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Gender: Female Meaning of Esther: "star" Origin of Esther: Persian Esther's Popularity in 2017: #165

The name Esther is a girl's name of Persian origin meaning "star". Esther is ranked #165 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Drop your least fav name GIRLS".

From the experts:

One of the major female figures in the Old Testament, quiet, studious Esther was in the Top 50 a hundred years ago, and stayed in the Top 100 until 1935. It is now on the ascent again, appealing to parents -- Ewan McGregor is one -- seeking an underused biblical name with a strong history and serious image.

In the Bible, Esther, originally named Hadassah, was the captured Jewish wife of the King of Persia who risked her life to save her exiled people from annihilation, a story celebrated by Jews on the holiday of Purim, so that it has traditionally been given to girls around that time.

Judy Garland played two memorable Esthers--in Meet Me in St. Louis and A Star is Born; Esther Summerson is a main character in Dickens' Bleak House and Esther Greenwood is the autobiographical character's name in Sylvia Plath's A Bell Jar. Someone who glamorized the name is champion swimmer-turned-movie-star Esther Williams.

Madonna adopted Esther as her Kaballah name.

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Famous People Named Esther

Esther, Jewish Queen of Persia who saved her people; subject of the Biblical Book of Esther
Esther Jane Williams, American swimmer and actress
Esther Elizabeth Rolle, American actress
Esther Pauline "Eppie" Lederer aka Ann Landers, American advice columnist
Esther Armah, British playwright, radio host, and political commentator
Esther Freud, English novelist
Esther Hicks, American self-help author
Esther Marjorie Hill, Canadian architect
Esther Jones aka Baby Esther, American jazz singer; inspiration for Betty Boop
Esther 'Essie' Davis, Australian actress
Esther Grace Earl, American cancer activist; dedicatee of "The Fault in Our Stars"
Esther Edwards Burr, diarist and mother of U.S. Vice President Aaron Burr
Esther Lofgren, American rower
Esther de Lange, Dutch MEP
Esther Cardoso, Cuban actress
Esther Ouwehand, Dutch MP
Esther Eggertsen Peterson, American consumer advocate
Esther Ralston, American silent-film actress
Esther Louise Rantzen, English TV journalist
Esther Ofarim, Israeli pop singer
Esther Ople Rueher, American author
Esther Sittler, French senator
Esther Povitsky, American comedian of duo Esther & Benji
Esther Schmucker, daughter of TV personalities Chester and Mary Schmucker of "Breaking Amish"
Esther Rose McGregor (b. 2001), daughter of Ewan McGregor
Esther Malone (b. 2010), daughter of choirmaster and TV personality Gareth Malone
Esther Testud (b. 2011), daughter of actress Sylvie Testud
Esther Ballantine Hawkins (b. 2015), daughter of singer Sophie B. Hawkins

Pop Culture References for the name Esther

Esther, twelfth book in the Bible
Esther Drummond, character on TV's "Torchwood"
Esther Summerson, character in Charles Dickens' "Bleak "House"
Esther Smith, character in movie "Meet Me in St. Louis
Esther, AKA Leena Klammer, character in movie "Orphan"
Esther Mikaelson, witch on TV's "Vampire Diaries" & "The Originals"
Esther Blodgett, character in "A Star is Born" who becomes Vicki Lester
Esther Greenwood, main character in "The Bell Jar" by Sylvia Plath
Esther Clavin, Cliff's mother on TV's "Cheers"
Esther Bloom, character British soap "Hollyoaks"
Esther, character in "Star of Babylon" by Barbara Wood
Esther Litt Edelstein, character on "Suits"
Esther Walker; Addy's sister in the "American Girl" books
Esther, character in the "Lights Out" movies
Porpentina Esther "Tina" Goldstein, character in "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" by J.K. Rowling

Hesther, Essa, Hettie, Essy, Etti, Esti, Etty, Essey, Esta, Hittie, Ettie, Estee, Ettey, Essie, Esthur, Hetty

Esther's International Variations

Estée (French) Estzer, Ester, Eszter, Eszti (Slavic) Eistir (Irish)