Gender: Female Meaning of Isabella: "pledged to God" Origin of Isabella: Spanish and Italian variation of Elizabeth, Hebrew Isabella's Popularity in 2019: #5

Isabella Origin and Meaning

The name Isabella is a girl's name of Hebrew, Spanish, Italian origin meaning "pledged to God".

Isabella is the Latinate form of Isabel, a variation of Elizabeth which originally derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba. Variations Isabelle and Isabel are also popular, with the Scottish spelling Isobel another possibility. Newer alternatives include Sabella and Isabetta.

Isabella is a major superstar among popular girls' names. Isabella was the top girls' name in the US for two years running- from 2009 to 2010—due at least in part to the 'Twilight' effect and lead character Isabella 'Bella' Swan.

Isabella has incredible cross-cultural appeal, feeling both modern and traditional, and is popular among parents ranging from Anglophile to Hispanic, and more feminine and romantic than Isabel. An amazing success story for a name that wasn't even in the Top 1000 in the 1980's.

Part of the reason Isabella is so successful is that it appeals in a wide variety of ways to a large number of parents. It's feminine but also classic, has a long history as a royal and classic Spanish name for girls yet is comfortable on the international stage. Some parents choose it to get to the short form Bella, while others prefer to use the irreverent Izzy or Issy, while still others insist on using it in its full four-syllable glory.

Isabella is familiar through various European queens, and was used by Shakespeare in Measure for Measure.

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Isabella_188 Says:


Well, thanks a lot...

Isabella_188 Says:


Thank you. :)

Isabella_188 Says:


Or Elizabeth!

Isabella_188 Says:


Thanks a lot, Theodora...

Hero_Phoebus Says:


I love this name and always have, yet its extreme popularity at this current time makes it a virtually impossible choice.

serichs Says:


lowkey hate this name

AugustaKhali Says:


i couldn't have said it better, what you said is so true, isabella is such an unoriginal name but it's a classic. there's far too many girls and it's far too popular now

AugustaKhali Says:


oh gosh this is my name, and it's so annoying at how many isabella's there are now. I literally cringe every time says isabella because it's so popular. it's a shame how popular it is now, i always think that people who called their daughter after 2006 are so unoriginal, so unoriginal. so sad that people ruined this name, but so true.

CaylaLee Says:


Isabella is such a popular name. just a warning to other mummies, my daughter's name is isabella and she's 18 (born in 2000) and it's so popular now and she hates it so much. she knows two isabella's who have changed their names and she's even considering changing it because there's so many girls called Isabella that she can't even go by Bella, or Izzy because other girls goes by it. we didn't give her a middle name (stupid mistake) so she can't go by that. just something to consider, it was popular in the 2000's and it's so much more popular now, so imagine how many little bella's are running around at the moment :/

CaylaLee Says:


trust me, she'll hate it, my daughter's name is isabella and she's 18 (born in 2000) and it's so popular now. she knows two isabella's who have changed their names and she's even considering changing it because there's so many girls called Isabella that she can't even go by Bella, or Izzy because another girl goes by it :/

seafoamxox Says:


This is my name and I hate it. I cringe whenever someone says my name, sad really. I go by Bella (I kind of hate Bella as well)

Galaxystar28 Says:


ISABELLA. It's a shame that this name has some bad connontations. I know 5 Isabellas, and one was a childhood bully, another ditched me for the "cool kids" at school, and the last one was plain annoying. This name is way too common also. Also, Twilight sucks.

bordercollie Says:


I have mixed feelings about Isabella. On the one hand, it's a classic. The nicknames are adorable, though I'm not hugely fond of Bella. I can see it on any age, it has a lovely vintage feel, and there are plenty of middles that would work well. On the other hand, this name is extraordinary frilly and mercilessly overused, especially with the cutesy, trendy Bella as a nickname. I've known so many Isabellas, all under the age of fifteen, not to mention girls called Ella, Bella, Arabella, Isabelle, Annabella, etc. I think Isabella needs to be put to rest for a while to regain some of its original beauty.

Piteco Says:


Boring Boring name. I really don't like this name.

