine as Clementeen—or even using Clementina, which rhymes with Christina. Stylish Claudia Schiffer chose Clementine for her daughter, as did Ethan Hawke and Rachel Griffiths, and Kate Winslet played one in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. And for a kid reference—there's a Muppet named Clementine.

A female variation of the even-more-unusual Clement, Clementine's meaning suggests peace and happiness, a lovely image. Other girls' names with similar meanings: Beatrice, Felicity, Hilary, Arcadia, Irina, and Mercy.

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Rank in US: #686

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Famous People Named Clementine

Pop Culture References for the name Clementine

Clemencie, Clem, Clementya, Clemmy, Clementyn, Clementyna, Clemency, Clemencia, Clemette, Klementina, Clemmie

Clementine's International Variations

Clementina, Clementia (Spanish) Clémence (French) Klementyna, Clemenza (Polish)


Voltage Says:



MG1257 Says:


I don't think this name would age very well, but it certainly is cute! And just fyi for people bashing Clementine for being a fruit name, it was actually a name before it was a fruit!

QueenieGuldbaek Says:


I like the nicknames Minty or Tina.

Clementine Garrett Says:


I am a Clementine, I much prefer my full name but I go by Clemmie, I much prefer Tiny, Minnie or Lemon though.

private Says:


I first heard this name from The Walking Dead Game. I loved it then and always will love it! People who say it sounds "childish" or "preppy" obviously haven't seen the badass zombie slaying little girl!

lemonsmum Says:


My daughter is Clementine. I’m from Texas and it’s not commonly used as a fruit name here. People just say tangerine. So to me this has never been a food name. I associated it more with the song and also with Eternal Sunshine. Before she was born we started calling her the rhyming Lemon Pie, which got shortened to Lemon, and that’s her nickname now. We dislike Clem and Clemmy anyway. We get lots of compliments on her name.

Daiseymae Says:


I really love this name now! So pretty!

ceruleanstardust Says:


What about Cece and Emmie?

Eva7708 Says:


This is such a bright, cheerful name. I think it works well for both a child and an adult. It's important to me for a name to have good nickname potential and this one has a lot: Tiny, Cleo - even Lemon for a bit of additional citrus whimsy.

auroracallista Says:


I think this is such a sweet name, though I doubt I'd use it...I would use the nickname "Cleo" though if I did :)

Eliza1303 Says:


Idk...maybe as like a cute middle name but I just feel that this name just wouldn’t sound professional in the real world. I actually kinda think it’s cute but like I just feel like the name can be a little limiting. A military general, Clementine? A president named Clementine? I feel like people would automatically expect this person, Clementine, to be peppy and super cheerful right of the bat. Idk just what I think.

Ella Says:



Ella Says:


The song "Oh my darling" does not bother me a bit. This is one of my favorite names.

Daiseymae Says:


and her shoes were number 9!!!!!

RainstreamofSpiritClan Says:


For me it's Seven of Nine and the Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager

Leah_ Says:


This use to be one of my favorite names when I was 11-12ish. It has fallen down on my list but I still find it beautiful. I'm happy it's growing in popularity.

JossieChris Says:


This name is growing on me. And Clement is a family name after the saint. While I do live in orange country California, I see it as a virtue name in existence long before the fruit. I hear "O my darling". But I love the built-in lullaby. Also liking the Emmie nn option along with Cleo, and the all too precious Cutie. I am Spanish French so I love the different pronunciations teen/tyne/tina. This is an adorable third girl option. I want a name that is completely girly. I went with unisex names twice and I hate correcting people. We are torn between Clementine Harriet, Clementine Cordelia or Clementine Joely.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I can feel that there are very mixed views on this name. I wasn't a fan, but am starting to love it. I think the answer as to whether it works on someone of any age, occupation, etc, might be found in the various nickname options. To me, there are plenty of those, and the name is therefore very versatile. With regard to the song - yes, I think of it, but I enjoy the association. I remember playing that on my recorder, when I was a kid. 😃

ladimon Says:


I do not see the appeal at all.

