Gender: Male Meaning of Ambrose: "immortal" Origin of Ambrose: Latin Ambrose's Popularity in 2019: #955

Ambrose Origin and Meaning

The name Ambrose is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "immortal".

A favorite of British novelists including Evelyn Waugh and P. G. Wodehouse, Ambrose has an air of blooming well-being and upper-class erudition. It comes from the same Greek root as 'ambrosia', the food of the gods, said to confer immortality.

Ambrose was the name of one of the important doctors of the early Christian church, the fourth century St. Ambrose. It also belonged to one of the four great Latin teachers of Christianity, who also developed the use of music in church services. TV fanatics might be interested to know that in 1961, Ambrose was designated the patron saint of educational television by Pope John XXII.

Ambrose's only problem is finding a nickname. Am? Rosie? Bro? We're still thinking....

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Ambrose's International Variations

Ambrogio, Ambrosi (Italian) Ambroise (French) Emrys (Welsh) Ambrós (Irish Gaelic) Ambrosio (Portuguese) Ambrus (Hungarian) Ambrosius (Swedish)


floatinthesky Says:


The custard is called Ambrosia

FairMaiden Says:


I like Rhodes as a nickname for Ambrose

catwalkninja Says:


Definitely a top contender for our boy soon. Its already rotating in the family circle as a great uncle's name. We both like Bo as a short version if needed since the sounds are there.

ceruleanstardust Says:


Other nicknames could include Amb, Ossie and Rowe.

Ruanne Says:


That would be a most excellent name set!

livelaughlove._ Says:


I actually really like Amos as a nickname for this.

ccmrath Says:


I recently heard 'Bram' suggested as a nickname for Ambrose, which is quite nice. Either Rose or Bram would be cute for a boy.

LowSlash Says:


I love Ambrose! We have an Arthur, and if our current pregnancy gives us another boy, Ambrose is a top contender. For the record, I love The Kingkiller Chronicles, but I loved the name first, so I'd totally still use it.

Essa Says:


I think this is a brand of custard...

Jacquie Moffat Says:


This is my son's name (Ambrose Mitchell) and all his friends call him Ambrose - they don't feel the need to shorten it.

Shaybaby1 Says:


I love that the NB description mentions Rosie, because if we ever miraculously have another son, his middle name will be Ambrose, in honor of his "big" forever-baby sister in heaven, Rosie.

foreverharriet Says:


This is such a guilty pleasure of mine... I'd love to use it one day, but don't know if I'd have the courage.

headintheclouds Says:


Naming a son Ambrose would unfortunately give the kid a hard time despite increasing acceptance of a wider variety of names, even though I wish it were otherwise. I do really like this name (as I like Lancelot and Peregrine, two other romantic boy names society deems as "sissy"). Ambrose sounds elegant, handsome, has a positive meaning, and a rich history. If girls can be nicknamed Freddie, Frankie, Sam, Jackie, a boy nicknamed Rose/Rosie would be wonderful, but he'd definitely be picking battles through life being one of the first.

amberdaydream Says:


I like this name a lot. I don't really think it needs a nickname, it's only two syllables.

RoddyThlayli Says:


Ambrose sounds very unisex to me-- Doctor Who influence, I think.

Chelsea Says:


I love this name and want it desperately for my first born son but my partner doesn't like the name because it's an evil character in a book he reads...! He explained that it would be like naming our son "Voldemort".

Rhymer Says:


I love this name and it's meaning, but I just can't get past the fact that I knew a player named Ambrose in middle school.

Amanda Says:


This name is in the family and the nickname used was "Ambie." I really love this name😄.

Bobcat108 Says:


To me, Brose is the obvious nn...the only drawback I can see w/it is that it's a Scottish word for "a dish made with a boiling liquid & meal." But I don't know how many people are going to be familiar w/that term.

vintageluvs Says:


Ames could be a cute nn for Ambrose, but I think Rosie could work. I've met a man named Roosevelt nn Rosie, and he turned out just fine. His family is very proud of the name, and he exudes unmanly strength (if that makes sense). Now, Rose as a nickname for this is a little ... off. What's the difference? When I hear "Rose", I think of the flower, which I'm sorry to have to say, is quite feminine. Flowers are usually thought of that way. Don't blame me. Blame our culture. But "Rosie", to me, isn't the flower, it's an adjective used to show health, youth, or embarrassment. Look up Rosy in the dictionary. It also says: "promising or suggesting good fortune or happiness; hopeful." Rosy and Rosie are no different from each other. Ambrose is a strong and soft name – you should be proud of yourself if you love this name!

clairelaliberte Says:


A possible nickname for this could be Andy, but that's a little far-fetched.

kathleen12345 Says:


really like this name

chibiyui Says:


I love this name.

But, I've read the first two books of The Kingkiller Chronicles, and as such can never use it.

Christopher Farlow Says:


My Great Uncle was named Ambrose Richardson, and he went by Ammy. He was also known as "Nowatta Slim" the 1926 All-Around World Champion Cowboy. Definitely a masculine name.

Honoria Says:


Well, if James, Elliot, Owen and Oberon are deemed suitable names for girls (by this site's standards), then how is the nickname "Rosie" for a boy such an issue? Double standards, Nameberry - they're not cool. But, as it stands, Ambrose is a truly awesome name in and of itself and, in my opinion, does not require a nickname.

bee49 Says:


I just love this name so much!