NameLover 11 Says:


I really like this name. I adore the nick name Bella or Belle.

sunshinexoxo Says:


I absolutely love this name and love the nn "Bella" but I don't like how popular it is. I know a handful of people who named their baby this...

funnybunny771 Says:


I am the oldest of seven and I am currently eighteen years old. My youngest sister, Isabella, is currently 3 and a half so I of course remember her being born and holding her just after she was born. Throughout my mother's pregnancy, however, she was Ruby. We picked out the name together, as a family, and loved it. However, while my sister was supposed to be born in mid-September, she ended up being born at the beginning of August and the day she was born also happened to be my great grandmother's 90th birthday, who is called Isabella. She came to visit my baby sister at the hospital when she was only a day old and they had a beautiful connection. When my great grandmother held her it was wonderful. It was beautiful to watch a worldly wise 90 year old woman holding a tiny brand new 4 pound baby. About three weeks later my great grandmother passed away in her sleep. We decided as a family to name my sister Isabella to honour my wonderful great grandmother. She doesn't really suit it that well, but she suits Bella much better than she would have suited Ruby I think. We mostly just call her Rue, though, because she's the baby of the family (like Roo from Winnie the Pooh) and because it just suits her really well. Rue or Ruey both suit her far better than Isabella, Bella, or Ruby! At nursery they all call her Rue too.

EsmeKair Says:


The worst of the worst trend names. Cheesy, too long, awful nickname (Disney princess, anyone?), low class.

Catgirlmri Says:


Ugh. I don't get why it's popular. I don't know why, but it's associated with extreme annoyance in my mind. I just hate it. Please, don't do it to your kids.

ashleyisabellalaaaa Says:


It's a really pretty name and I have it as one of my first names ( My first name is Ashley Isabella). I like the meaning and all but I hate how it's so popular. My mother gave me Isabella because it wasn't that popular and she liked how classy it was. But growing up when I visited my younger sisters in school all I heard was the name Isabella. I hear even more Bellas and it's sooooo popular. My younger sisters has about 4 friends called Isabella as their first names and like the nicknames are crazy now like parents are dying to make Isabella less trendy. Like one for example is called Yzobela like seriously.

Isabella Fiske McFarlin Says:


And I mean many, Generation after generation of Isabellas. It's a super name when you are grown!

Isabella Fiske McFarlin Says:


This is my name and that of many ancestors. I love the name, but do remember that your daughter will be called "Izzy" and "Belly" as she grows UP!

indiefendi2 Says:


I feel like most English speaking people say it wrong, lazily. The name is supposed to be said EEsabella but in America it's said Ih sabella and nicknamed Izzy (which is ugly to me). I think Isabella should be in its full glory.

Isabella Reckenberg Says:


What is you middle name, if you have one?

Isabella Reckenberg Says:


I am an Isabella and I have never met an Isabella. It was also in the top 5 girl names in my country the year I was born.

foreverharriet Says:


I absolutely adore this name. Beautiful and elegant but also strong. I associate the name primarily with the three Queens of England were called Isabella.

AllieCat718 Says:


It's a good thing I don't care about popularity because I'm so in love with his name!

Sorceress Says:


Ignore Twilight, it is beautiful name, classic, medieval, famous in arts and culture. I find it better than Isabel or Isabelle or any other variant.

Sorceress Says:


Such beautiful story. But if that happens to me, I will go crazy, haha.

isabella Says:


It's my own name, but i go my Bella, and honestly if it wasn't my name I would 100% name my child Isabella. Its popularity doesn't phase me because just about everyone else has the variations (Isabel, isabelle etc.). To me there's something about having the "a" on the end that makes it sound complete and whole, but maybe that's just my own bias. However, when i was born i was meant to be called Grace, yet the nurses told my parents it was not pretty enough, so they came back with Gabrielle and again they said it wasn't pretty enough, after several attempts my parents said Isabella, to which the nurses went yes that is perfect. Funny story my mum tells me, but i think it is an example of how renown the name is for beauty.

actingfun Says:


I think it is WAY too popular. Since I've always kind of liked Isabelle, the 'a' at the end seems like an unnecessary extension. Plus, it doesn't have a great meaning (in my opinion, anyway). Isabella has just gotten old.