StrawberryLoo Says:


Love this name! And it's the soon-to-be hubby's fave.

clairels Says:


Me too.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


Well, Lettice has been used as a name historically, but I don't think that would justify giving it to a modern child. It still sounds like something that belongs in the produce department. The average person is not going to be aware of historical significance, and will take the name at face value.
It's just too cutesy for the average person to pull off. Sure, adorable at three years old, but I'd be pretty resentful if I were a thirty year old businesswoman stuck with the name Clementine.

eveyalecia Says:


To be fair, this is a name with a lot of history, as is the male Clement. Whereas Apple has never historically been used as a name.

Dalmatians101 Says:


Its a sweet name, which I think would suit either a toddler, or a full grown lady, However, it reminds me of Clementine, in Caillou, which is a no no for me.

Daiseymae Says:


It is pretty cute.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


I agree! I still can't get the picture of oranges out of my head...

Jamie Says:


My daughter's name is Clementine James. many people who no me thought it was perfect, n those who didn't care fir it now say it totally fits her. ..her father is plain in liked names like Mary, I was thrilled when he agreed with clementine. ..James because he's jimmy n I'm jamie:)

notclaire Says:


I love this name, it's beautiful and works just as well for a child as for a grown woman. (I can't believe nobody has mentioned Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind yet! The first thing that comes to mind when I hear the name Clementine!)

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Ikr! Its basically the same as calling your child Orange.

TheSlothPrincess Says:


I can't imagine this on a real life person. People always make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter being named Apple, so how is this any different?

clairels Says:


I agree that that Clémence is much more adult sounding. For me, Clementine simply is not the name of a grown woman.

nika11 Says:


This name has always been a little weird to me. It's just too cutesy to be taken seriously - like "Daisy" or something along those lines. I knew ONE Clementine, and she was French, so she pronounced it "Clé - mon - teen" and I think that her pronunciation was the only reason this worked out sounding okay on her. I much prefer Clémence to Clementine.

Margot23 Says:


I knew a Clementine that went by Clem, i've always loved that

FableJuno2222 Says:


I love this name the only disadvantage is that it reminds me of the fruit which I eat daily. I could not picture my daughter called this :(

Phibstar9 Says:


I'm not a tween.

stephykneejo Says:


Doesn't really sound like you're sorry for being cruel. Might not be your style, but there's nothing wrong with the name. But I have a feeling you're a tween that is nowhere near having children, yet think you know everything.

Phibstar9 Says:


I HATE THIS NAME. IT SHOULD ILLEGAL. Sorry for being harsh but it is cruel to name your child this

eveyalecia Says:


That's cute! :)

MsHelianthus Says:


I understand why some people just hate this name... but I LOVE it! I really like all of the nicknames you can pull from it; Lemon, Clem, Tiny (so cute!) and then when she's older she could always go by Tine which is a name I think is more mature but still unique and pretty. (I'm definitely into nicknames though so maybe that's also why I love it)

Dizzygirl Says:


This is my niece's name and it's adorable.

Hailey Says:


Blech, this is a terrible name! It's clunky, old-fashioned in a Pilgrim way, and not at all sweet. It reminds me of chlamydia. **Shudder**

Jamilyn Says:


Our daughter is named Clementine. We also weren't big fans of the potential nicknames (lemon, clem, clemmy, tiny, etc.) so we call her Emmy for short.

Lola Says:


It's funny. When you are brainstorming nicknames you think of all these cute ones, and then you don't really use any of them on your kid. I have a seven year old relative named Clementine and we call her only Clem or Clemmy.
Her family embraces the fruit relation and she has shirts, hats and stuffed animals with oranges/clementines on them!!!

FantasyandPrayer Says:


All I can think of is the fruit, even though I'm trying not to! Not ruling it out entirely though, it might make a nice name or mn for a girl born near Christmas (we always have Clementines at Christmas :) ) although I'd probably choose Clemency instead.

