"great, magnificent"

Augustus Origin and Meaning

The name Augustus is a boy's name of Slavic, Latin origin meaning "great, magnificent".
Parents are beginning to look at imposing, somewhat fusty-sounding names like this one with fresh eyes: they definitely make a strong statement.

Augustus originated as a title given by the Roman Senate to the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, in 27 B.C. and adopted by him as a name. In the U.S., Augustus reached a high of Number 175 in 1880, fell off the list in 1970, then made a return appearance in 1991, and is now on the rise once more.

Augustus Snodgrass is a character in Charles Dickens' novel The Pickwick Papers, and George Bernard Shaw wrote a play titled "Augustus Does His Bit." Augustus John was a famed British portrait painter, and Augustus Saint-Gaudens a well-known sculptor.

No starbaby Augustuses as yet, but Dixie Chick Emily Robson used Augustus as a middle name for her son, and Dan Aykroyd did the same---for his daughter.

The diminutive form, Augustine, is also an interesting option; variant Augustin was used by model Linda Evangelista; and then there is always über-popular August.
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Famous People Named Augustus

  • Augustus CaesarRoman Emperor
  • Augustus IIII, Kings of Poland
  • Augustus Owsley StanleyAmerican politician; 38th Governor of Kentucky
  • Augustus Welby Northmore PuginEnglish architect
  • Augustus Leopold EggEnglish painter
  • Augustus Edwin JohnWelsh painter
  • Augustus Art PrewEnglish actor
  • Augustus FrederickDuke of Sussex, Prince of the U.K.; son of King George III
  • Augustus Frederick d'Esteson of Augustus, Duke of Sussex; first known person diagnosed with multiple sclerosis
  • Augustus Emmett MaxwellU.S. Congressman from Florida
  • Augustus Caesar DodgeU.S. Senator from Iowa
  • Augustus HallU.S. Congressman from Iowa
  • Augustus Octavius BaconU.S. Senator from Georgia
  • Augustus De MorganBritish mathematician
  • Augustus Wall CallcottEnglish painter
  • Augustus FrankU.S. Congressman from New York
  • Augustus ThomasAmerican playwright
  • Augustus Montague TopladyEnglish cleric and hymn writer
  • (Henry) Augustus LukemanAmerican sculptor
  • Augustus SchellAmerican politician; chairman of the Democratic Party
  • Augustus Williamson BradfordAmerican politician; 32nd Governor of Maryland
  • Augustus YoungIrish poet
  • Augustus "Gus" KenworthyAmerican skier
  • Augustus Newnham Dickensbrother of novelist Charles Dickens
  • Adam Augustus WylieAmerican actor
  • Augustus Purcellson of actor Dominic Purcell; twin sister Lily,Rose
  • Augustus "Gus" Morgan (b. 2010) son of actors Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Hilarie Burton
  • Augustus Goggins (b. 2011)son of actor Walton Goggins
  • Augustus George Moon (b. 2013)son of blogger Kerrie Moon
  • Augustus Juppiter Corgan (b. 2015)son of singer Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins
  • Augustus Henry Macon (b. 2016)son of actor Peter Macon
  • Augustus Alexis Arquette (b. 2017)son of actor David Arquette
  • Charles Augustus Robisonson of musician Emily Robison
  • Lucian Augustus Coppola Cageson of Weston Cage & Danielle Friedman

Augustus in Pop Culture

  • Augustus Gloopgluttonous character in Roald Dahl's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
  • Augustus "Gus" McCraecharacter in Larry McMurtry's "Lonesome Dove"
  • Augustus "Gus" Waterscharacter in John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars"
  • Augustus Maywhocharacter in Dr. Seuss Universe
  • Augustus Highcastlemain character in G.B. Shaw's "Augustus Does His Bit"
  • Augustus Rookwoodcharacter in the Harry Potter series
  • Augustus Favershamcharacter in radio series "The Penny Dreadfuls Present..."
  • Augustus Haynescharacter on TV's "The Wire"
  • Augustus Hillnarrator on TV's "Oz"

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