Diminutive of John
"God is gracious"

Johnny Origin and Meaning

The name Johnny is a boy's name meaning "God is gracious".
The ultimate midcentury nickname, retaining a good measure of retro charm, was chosen for her son by Mira Sorvino.
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Famous People Named Johnny

  • John Christopher "Johnny" DeppAmerican actor
  • John R. "Johnny" CashAmerican country singer
  • John William "Johnny" CarsonAmerican comedian and TV host
  • John Herndon "Johnny" MercerAmerican songwriter
  • John Royce "Johnny" MathisAmerican pop singer
  • John Francis "Johnny" BurkeAmerican lyricist
  • Johnny Hallyday (born JeanPhilippe Smet), French singer/actor
  • Johnny Marr (born John Martin Maher)guitarist for English band The Smiths
  • John Mark "Johnny" GaleckiAmerican actor
  • John Dawson "Johnny" Winter IIIAmerican blues guitarist
  • John Paul "Johnny" HerbertEnglish racing driver
  • Johnny Lee BenchAmerican baseball player
  • Johnny Knoxville (born Philip John "P.J." Clapp)American actor/comedian
  • Johnny Rivers (born John Henry Ramistella)American rock singer
  • Johnny Ace (born John Marshall AlexanderJr.), American R&B singer
  • John Paul "Johnny" BoychukCanadian,Ukrainian ice hockey player
  • Johnny Seo (Youngho)South Korean rapper, dancer, singer of boy band NCT
  • Jonathan Kendrick "Johnny" LewisAmerican actor
  • Jonathan Paul "Johnny Football" ManzielAmerican NFL player, first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy
  • Johnny Appleseed (born John Chapman)American folk hero
  • Johnny Ramone (born John William Cummings)guitarist for American punk band The Ramones
  • John Joseph "Johnny" BurnetteAmerican rockabilly singer
  • Johnny Rotten (born John Joseph Lydon)singer for English punk band The Sex Pistols
  • Jonathan Joseph "Johnny" SauterAmerican NASCAR driver
  • Alberto "Johnny" CecottoVenezuelan motorcycle racer
  • John "Johnny" JeterAmerican pro wrestler
  • Johnny Christopher King Backusson of actress Mira Sorvino
  • John David "Johnny" Gosch (b. 1969)12 year old American boy who went and still is currently missing from West Des Moines Iowa in 1982

Johnny in Pop Culture

  • Johnny Cadecharacter in "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton
  • "Johnny Tremaine" novel by Esther Forbes and its main character
  • Johnny Ringomain character in the Johnny trilogy by American rock band Crown the Empire
  • Johnny Cagecharacter in Mortal Kombat video game series
  • Johnny 5robot star of the Short Circuit film series
  • Johnny Dennisone of the main characters in "We Were Liars" by E. Lockhart
  • Johnnymain character in 2003 movie "The Room"
  • Jonathan Lowell Spencer "Johnny" Storm aka the Human Torchcharacter in the Fantastic Four series
  • Johnny FiamaMuppet crooner, parody of Frank Sinatra
  • Johnny Boy Sopranocharacter on TV's "The Sopranos"
  • Johnny Morgancharacter from American Horror Story: Asylum
  • Johnny Joestarcharacter from manga series 'Jojo's Bizarre Adventure'
  • Johnny GhostA character from the YouTube channel VenturianTale
  • Johnny ToastA character from the YouTube channel VenturianTale
  • Johnny CrankyA character from the YouTube channel VenturianTale
  • "Johnny Test" animated TV series and its main character
  • "Johnny Bravo" animated TV series and its main character
  • "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac" comic book by Jhonen Vasquez
  • "Johnny Guitar" 1954 movie
  • "Johnny Mnemonic" 1995 movie
  • "Johnny Come Lately" 1943 movie
  • "Johnny Dangerously" 1984 movie
  • "Johnny English" 2003 movie
  • "Johnny Handsome" 1989 movie
  • "Johnny Suede" 1991 movie
  • "Johnny Cool" 1963 movie
  • "Johnny B. Goode" song by Chuck Berry
  • "Oh Johnny Oh" song by The Andrews Sisters
  • "Johnny Angel" 1945 movie and 1962 song by Shelley Fabares
  • "Johnny Boy"song by twenty one pilots
  • Johnny Rebslang term for Southern Confederates during the American Civil War
  • "Johnny Got His Gun" book by Dalton Trumbo, inspired by the line "Johnny get your gun" from popular patriotic song "Over There"
  • "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" popular patriotic song
  • Johnny Blaze aka Ghost Rider in Marvel Universe
  • Johnny LawrenceA Character from Karate Kid (1984) and Cobra Kai