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Gender: F Meaning of Yvonne: "yew wood" Origin of Yvonne: French

Yvonne conjures up visions of green eye shadow and leopard-printed polyester.

Famous People Named Yvonne

Yvonne Charlotte Anne Marie (Vendroux) de Gaulle, wife of French President Charles de Gaulle
(Germaine) Yvonne Arnaud, French actress
Yvonne Mitchell (born Yvonne Frances Joseph), English actress
Yvonne Joyce Craig, American actress and ballerina
(Margaret) Yvonne De Carlo, Canadian-American actress
Yvonne Jacqueline Strahovski, Australian actress
Yvonne Marianne Elliman, American singer
Yvonne Marie Zima, American actress
Yvonne Agneta Ryding, Swedish beauty queen; Miss Universe 1984
Latoya Yvonne Jackson, American singer and TV personality
Danielle Yvonne Marie Antoinette Darrieux, French actress
Yvonne Jean Jones, Canadian MP
Yvonne Lim, Singaporean actress
Yvonne Meusburger, Austrian tennis player
Yvonne Sherman, American figure skater

Pop Culture References for the name Yvonne

Yvonne Hartman, leader of Torchwood London, 2007, in the Doctor Who Universe.
Miss Yvonne, character on TV's "Pee Wee's Playhouse".
Yvonne "Von" Ryan, character on Australian TV series "All Saints".
Yvonne "Vee" Parker, character on TV's "Orange is the New Black".
Yvonne, minor character in the Harry Potter series.
Yvonne, character from Mad TV sketch "Can I have yo number?".
"My Yvonne," song by Jack Penate.
"On The Bayou," song by Hank Williams, mentions "My Yvonne, the sweetest one".

Yvonne's International Variations

Ibona, Ibane (Basque) Ivone (Portuguese) Iwona, Iwonka (Polish) Ivona (Russian)