Gender: Male Pronunciation: LU-shun or LU-see-un Meaning of Lucian: "light" Origin of Lucian: Latin Lucian's Popularity in 2019: #663

Lucian Origin and Meaning

The name Lucian is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "light".

Lucian is a sleeker, more sophisticated version of Lucius that is climbing in tandem with other Lu-starting names.

Historically, the name was made famous by the ancient Greek satirist Lucian of Samosata--sometimes considered the father of science fiction-- and by the third century St. Lucian.

A modern bearer was Berlin-born British painter Lucian Freud, grandson of Sigmund. In pop culture, Lucian the Lycan is a werewolf in the Underworld movies.

Lucian was picked by Indie actor Steve Buscemi. Lucien is the French version. The attractive Italian form is Luciano, as in Pavarotti.

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Lucian's International Variations

Lucan (Irish) Lucien (French) Luciano, Lucio (Spanish) Luciano (Portuguese)


fifi_forever Says:


I definitely prefer the Lucien spelling. This just seems hard to pronounce : |

lea_looking4names Says:


Unless you're French, in which case "Loo-shan" is a heinous crime and "lu-see-un"is desirable. We wanted to name our kid Lucian or Lucien but my French husband was so put off by the American pronunciation we had to nix it :(

Chewie Says:


My 9 year old is Lucian, it is pronounced Loo-Shun. The vast majority of people we come across automatically say "Lou-shun" and all the Lucian's we have met (admittedly only 3) and the ones I have happened across online, call themselves "lou-shun". There are a few who have said it as "lou-see-un", but not many. most "lou-see-an's" I know are spelt Lucien.

ziggywiggy Says:


I'm really surprised nameberry doesn't also have the Loo-Shun pronunciation listed as well. From my experience, this is the more used prononciation

MaryKathryn Says:


I was going to say the same thing, I prefer Loo-Shan.

MarisaRath Says:


I thought it would be pronounced Loo-Shan. Which in my opinion is nicer.

headintheclouds Says:


A great boy's name with a softer sound. I love Luke, but even though it's a legitimate name on its own, I find it too short and prefer Lucas. Lucian would be another option towards getting to Luke, one that is more vintage and romantic, is less popular and sounds very streamlined and dignified too. I like the Lucien spelling as well, though I'm not sure which one I prefer (same issue I have with Damian/Damien).

JamieO Says:


I really like it! It has a very sleek appeal, but I can't say Im too fond of Lou for short? It might grow on me though. :)

samantharoze Says:


My boyfriend and I are expecting a boy, he LOVES this name! I want to love it to but I can't quite get passed the similarity to Lucifer and the evil Lucius Malfoy. I do love how it means light. Perhaps it will grow on me

KLGG88 Says:


Lucian is by far my favorite boys name! It was my great grandfather's name, as well as my grandfather's middle name. To me, Lucian is a traditional name, but I like how you're able to update the name with nicknames like Luca and Luc (Luke). My great grandfather went by Lou which is always an option. I weirdly like the name Lucifer, too (not religious) but with all the negativity around the name... I'd never use it.

PoppyOrangey Says:


I first heard this name in the book Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts. I fell in love with it. It has a sophisticated appeal. I just can't get away from how much it looks and sounds like Lucifer. They both mean "light" in Latin. I think the association would keep me from using it...

India Says:


I love the name Lucian. Reminds me of my favourite movie 'Kill your Darlings' where Lucian is played by Dane Dehaan. Probably one of my favourite names x