Baby Girl Names

Baby girl names today are a rich and varied group. It can be thrilling as well as challenging to find the right name for your beautiful baby girl. We can help, with lists of both the most popular and most unique names for girls, trends, and search tools, news, and advice to lead you to the perfect girls' name.

Popular Girl Names

baby girl names - popular

What are the popular girl names right now? The Top 2000 baby girl names on this list are the names that are attracting the most interest from our visitors this month. This isn't just the top girl names pulled from last year's Social Security Administration data. It's an insiders' look at which girl names other parents are considering for their daughters right now and a predictor of future popularity and trends.

Top 2000 Baby Girl Names 2023

Unique Girl Names

baby girl names

If you're looking for unique girl names, you have literally thousands of options. Some of the hottest categories include goddess names, nature inspired names, last names as first names, and word names. You'll find unique names for baby girls and boys all around Nameberry, but here are some of the cutest girl names that are also rare and unusual.

Baby Girl Names A-Z

A quick route to all the baby girl names on Nameberry is via a search by first letter. You'll find all the top girl names for each first initial ordered by popularity, along with a complete alphabetized list of all the unique names starting with that letter. Find all our search by letter tools on the Baby Names A-Z page.

Girl Names by List

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Baby girl name lists help you search the thousands of names to find the options most appealing to you. Are you more interested in names that are popular or rare and unusual names? Do you prefer girls' names that have been used for centuries or those that no one has ever heard before? Whether you're looking for names from ancient mythology or contemporary literature, girl names that mean brave or names that sound romantic, we have a list of baby girl names that's right for you.

Badass Princess Names

badass princess names

Badass Princess names are appealing not because of their sound or even their style, but thanks to their image. They're a little bit bad, a little bit good, and the perfect combination of both.

Girl Names in the News

Model Names With Serious Style
Mon Feb 06 2023

Model Names With Serious Style

Model names are diverse, unique, and seriously stylish. We look at the très chic names of 20 up-and-coming runway models — all worthy of consideration by fashionable parents.
Unisex Girl Names: the Past, Present, and Future
Sat Jan 28 2023

Unisex Girl Names: the Past, Present, and Future

Names like Everly, Piper and Aubrey are modern, no-frills choices that feel gender-neutral but lean more to the girls. Find out more hot names in this style, plus more that are waiting to be discovered.
How I Named My Baby: Maudette Eve
Wed Jan 25 2023

How I Named My Baby: Maudette Eve

Francophile couple Marissa and Mark had a clear wishlist for a name — French roots, starts with M — but couldn't find a name they loved that met their criteria. That is, until Marissa combined two of their favorite names, Maude and Odette, to create Maudette — the perfect name for their baby girl.

Girl Names by Origin

girl names by origin

If you're looking for baby girl names from a specific culture or language of origin, or you're interested in finding a name for your daughter that reflects your family's ethnic background, you may want to start your search with one of these lists that classify all the baby girl names on Nameberry by language, country, or culture of origin.

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide, Nameberry Style

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide, Nameberry Style

Nameberry's Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide has you covered, from TTC to the fourth trimester (wait, there's a fourth trimester?). We look at everything from medical signposts to useful gear to, yep, baby names. Check it out here.

Tips for Naming Your Baby Girl

tips for naming your daughter

Congratulations, it's a girl! Now comes the challenging part: Choosing the perfect name. As you start your search through the thousands of baby girl names for the right one for your daughter, some advice:

Determine your baby name style

Do you prefer established names that have been used over the centuries or those that are newly-created, maybe even by you? Girl names that attract attention or those that blend in with the crowd? There are a lot of ways to define baby name style and having a sense of yours -- classic vs. modern, sedate vs. edgy -- can be a good place to start your search for a girls' name.

Consider gender identity

Gender identity is an important consideration today. Are you looking for a name that's distinctly feminine or one that's gender neutral? Do you want a traditionally female name that is down-to-earth and straightforward, or a name that's primarily used for girls but has a unisex feel?

Find your popularity sweet spot

We mark the divide between popular and rare names at the cutoff for the Top 1000 Baby Names in the US, and that might be a good place for you to draw the line too (even though the difference is only a few babies). Names in the Top 1000 tend to be more visible than names below that point, but that can help your child's journey through the world. Another popularity consideration may be traditional vs. unique in the sense of unconventional. A name like Sawyer is both popular and unique, while Ottilie and Bronwen are traditional but rare.

Start the search

Create a collection of baby girl names that speak to you, even if you don't have the answers to any of the questions above. You may determine your preferences names first!

Narrow it down

How do you reduce your long list of preferred names to a manageable short list, which we'd cap at 10? You can make a spreadsheet and rate names on their various qualities. You and your partner can trade one list back and forth, crossing off those you don't like and adding new ideas. Or you can go the Marie Kondo route and favor the names that spark joy, no further analysis necessary.

Make a choice

How and when do you make your final choice? Some parents like to wait until they see the baby to make a selection between three or four finalists, while others need to settle on a name before dealing with the excitement and stress of childbirth and caring for a newborn. There's no right answer except the one that feels most comfortable for you.

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Talk About Girl Names

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Talk about girl names with other expectant parents and name lovers on our forums. You can sift through your choices and get new ideas and advice. The Berries are brilliant baby namers and love to dispense excellent naming ideas. Below are the most active forums on girls' names right now. Jump in!

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