Newest Boy Babyberries: The 3rd Quarterly Report of 2013, from Alaric to Zion

Newest Boy Babyberries: The 3rd Quarterly Report of 2013, from Alaric to Zion

By Linda Rosenkrantz

We had that great bonanza of great girls’ names in Part One of this Quarterly Report yesterday, now here are the boys.  This should once and for all put the kibosh on the idea that they aren’t as varied, interesting, copious and creative as their sisters’. Two Peregrines!  Five variations of Edward! A Leviticus and a Lysander! A Hiram and a Huck!

On the blue side, there were three each of Liam, Milo, Oliver and Walter, and pairs of boys named Andrew, Callum, Emil, Elliot, Flynn, Henry, Jasper, Peregrine, Samuel, Theo and Vincent

Most popular vowel: E, Most popular consonant initial: L

Unusual middles: Banjo and Chief

The complete list:

Aiden Michael, twin brother of Noah Richard

Alaric Byron Bond, sibling of Dimonie, Kingston, Aaliyah, Destiny, and Justice

Andrew James

Andrew Leonard

Anthony (‘Tony’) John, brother of  Rosemary and Betsy

Anton, brother of Moteo and Elin

August Henry, brother of Milo Mitchell

Augustus Wilder, brother of FeliNewton

Avalon Arthur, twin of Rock Jenson, brother of Samuel Oberon

Bastian, brother of Alexander

Bennett Anderson, brother of Kaelen Elizabeth

Boaz Geoffrey Mekonnen , brother of Gebriael Geoffrey Edwin Keith, Roscoe Geoffrey Yohannes and Cormac Geoffrey Adisu

Callum Ruairi, brother of Sorcha

Callum Theodore, brother of Silas Derrick

Camden John

Cameron Patrick

Charles Florian (Chaz), brother of Francis (Frankie), Henry (Huck) and Philip (Flip)

Clark Alexander

Colin James, brother of Jackson Bennett and Neva Ellen

Daniel Jackson, brother of Jade Lynn

Desmond Sanders

Dion, brother of Benjamin

Dominic Gabriel Lucas

Eben Charles, brother of Stuart Antony

Eddie, brother of Hilma

Edmund James

Edvin, brother of Viktor and Frida

Edward, brother of Ellie

Edwin August

Emerson Banjo, brother of Jack Tennyson, Archer Fitzwilliam and Willa Jean

Emil, brother of Kasper and Edvin

Emil, brother of Signe

Elias, brother of Alva

Elliot, brother of Nea

Elliot Linke, brother of Amelia Mary and Alex James

Erik, brother of Lara and Ines

Felix Rafferty

Flynn Thomas, brother of Jasper Johnny

Flynn Maxim, brother of Miles Xavier and Ness Alexander

Francis Owen

Frederick Finley Eugene, brother of Nathan Thomas, Noah Jay and Henry Phillip Gray

George Everett, twin brother of Adelaide Plum

Gideon Wesley, brother of Jasper, Frankie and Annabeth

Gustav, brother of Sally

Haiden Dakota

Harvey Bernard, twin brother of Walter Everitt

HawthorneHawkSebastian, brother of Charlotte Rose

Henry, brother of Tage

Henry Thomas, twin brother of Jenna Marie

Hiram Bryant

Huck Thomas, brother of Posy Cathleen

Jack Henry

Jackson Chief, brother of Mattie Mae

Jagger Isaiah

Jake Christopher, brother of Nathan

James Calvin, brother of Kaia Felicity, William Arden, Oliver Kendell and Alfred Harley

Jarvis Hudson, brother of Leonard Phillip and Beatrix Joy

Jasper Allan Fox

Jasper Timothy, brother of Cyrus

Javier John

Jeremy (‘Jem’) David

Joseph Arthur, brother of Noah William and Eliana Beatrice

Julian Andres

Leon Thomas, twin brother of Elodie Nova

Leopold Maurice

Levi Reid, brother of Eden

Leviticus Eli, brother of Judaeah

Liam, brother of Inez

Liam Benjamin

Liam Chase

Linus Roman, brother of Sylvia Caron

Lionel Ambrose, brother of Ramona, Frances, Calvin, Esther and Margot

Lochlan Elias, brother of Jason, Griffin, Jackson, Landon and Carolina

Lucas, brother of Robin

Lucian Penn, brother of Samuel Songzhi

Lysander Tristan, brother of Juliana PiperZane Ronan, and Aisling Evani

Malcolm Edwin, twin of Evelyn Elizabeth and brother of Miles Roland

Marcel Julius, twin brother of Deena Angel

Matthias William, brother of Asher Joseph, Acacia Lily, Micah Paul and Eliora Grace


MeKhai Alexzander, sibling of Zion

Micah Edward, brother of Molly and Mckenna

Milo, brother of Holly

Milo James

Milo Sebastian, brother of Liam

Nils, brother of Mille

Nolan Franko

Oliver, brother of Evelyn

Oliver Karl, brother of Erik Richard

Oliver Finnegan, brother of Addison Ann

Olof, brother of Axel

Orlando Peregrine Chet

Oscar, brother of Gustav

Oslo, brother of Elijah, Quentin, Shade and Gunnar

Otis Lionel

Owen Samuel, brother of Bridger Alexander and Avery Matthew

Ove, brother of Måns and Fabian

Peregrine Griffin Batchelor

Peregrine (‘Penn’) Lyons, brother of Iris Ophelia

Porter Hale

Rainer Luciano, brother Magnus, Ivo and Adela

Rhys Theodore, brother of Kael Charles

Rock Jensen, twin of Avalon Arthur, brother of Samuel Oberon

Ronan Alexander, brother of Leo Sebastian

Ryan Quade

Sacha Ryan, brother of Keegan Serge

Samuel, brother of Nathalie

Samuel Lawson Crichton

Sawyer Finnegan Zade, twin brother of Eila Matilda Grace

Sebastian, brother of Nadia

Sixten, brother of Ceasar


Stuart Francis, brother of  Ryan Thomas, Joseph Matthew, Lucas Jaiden, Nigel David and Claire Camilla..

Theo Henry

Theo Sullivan, twin brother of Lila Simone, brother of Emmett

Theodore Scott twin brother of Cecilia Alexandra, sibling of Ava and Grace, Matthew, Michael, Lucy, Kylie, Catherine, and Christopher

Victor, brother of Felicia

Vincent, brother of Isabella

Vincent, brother of Leo

Walter Augustus

Walter Everitt twin brother of Harvey Bernard

Walter John, brother of Amelia

Waylon James

Wilde, brother of Olivia

William Balthazar

Zachary Allan, brother of James Daniel, William Joseph and Elise Marie

Zion Jameson

Once again, apologies for any omissions—just let me know and I’ll add them in.  And again, big thanks to Denise Potter for her help.

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