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Gender: M Meaning of Leopold: "brave people" Origin of Leopold: German

This aristocratic, somewhat formal Germanic route to the popular Leo is a royal name: Queen Victoria used it to honor a favorite uncle, King Leopold of Belgium. Though Leopold sounds as if it might be a leonine name, it's not really a relative of such choices as Leon, and Leonard.

In literature, the name is famous via Leopold Bloom, the central character of James Joyce's Ulysses and in music is associated with the distinguished conductor Leopold Stokowski, and it is also a saint's name.

Famous People Named Leopold

Leopold I-III, Kings of Belgium
Saint Leopold III, Margrave of Austria
Leopold Senghor, poet and first president of Senegal
(Johann Georg) Leopold Mozart, German composer; father of W.A. Mozart
Leopold Ružička, Croatian chemist; winner of the Nobel Prize
Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch, Austrian writer; root of the word "masochism"
Leopold Stokowski, British orchestral conductor
Leopold Morse, U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts
Leopold Zunz, German rabbi; founder of the field of Jewish studies
Aldo Leopold, American environmentalist
Leopold Brodziński, Polish actor
Leopold Staff, Polish poet

Pop Culture References for the name Leopold

Leopold Bloom, main character in James Joyce's 'Ulysses'
Leopold Alexis Elijah Walker Gareth Thomas Mountbatten, Duke of Albany, main character in film "Kate & Leopold"
Leopold "Butters" Stotch, character on TV's "South Park"
Leopold von Flockenstuffen, character on British series "'Allo 'Allo!"
Leopold "Leo" Fitz, character on TV's "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D"
Leopold, character on TV's "The Simpsons"

Leopold's International Variations

Luitpold (German) Léopold (French) Leopoldo (Spanish)