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Gender: Male Meaning of Callum: "dove" Origin of Callum: Scottish form of Columba, Latin Callum's Popularity in 2017: #611

The name Callum is a boy's name of Scottish origin meaning "dove". Callum is ranked #611 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like British Boy Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Totally, Kinda, or No Way?".

From the experts:

Callum, a charming Scottish boys’ namee just beginning to be heard in this country but high on the list in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is worth consideration as a less popular alternative to Colin and Caleb, etc.

Kyle MacLachlan chose Callum for his son. Callum might also be spelled Calum; in Ireland, the name became Colm, and in Scotland it's sometimes used as a pet form of Malcolm.

Callum was popular among early Christians because the dove was a symbol of purity, peace and the Holy Spirit. St. Columba was one of the most influential of the early Celtic saints.

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Famous People Named Callum

(Daniel James) Callum Blue, English actor
Callum Ilott, British racing driver
Callum Keith Rennie, English-Canadian actor
Callum Rory McKenzie Francis, English actor and singer
Callum Henry McManaman, English footballer
Callum James Ferguson, Australian cricketer
Callum Thomas Owen Paterson, English footballer
Callum Smith, British boxer
Callum Eddie Graham Wilson, English footballer
Callum Robilliard Turner, English actor
Callum McGinley 'Callux', YouTuber
Callum Airey 'Calfreezy', YouTuber
Callum Lyon MacLachlan, son of actor Kyle MacLachlan
Callum Ryan Moses Schweain (b. 2010), son of singer Kristin Swinford-Schweain of ZOEgirl

Pop Culture References for the name Callum

Callum McGregor, character in Malorie Blackman's 'Noughts and Crosses' series
Callum, character on British TV series "The Sparticle Mystery"
Callum Jones, character on Australian soap "Neighbours"
Callum Reyes, character in "Reboot" by Amy Tintera
Callum Rennie, character on British soap "Emmerdale"
Callum Kane, character on British soap "Hollyoaks"
Callum, character in horror game 'The Park'
Callum "Cal" Lynch, character in the film "Assassin's Creed"
Callum Hunt, main character of Holly Black and Cassandra Clare's "Magisterium" series
Prince Callum, character in animated TV series "The Dragon Prince"

Cal, Calum, Colm, Colum


Dadtwobe Says:


Great name. I like the nn "Cal," too.

Dadtwobe Says:


It is a two syllable name pronounced: Cal--lum ("Cal" - like "California," and "Lum" like "Plum".)

Dadtwobe Says:


I agree.

TechnoKitten Says:


Cute,I like it.

Nameofthewind Says:


I adore this name! Seems like it could fit on someone of any age. Simple to spell and pronounce. Classic but still modern in a way. Could there be a cuter nickname than Cal?!

Catgirlmri Says:


I like the name so much more now that I've read the Iron Trial. The meaning is just beautiful.

funnybunny771 Says:


This is my middle brother's name. My parents narrowed it down to Harry or Callum for a boy but settled on Callum when he was born which I'm so happy they did because he suits it so well. If he were a girl he would have been either Sasha or Violet. We all call him Cal most of the time. He's fifteen now and I just asked him and he still loves his name! It's not really that popular in our area of the UK actually; there's no one else in his school called Callum. I've seen it spelt with one l too but I prefer it with two. My brother is deaf so having a complicated/difficult to spell/pronounce name would have been even more troublesome for him so this one is perfect! His middle names are Rhys and Riley.

stella2007 Says:


Never heard this name until recently and I love it! It's such a cool boys name. It sounds modern but still classic. The meaning dove is beautiful. Cal is such a great nickname too!

RoddyThlayli Says:


I love this name, and the meaning, but I have a cousin named this, so I couldn't really use it.

amberdaydream Says:


My brother is named this and it is very common in my country. It's CAL-um. Cal like Calvin, Um like Umbrella.

headintheclouds Says:


Callum is probably one of my favorite more appealingly-mainstream-popular names (I'm surprised it's not more popular). I love the meaning of dove, which can symbolize peace, Cal is a great nickname, and I like its Scottish feel. I probably wouldn't use it myself, but I enjoy seeing other people use it; I'd rather meet little boys named Callum than the hordes of Jayden, Zaiden, Brayden!

Bobcat108 Says:


I've always heard it as "CAL-um" (like Calvin).

eveyalecia Says:


Is this pronounced CAL-um (like Calvin) or COL-um (like Colin)?

clairelaliberte Says:


It's a sweet name but not one I'd use.

Essa Says:


How Colin is more popular than Callum just doesn't make sense! Callum is a great name, although I may be a little bias since it's my brother's name. He's 25 and from Northern England!

Catastroffy Says:


I prefer Colm.

Shishi Says:


I fricken love this name with the nn Call

Alicia1 Says:


Not a fan of this name...

Athena_hime15 Says:


This is one of my favourite names.

strawberrydino Says:


It reminds me of a callus.. ew..

tina c Says:


I have a Callum. He'll be 20 in Sept. 2014.

morgannalucia Says:


If I ever have another boy I'll probably name him this. It reminds me of Liam but its not so ridiculously popular. and it can be shortened to Cal! love it.