Gender: Female Meaning of Francine: "from France or free man" Origin of Francine: French diminutive pet form of Francoise

Francine Origin and Meaning

The name Francine is a girl's name of French origin meaning "from France or free man".

With the advent of Pope Francis, all forms of this ancient and saintly name came up for a fresh look. Along with most other -een and -ine (when pronounced like -een) names for girls, Francine has a dated midcentury Mad Men feel. But its choice for their daughter by modern glamour couple Casey Neistat and Candice Pool, respectively a video star and a jewelry designer, has made Francine chic again.

Francine was most popular in her native habitat in the 1940's, while in the U.S. she hit her peak in 1950 at Number 224. A contemporary bearer is writer Francine Prose and comic actress Fran Drescher was born Francine. There are also Francines in two animated TV series: Arthur and American Dad.

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Franci, Francene, Franceen


Claire Evans Says:


This is my mothers name, it's beautiful

can90 Says:


Francine is my favorite female name. I totally LOVE this name! I have a niece named Francine and she is absolutely perfect! I wish I could use this name for my first daughter one day, but it might be difficult with my niece already having it. At least I will use Francine as a middle in her honor.

Vintagenamelover Says:


I absolutely adore this name but don’t think I would ever be able to use it. My cousins have a cousin my family is close with named frances and I feel like they would think the names are too close, and tell me not to name my future daughter this. It’s too bad because I think this name is darling and would age well.

jamee29 Says:


Francine is a perfect sibling for Josephine! So happy to see this perfect sib option being contemplated! Beautiful!

Angie Says:


Do you think naming a baby girl Francine is too similar sounding to her older sister's name Josephine? We call her Josie and would call the baby Frankie

Daiseymae Says:


I have a cousin named Francine, and she goes by Francie.

MiaMay Says:


Beautiful name! It makes me happy :)

Alice Says:


I love this name because of Francie in "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". That is my favorite book since I was a kid! I would definitely use the nn Francie if I choose the name Francine.

paulapuddephatt Says:


So beautiful

florie33 Says:


I've always loved this name! It was my grandmother's name and means Freedom. Very precious and personal family love. One of my favorites!

frankie97 Says:


The Best! I Love my name!

paulapuddephatt Says:


Attractive name, and an interesting alternative to Francesca, although I like that, too. I'm not into Frances, never have been, and really dislike the Francis spelling for girls.

jordan300 Says:


Stunning! I love the freshness of this name and "ine" names are definitely back.

lesliemarion Says:


Someone just said to another about this name, "I don't understand your dislike." I don't think liking or disliking a name is something one understands. We just like or dislike according to our own tastes. Me, I like Frances and dislike Francine. Why? Who knows? It certainly is nothing against people with the name or people who name their children the name. To me, it's just like the classic Beatles or Stones question and to each her own (Stones for me). :)

jamee29 Says:


Awe, I'm so sorry you feel this way. It's like music to me. So chic and gorgeous!

jamee29 Says:


I don't understand your dislike. This is such a beautiful sounding name. Fresh, fancy and feminine. I love it!

carrisue1989 Says:


My favorite girl's name!

bananie21 Says:


One of my favorites! Love, Love, Love it!

kimber23455 Says:


We used this name as our daughter's middle name. We always get compliments on her name as feminine and fashionable. We love it!

snowsbeloved Says:


This name has always sounded like a bad variation of my mom's name, Frances. I just think of an obnoxious middle aged busybody. Maybe I watched too much Arthur growing up haha Francesca is stylish (although not my taste), Frankie is just ridiculous sounding on an adult and only appropriate for a child, Francie is spunky (and potentially sexy on an adult), and Fran/Franny are outdated but still usable as nicknames but not full names. My favorite is Frances though. (I won't use it though, as my mom and I don't have the best relationship). But the name exudes confident sophistication while still seeming feminine and strong. I love its tailored appearance. Tailored, spare names usually aren't my thing, but I like Frances.

mickie86 Says:


Such a beautiful name for your little girl. I think it's sad that people wouldn't know how to spell it. That is a reflection of the country's education system!

ssister Says:


This name is so pretty! I just put it on my short list and will pair it with a vintage middle.

octopodes8mylegs Says:


I named my daughter Francine in 2015. Honestly, we don't get many compliments on it and for some reason I've been asked how we spell it multiple times. Regardless, I love the name, I love that she's my little Fran and her daddy's Frannie. My sweet Francine is a blue eyed, strawberry blond and I'm sure she'll grow up to love her name:)

auntanne1122 Says:


My niece is considering Francine for her little girl due in May! I LOVE this name!

Haids1987 Says:


Yuck, what is it about Fran- names that I just can't get on board with? I really, really don't like this name. It's dated and clunky to me, I just can't appreciate it.

headintheclouds Says:


As the Nameberry description says, Francine does seem like a midcentury dated Mad Men-vibe name, and not in the same category as fashionable revival names like Eleanor, its variant Francesca and so. I put it in the same category as its other variant Frances, where I unexpectedly like the name where I thought I would dislike it. Francie is such a snappy and adorable nickname too, with a different sassier vibe than the more tomboyish-sounding Frankie.

ARose1712 Says:


I love, love this name. If we have another daughter...Plus, the nickname Frankie is amazing too..

ThistleThorn Says:


This so much prettier than Frances and the nickname Fran is so sassy and cute.

auntanne1122 Says:


This is a beautiful Honor name!

mickie86 Says:


One of my favorites. It sounds very french.

Catastroffy Says:


I really, really, really dislike this name, I'm afraid. The French pronunciation makes it slightly better, but I still don't like it.

Essa Says:


I know a Francine who always just went by Francine, worked for her.

francine85 Says:


It's a hard name to grow up with. Unless you have a nickname to go by in childhood. Fran or Franny didn't suit me, I finally settled on Franki when I was 14.

ash1114 Says:


This name is really growing on me more and more. Sounds soft and feminine.

jamee29 Says:


This is such a pretty name! I'm so glad it's making a come back. I'm also really loving all the other Fran names honoring the Pope. They have been on my short list lately.

Eva Thyssen Says:


Cute name ^_^

can90 Says:


I Love this name! It's my sweet little niece's name.

jamee29 Says:


This name reminds me of fashion!

faithnamer Says:


Yeah, it was Dora Winifred! And I just looked up Brain and it said that his name was Alan!

OliviaSarah Says:


Haha me too, I do think it's lovely though. I think all the character names were pretty cool to be honest :) Was DW something like Dora Winifred? I never got Brain though.

faithnamer Says:


This name reminds me of the character on the kids' show Arthur.

Guest Says:


I much prefer Francesca

frankie97 Says:


Using the name Francine instead of my given, Frances, since my freshman year in college, has changed my life! It's the first time I've ever felt respected, pretty & popular! I'm feeling like the tomboy comments are gone forever!