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Baby girl names are the focus of this page, which features the top girl names, unique girl name trends, and search tools to help you find the perfect name for your baby girl.

Top Baby Girl Names

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The top baby girl names here are the names our visitors are searching for most right now. Think of it as an insiders' look at which girl names other parents are considering for their daughters and a predictor of future popularity and trends.

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Nature Names Have Appeal You Can Feel

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Nature names are so appealing today because they inspire the senses. You can smell a Rose, watch a Wren soar through the clouds, taste the juice of a Clementine, feel the icy sting of Snow. Some of the most popular girl names among our visitors are nature names. Here's what people are loving today.

Search Baby Girl Names A-Z

A quick route to all the baby girl names on Nameberry is via a search by first letter. You'll find all the top girl names for each first initial ordered by popularity, along with a complete alphabetized list of all the unique names starting with that letter.


The Final E Is Not Silent

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Most people today know that the final e in such popular Greek names for girls as Penelope, Chloe, Zoe, Phoebe, and Daphne is not silent. We can thank Harry Potter's Hermione for making all of us aware that the e ending in Greek names is pronounced as ee. That sound has been represented in English by a series of different spellings. At the turn of the 20th century, it was ie -- Lillie, Fannie. Y was often used in the 1950s, when Kathy and Patty reigned, but then i came to the fore in the 1960s, when President LBJ's daughter changed the spelling of her name to Luci. Today, there are lots of kree8tif spellings that represent that final ee sound, from ey to eigh to, well, ee. Which only makes the softness of that final e more appealing. Here, some other baby girl names that end with an e that may whisper, but is not silent.

Baby Names Search

Search for baby girl names using any combination of criteria you like. Want a rare Irish name that starts with M and ends with A? Or maybe you're looking for a two-syllable girls' name that means ocean. You can find it with our baby name search tool.


British Names for Girls

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Have you seen Clare Green's Ultimate Guide to British Names? Whether you're a Brit or an Anglophile, you'll want to know the whos, whats, and whys of British baby names. Some of our favorite British girl names are below. We've also created a guide to our Ultimate Name Guides, so you can find your baby girl the ultimate name.

Baby Girl Names in the News

Baby girl names are a frequent topic in our daily news stories, which cover popularity trends in girl names around the globe and offer fresh ideas for naming your baby girl. Here are the most recent news stories focusing on names for girls. Our archive contains a vast store of information on baby girl names.

Little Black Dress Names Are Always in Style
Mon Sep 13 2021

Little Black Dress Names Are Always in Style

Little black dress baby names ooze style and sophistication, but they do so with classically understated flair.
How I Named My Baby: Elin Francis
Wed Sep 08 2021

How I Named My Baby: Elin Francis

Mary and Mike prioritized family names for their daughter, born on April 8, 2021. They ultimately landed on Elin Francis, a long-loved first name with a bonus family connection and a super significant middle. We spoke with Mary to learn more about the process of naming Elin.
12 Girl Names That Deserve More Love
Mon Aug 23 2021

12 Girl Names That Deserve More Love

If you're looking for a girl name that feels both fashionable and original, that stands out on its style merits rather than its shock factor – these are our top picks right now.

What Are the Top 1000 Girl Names in your State?

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Want to see the Top 1000 girl names in your US state? You can now find that information on Nameberry. Our guide to name popularity by state isn't accessible via our menus yet but follow the link below to access it now.

Talk About Girl Names

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Talk about girl names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our forums. You can sift through your choices and get new ideas and advice. The Berries are brilliant baby namers and love to dispense excellent naming ideas. Below are the most active forums on girls' names right now. Jump in!

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