Girl Names

Naming a baby girl has never been more exciting, more fascinating, more diverse....or more challenging. With girl names ranging from ancient to newly-invented, from ultra-feminine to gender-neutral, from internationally-popular to truly unique, there's a wealth of wonderful and sometimes dizzying choices. We'll help you find the perfect one for your child with top girl names and unique names for girls, girl name news and lists of names for baby girls. Also here are tools to search girl names by letter and origin along with links to our friendly forums discussing names for girls.

Girl Name News

Thu Feb 25 2021

Fanciful Girl Names Go Over-the-Top

Fanciful girl names are long, feminine, and on the rise. We look at the top elaborate names for girls, as well as over-the-top choices that nobody is using.
Wed Feb 10 2021

Name Sage: Spirited Names Match Imogene

They love quirky, vintage picks with plenty of energy. Their first daughter’s name is Imogene Hazel May. Now Imogene is going to be a big sister, and they need a spirited name to match! Time to ask the Name Sage for some fresh ideas.
Thu Jan 28 2021

Sister Names Share Style

Sister names should be coordinated in style — sometimes sound or theme — but not be confusingly close. We take a look at popular and unique sister name combinations, as well as our favorite celebrity examples.

Top Girl Names

Our top girl names project which names will be most popular for baby girls in 2021, versus which names were popular last year. The top girl name on Nameberry right now is Luna, with the goddess name Aurora ranking in second place and the classic Eloise dropping to third. Other girl names popular on Nameberry heading into 2021 include Maeve, Ophelia, Freya, and Aurelia.

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Unique Girl Names

Unique, unusual, uncommon, and rare girl names, loosely defined as those ranking below the US Top 1000, are an ever-growing category attracting an increasing share of attention. There are so many styles of unique girl names, and so many thousands of choices, that the selection below gives you just a taste.

We included a few choices from several types of unique names for girls: nature names, vintage names, word names, mythological names, names from a diverse range of cultures. But there are thousands more where those came from, and we'll help you pinpoint the names that are best for you and your baby girl.

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Search Girl Names by Letter

Start here to search thousands of girl names by first letter. You can browse every name for girls in our database using this tool.


Browse Lists of Girl Names

One good place to start your search for your baby girl's name is with a list. We've got hundreds of curated lists of girl names that spotlight the best names in that category and may lead you to a selection you hadn't thought of before. Our users have also created their own lists of girl names on topics ranging from Celestial Names to Bilingual Names to Cheerleader Names -- truly one for every interest and taste.

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Explore Girl Names by Origin

If you're looking for a name from a specific culture or language of origin, or you're interested in finding a name that reflects your family's ethnic background, you may want to start your search with one of these lists that classify all the girl names on Nameberry by language, country, or culture of origin.


Read Blog Posts about Girl Names

Beyond the current blog posts focusing on girl names, our archive includes hundreds of in-depth pieces on different aspects of girl names. These blog posts include both advice on naming baby girls and recommendations of specific names. Some of the best are noted here.

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Talk About Girl Names

Talk about girl names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our forums. You can sift through your choices and get new ideas and advice. Below are the most active forums on baby girl names right now. Jump in!

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