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Gender: Female Meaning of Anwen: "very fair, beautiful" Origin of Anwen: Welsh

The name Anwen is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "very fair, beautiful". Anwen and is often added to lists like British Girl Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Totally, Kinda, or No Way?".

From the experts:

Anwen is one of the simplest and best of the classic Welsh girls' names, more unusual than Bronwen but with the same serene feel.

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Famous People Named Anwen

Anwen Crawford, Australian music critic
Anwen Keeling, Australian painter
Anwen Rees Meyers, former actress and classical pianist

Pop Culture References for the name Anwen

Anwen Cooper, baby of Gwen and Rhys on TV's "Torchwood"

Anwynne, Anwyn


SaccaraBird Says:


I so dearly want to love this name, as it seems like a perfect un-nerdy alternative for names like Arwen and Eowyn, however in my accent it always comes out sounding far too close to "onion" :( But it is so so beautiful on paper and I'm sure other accents won't have the same issue

BrianneCB Says:


This is my middle name, I’ve always hated it because it’s so uncommon and it doesn’t go with my first name, but I think it would be a beautiful name for a baby in 2018/19

abertawe Says:


Cool :) Not sure that is a related name. Pronunciation of Annwn would be anoon.

katinka Says:


Beautiful, understated and strong.

Wildmoonchild Says:


My first name is Annie and I love it. People always thought it was short for Anika but if it was short for Anwen I would have been very happy!

ladimon Says:


It's Ahn-win.

abertawe Says:


it's definitely "Anne" not "On"

Emmett Reely Says:


Searched it because it's on Torchwood ^.^ I really like the name! definitely on my list of faves (though I'm only 18 and not having kids any time soon haha)

Lola Says:


Annie or Winnie are such cute nicknames for a little girl... And Anwen is a sophisticated adult name! (:

cabosanmucus Says:


Very fair and beautiful indeed :)

grace147 Says:


if it's pronounced "anne-win", then I think it sounds sort of awkward. But "On-win" sounds very pretty and light.

headintheclouds Says:


Lovely name! It sounds like a floating cloud against blue skies and happy elegance, if that makes sense :)

kpearl8 Says:


I kind of adore this :3 :3 :3

OliviaSarah Says:


In Welsh mythology Annwn/Annwyn is the name of the underworld or afterlife, often translated as heaven.

Guest Says:


For once a unique way to get to Annie!

Alicia1 Says:


I like this name, it's different.

fuzzycub Says:


Nice name.