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Gender: Female Meaning of Isabella: "pledged to God" Origin of Isabella: Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth, Hebrew Isabella's Popularity in 2017: #4

The name Isabella is a girl's name of Hebrew, Spanish, Italian origin meaning "pledged to God". Isabella is ranked #4 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Antique Baby Names Back in Style and discussed in our forums with posts like "Names on NB that make you go WOW!".

From the experts:

Isabella is a major superstar among popular girls' names. Isabella was the top girls' name in the US for two years running- from 2009 to 2010--due at least in part to the 'Twilight' effect and lead character Isabella 'Bella' Swan.

Isabella has incredible cross-cultural appeal, feeling both modern and traditional, and is popular among parents ranging from Anglophile to Hispanic, and more feminine and romantic than Isabel. An amazing success story for a name that wasn't even in the Top 1000 in the 1980's.

Part of the reason Isabella is so successful is that it appeals in a wide variety of ways to a large number of parents. It's feminine but also classic, has a long history as a royal and classic Spanish name for girls yet is comfortable on the international stage. Some parents choose it to get to the short form Bella, while others prefer to use the irreverent Izzy or Issy, while still others insist on using it in its full four-syllable glory.

Isabella is familiar through various European queens, and was used by Shakespeare in Measure for Measure.

Variations Isabelle and Isabel are also popular, with the Scottish spelling Isobel another possibility. A little further afield is the smoosh name Isabetta, which was chosen by Amber and Rob Mariano.

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Famous People Named Isabella

Isabella I, Queen of Castile
Isabella II (born María Isabel Luisa de Borbón y Borbón-Dos Sicilias), Queen of Spain
Isabella of France, Queen consort of Edward II of England
Isabella Clara Eugenia, Infanta of Spain, ruler of the Spanish Netherlands, daughter of Philip II of Spain
Isabella of Angouleme, Queen consort of John of England
Isabella of Portugal, Holy Roman Empress consort of Charles V
Isabella of Portugal, Queen consort of John II of Castile; mother of Isabella I of Castile
Isabella of Aragon, Queen consort of Manuel I of Portugal
Isabella of Aragon, Queen consort of Philip III of France
Isabella of Aragon, Queen consort of Frederick the Fair of Germany
Isabella of Austria, Queen consort of Christian II of Denmark, Sweden and Norway
Isabella I and II, Queens of Jerusalem
Isabella Fiorella Elettra Giovanna Rossellini, Italian actress, daughter of actress Ingrid Bergman
Isabella Acres, American actress
Isabella Boylston, American ballerina
Isabella Tobias, American-born Israeli ice dancer
Isabella Delves Broughton Blow, English magazine editor
Isabella Khair 'Bella' Hadid, American model and TV personality
Isabella Stewart Gardner, American art collector and socialite
Isabella Mary Beeton, English cookbook author
Isabella of Armenia, Princess of Tyre, daughter of Leo II of Armenia
Isabella of Savoy, Hereditary Princess of Modena
Isabella Maria Luisa Antonietta Ferdinanda Giuseppina Saveria Domenica Giovanna, Princess of Parma; granddaughter of Philip V of Spain
Isabella, Princess of Bavaria (Marie Elisabeth Luise Amalie Elvire Blanche Eleonore), Duchess of Genoa
Isabella Hedwig Franziska Natalie, Princess of Croÿ
Isabella Antonie Eleonore Natalie Klementine, Princess of Croÿ
Isabella D'Este, Marchesa of Mantua and Renaissance woman
Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte Anstruther-Gough-Calthorpe, English model/actress
Isabella Kai Rice, American child actress
Isabella "Bella" Loggins (b. 1991), daughter of singer Kenny Loggins
Isabella Jane "Bella" Cruise (b. 1992), daughter of actors Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Isabella Anastasio, daughter of musician Trey Anastasio of Phish
Isabella Patricia Phillips (b. 1997), daughter of actor Lou Diamond Phillips
Isabella Rack Giannulli (b. 1998), daughter of actress Lori Loughlin
Isabella 'Bella' Wallington (b. 1999), daughter of actress Tina Hobley and Steve Wallington
Isabella Lily Juliana van Vollenhoven (b. 2002), daughter of Prince Bernhard of Orange-Nassau
Isabella Justice Hartley (b. 2004), daughter of actors Justin and Lindsay Hartley
Isabella Claire Lachey (b. 2006), daughter of singer Drew Lachey
Isabella Damon (b. 2006), daughter of actor Matt Damon
Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe (b. 2007), Princess of Denmark; daughter of Crown Prince Frederik
Isabella Sophia Gracin (b. 2008), daughter of country music singer Josh Gracin
Isabella Amora Watson (b. 2009), daughter of actress Jennifer Freeman and basketball player Earl Watson
Isabella Brandie Lilja Foreman (adopted 2009), daughter of boxer George Foreman
Isabella Orozco (Blázquez) (b. 2010), daughter of singer Fey and Alonso Orozco
Isabella Bare, daughter of singer Bobby Bare, Jr.
Isabella Mary (b. 2010), daughter of singer Eliza Carthy
Isabella Anthonette Jacobs (b. 2011), daughter of TV weather forecasters Rose and Steven Jacobs
Isabella Kathryn Coben (b. 2011), daughter of actress Jane Leeves and Marshall Coben
Isabella Celico Leite (b. 2011), daughter of Caroline Celico and footballer Kaká
Isabella Viking Alt (b. 2012), daughter of DJ and actress Caroline D'Amore and Bobby Alt
Isabella Monroe Nguyen (b. 2014), daughter of reality TV personality Tila Tequila
Isabella Eve Gad (b. 2014), daughter of actor Josh Gad
Isabella Rose Sheppard (b. 2016), daughter of actor Mark Sheppard
Isabella Victoria Rooney (b. 2016), daughter of actress Christy Carlton Romano and writer-producer Brendan Rooney
Isabella, daughter of YouTubers Bryan & Sarah ("The Crazie Crew")

Pop Culture References for the name Isabella

Isabella Knightley (nee Woodhouse), character in Jane Austen's "Emma"
Isabella Thorpe, character in Jane Austen's "Northanger Abbey"
Isabella Linton, character in "Wuthering Heights"
Isabella Maria Lucia Elisabetta, character on "Galavant"
Isabella, character in movie "Read It and Weep"
Isabella, a character in Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure"
Isabella, character in "Orlando Furioso" by Torquato Tasso
Isabella "Bella" Swan, character in the Twilight series
Isabella Turk, character on TV's "Scrubs"
Isabella Garcia-Shapiro, character on animated series "Phineas and Ferb"
Isabella "Bella" Jones, character on TV's "Degrassi: The Next Generation"
Isabella Parigi, character in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie"
Daisuke "Isabella" Yamamoto, character in manga "Paradise Kiss"
Isabella Braña Williams, character on American soap "The Young and the Restless"
Isabella "Bella" Hartley, character on TV's "H2O: Just Add Water"
Isabella "Izzy" Fuentes, character on TV's "I'm in the Band"
Isabella "Ivy" Valentine, character in video game "Soul Calibur"
"Isabella," song by Tom Jobim
Isabella, Anna's daughter on Freeform's "The Fosters"
'Sensuella Isabella', song by Tomas Ledin
"Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella", French Christmas Carol