Zelliew Says:


That's all I hear too

Jo Jo Says:


This name is so darling, and I can see it on a little girl or a grown woman. My only beef with this name is that I dislike the potential nicknames...Clem, Clemmy, Lemon, Minnie, Tiny, Ina

Portia Cash Says:


Love it, will have to start calling my sister that, have you thought of Tinny, or Clemmy.

Portia Cash Says:


My older sister is named Clementine, and is nicknamed Clem, or Clemmy. She is a grown woman and she holds the name very well and isn't a ditsy person at as Clairels had so kindly mentioned.

Giinkies Says:


All I hear is Huckleberry Hound singing "oh my darling Clementine," but I'm not sure if those old cartoons are on anymore. I've never met anyone with this name so my only association is an old childhood cartoon.

larkspur83 Says:


Clementine is a lovely name with a lot of history to it! I can see it working on a person of any age. Winston Churchill's wife was named Clementine. I think of it as sort of an upper crust British name, sort of like Marigold (on Downton Abby). Winston & Clementine Churchill actually had a daughter called Marigold. I think it's so much more than just the fruit!

headintheclouds Says:


This is one of the Nameberry favorites I just never understood, even with my constant exposure to it. With some other names that I see popping up a lot, I end up at least warming to it a little and better understanding its appeal.

I usually love "-ine" ending names too, so my persistent dislike/ meh feeling about Clementine baffles me a little. I think it's the Clem- sound, it just sounds sticky to me, and makes me feel like I've just heard the word "moist" on repeat several times.

I love the nickname Clea suggested in comments below, though I think it's not that intuitive a reach, and I'd rather just go with Clea instead of Clementine.

Catastroffy Says:


This name sounds harsh to me, but I like Clemency. I actually named a villain in a story Clementine.

Essa Says:


I see the appeal but I'll always think of oranges. And reading the comments has made it even worse since lemon is apparently a nickname. Citrus fruit all around!

Catastroffy Says:


Actually, I disagree. I can only see this on a woman, and not on a child.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I like Clementina too! But not Clementine . Though looking back at old name lists I made, Klementine was on one of them.

Guest Says:


I don't really like the ine sound at the ending. If it was pronounced een then I would like it a bit more. It's just a bit too clunky for me. I love Clementina though. I feel like a hypocrite haha.

Addie88 Says:


I don't see why everyone loves this name.

jordalini Says:


First Lemon, second Clemetine is a small orange, its own type of fruit with another fruit nickname. 3rd no adult can carry this name

clairels Says:


Agree. The only kind of grown woman who can wear the name Clementine is one who floats through life wearing vintage polka dot blouses, riding a fixed-gear bike and planting organic vegetables. And if she would rather be a pilot, a cop, or a welder, too bad.

ShunPun Says:


Yeah it's cute on a little girl, but a teenager or a grown woman? Sorry, I know this one is a favorite on here, but I definitely won't name my daughter this.

Btravain Says:


Im obsessed with Clementine and I love the nickname "lemon"! This is my number one for a girl!

clairels Says:


Overly precious name that doesn't really work in a modern classroom.

CharlotteLouise Says:


Clementine is such a gorgeous name. It is definitely in my top 5 but I would be a little nervous to name my first daughter this.

Christina25 Says:


I love the fruit, not sure about the name though.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I'm in a minority here, but I just don't see what's so cute about this name. At all.

mabespark Says:


This is such a pretty name. I love virtually all of the nickname possibilities, especially the sweet and clever Cutie on a toddler. :) I also love the suggestion of Clea.

pacifica Says:


I'm in love with this name currently. For it, I like the nickname "Clea."

heather75402 Says:


I love this name it's very sweet sounding. Definitely going on my list!

morg215 Says:


I couldn't imagine calling a child Clementine. Picture a teacher calling role... it's a cringeworthy moment.