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Your zodiac sign informs your baby name style, along with your approach to the baby naming process. Do you rely on analysis and statistics when choosing names, or are you moved by intuition and instinct? Do you prefer expressive names that stand out from the crowd or traditional and practical choices? Check out your zodiac sign's individual page to discover how you name your baby, according to your sign.

The Aries Namer

zodiac names the aries namer

Can you win at baby naming? Because Aries, you want to compete for the prize. You won't settle for anything less than the best baby name, and are prepared to bring the fire and energy needed for the baby name process.

The Taurus Namer

zodiac names taurus namer

Taurus, you approach baby naming the same way you approach a luxury purchase: in search of something traditional, timeless, and tasteful. You love names that activate the senses — evocative choices that look as good as they sound.

The Gemini Namer

zodiac names gemini namer

Everything about the naming process excites you, Gemini. Researching your options, chatting names with friends and family (maybe even your barista), finding names with clever meanings and connections — you love it all. The real question: can you commit to just one name?

The Cancer Namer

zodiac names cancer namer

You were the kid in school who doodled future baby names in their notebooks, Cancer, and now, it's time for you to actually name a baby. Your taste may have changed since freshman year, but what you value in a name is consistent: warmth, fashion, and familiarity.

The Leo Namer

zodiac names leo namer

Leo, you want your child to have a name that makes an entrance. Ideally, one that says, "Yeah, my parents have great taste." Drum roll, please...

The Virgo Namer

zodiac names virgo namer

Virgo, you write the rules of baby naming. You become an expert during the process, and your partner has little choice but to follow your lead. Now, take out your baby name handbook and turn to page three...

The Libra Namer

zodiac names libra namer

Who's the fairest of them all? It's you, Libra, especially when it comes to baby names. You make sure everyone's voice is heard in the process, and ultimately end up with a Goldilocks name — one that sits in the sweet spot of popularity, style, and likability.

The Scorpio Namer

zodiac names scorpio namer

Scorpio, you're serious about baby naming — make that adult naming, since this kid won't be a baby forever! You want to arm your child with a cool, statement-making name that they can wear with confidence at age 7 or 72.

The Sagittarius Namer

zodiac names sagittarius namer

If it was possible to learn about all the names in the universe, you'd be the first one to do so, Sagittarius. You do your research in fits and spurts but are always open to discovering new names in the wild — or even creating names yourself.

The Capricorn Namer

zodiac names capricorn namer

Capricorn, you see baby naming for what it is — the first big job of parenting. And as with any big job, you'd prefer to get it done right away, rather than procrastinate. If everything goes your way, you'll settle on a traditional, practical, unobjectionable baby name before the second trimester.

The Aquarius Namer

zodiac names aquarius namer

If anyone's wondering what's next in baby naming, they should ask you, Aquarius. You're deeply in tune with the direction the world is headed, and want to ensure you're ahead of the curve — even if it means that friends and family are initially skeptical of your baby name choice.

The Pisces Namer

zodiac names pisces namer

Pisces, your intuition speaks to you during the baby name process. It might be through a baby name dream or a gut feeling, but in any case, you will feel guided towards the perfect creative and romantic choice. When all is said and done, your child's name will seem as if was destined for them.

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