CatherineAnn Says:


Gorgeous name! I love the nicknames Bella and Izzy and Issa. Many options to fit her personality. Deserves its popularity

Sawako.kuronuma15 Says:


its my name, and i love it. i dont care if there are other people with the name, i honestly thinks its funny sometimes to run into another isabella

missLis Says:


very pretty. but too common

CatherineAnn Says:


Wonderful name but its a shame is so popular!

goatmanor Says:


It's popular because it's beautiful :) One of my friends recently named her baby Khaleesi... good thing we were on the phone, because I had a look of horror and disgust on my face.

CupcakeGirl13 Says:


I prefer Elizabeth a bit more, plus more nickname options.

JamieO Says:


Such a pretty name- yet so ruined because everybody, their grandma and their dog are already named Isabella.

MarieLalie Says:


IIt is widely known as Isabella in english speaking countries. But english speaking countries are not the world. Her REAL name is still Isabel.

Madelinelen Says:


She was widely known as Isabella I of Castile. Her real name could've been Betsy but Isabella is the name most commonly associated with her.

MarieLalie Says:


The queen's name wasn't Isabella. It was Isabel

Stac Says:


Me too!!!

Stac Says:


Thanks Bella!!!...So what if it's popular???? I LOVE the name...

indiefendi2 Says:


Talk about a name that has been oversaturated to point of irritation. A pretty name ruined by trends. I can't even enjoy it anymore.

Madelinelen Says:


This name brings to mind 1) Queen Isabella who systematically banished, tortured, and killed thousands of her Jewish citizens during the Spanish Inquisition, 2) human cardboard standee Bella Swan of Twilight, 3) the horde of four-year-old girls running around with this name. I would go with a variation.

Caroline Says:



Leah3456 Says:


This name is ultra-feminine and pretty. The Twilight association doesn't bother me.

EvaThyssen Says:


I hate his name. Isabelle and Isabel are waaaaaaay better IMO.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Actually, people hardly use Renesmee. It's not in the top 1000, and is mostly a name from that awful Twilight series, which is more worthy of being called rubbish than the made up name. So to say people are inflicting itmon their kids is quite a stretch.

Bella Says:


It may be super popular, & I admit that I hesitated for a bit, but nothing else was pretty enough for my beautiful daughter! Maybe she will end up at school with another Isabella or two, but so what? She's better off than the poor Khaleesi's & Renesmee's & Bluebell's & whatever other rubish people are inflicting on their kids. Popular, but classic & beautiful & I'm sure she'll thank me for it one day.

june7rose Says:


A gorgeous name I always loved. I'm surprised everyone on the planet has picked it for her daughter in the last few years. Seeing as how that's the case, it's now unusable, which is too bad.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


Because Isabella is ine if the most popular names in the US, and so many people are naming their kid Isabella. I'm just tired of it at this point.

GingerandSpice Says:


Isabella was an Italian Queen. What's so boring about that?

Guest Says:


I don't hate this name as much as I used to (it's so cliché for a "pretty girl" name at this point).

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I feel the same way with my name, Abby! It seems everyone I meet has a friend or daughter or cousin or niece or granddaughter named Abby and it drives me nuts! I'm so glad somebody else feels my pain! This is the reason all my kids will have uncommon names.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


This is one of the most boring names in existence.

Guest Says:


What about Isa as a nickname?

Guest Says:


This is my name and I absolutely HATE it. Can't go anywhere without hearing someone else with this name, theres 4 girls in my neighborhood alone named Isabella. I used to go by Izzy but even the nickname is out of this world popular. I've started going by Belle because it's one of the only nicknames that isn't used super often. Please do not burden your child with this or any other popular name.

ashleyf Says:


I totally agree. I can't help but love this beautiful name, even with it's popularity. So beautiful!

Olfnlord Says:


Why not try a different name that gets the nickname Izzie, such as Isobel or Isabel, or Isobelle.

Harper Bennett Says:


I only like this name because it gives the nickname Izzie.

LadyVanRaven Says:


I know it is SO popular and SO overdone...but I can't help but love it. It's not misspelled, is a legit name with history and many wonderful and interesting namesakes with many nicknames to choose from. I know not many people love the thought of their child being one of many (and I happen to be one of them) but I think that if I was having a child...I might be willing to overlook that. I'm a history buff and some of my favorite queens are Queen Isabella I of Castile and Isabella of France so that only adds to my love for Isabella. The ONLY thing that would seriously make me hesitate is the Twilight connection (which I used to love...but now loathe).