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Gender: Male Meaning of Eugene: "wellborn, noble" Origin of Eugene: Greek Eugene's Popularity in 2017: #814

The name Eugene is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "wellborn, noble". Eugene is ranked #814 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Old Man Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Quick Question Thread?!".

From the experts:

Eugene is a grandpa name that at least so far has shown no signs of rejuvenating—or to quote Jim Carrey, whose bears this name in the middle spot, "You can never get too cool with a name like Eugene." The hero of Disney's Tangled felt the same way, when he changed his birth name of Eugene to the more romantic Flynn.

On the plus side, there were four popes named Eugene, and it's had a long history of popularity, as a Top 50 name from 1880 to the 1940s. A literary namesake is playwright Eugene O'Neill, and in art history Eugene Delacroix. In addition, there is the classic Russian novel by Pushkin, Eugene Onegin, and Eugene is the name Neil Simon used for his stand-in in three autobiographical plays, starting with Brighton Beach Memoirs.

The female form, Eugenie, on the other hand, is quite stylish, belonging to one of the daughters of the Duke and Duchess of York.

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Famous People Named Eugene

Eugene Gladstone O'Neill, American playwright
(Ferdinand Victor) Eugène Delacroix, French Romantic painter
Eugene Victor "Gene" Debs, American socialist politician
Eugene Merle Shoemaker, American geologist
Eugène Simon, French naturalist
Eugene Joseph "Gene" McCarthy, American politician and poet
Eugene Ormandy, Hungarian-American conductor and violinist
Eugene Louis "Gore" Vidal, American novelist
Eugene "Gene" Cernan, American astronaut
Eugene Amano, American NFL football player
Eugene Sims, American NFL football player
Eugene Monroe, American NFL football player
Eugene Ionesco (born Eugen Ionescu), Romanian playwright
Eugene Mirman, Russian-American comedian
Eugene Osment, American actor
Eugene Wigner, Hungarian American theoretical physicist, mathematician and Nobel prize winner
Eugene Lee Yang, actor and writer/producer/director for The Try Guys
Edwin Eugene "Buzz" Aldrin- American Astronaut
James Eugene "Jim" Carrey, Canadian actor
Eugene Pip (b. 2012), son of actress Billie Piper
Eugene (b. 2017), son of actor Oscar Isaac and Elvira Lind

Pop Culture References for the name Eugene

Eugene Wrayburn, character in Charles Dickens' "Our Mutual Friend"
Eugene Arlington, main character in Patrick Stumph's film "Moustachette"
Eugene Tannenbaum, from the movie "Evan Almighty"
Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider, character in Disney's "Tangled"
Eugene "Arseface" Root, character in DC Universe's "Preacher"
Mr. Eugene H. Krabs, character from "SpongeBob Squarepants"
Eugene Horowitz, character from animated TV series "Hey Arnold"
Lucas Eugene Scott, main character on "One Tree Hill"
Eugene Porter, character on "The Walking Dead"
Eugene Roe, Easy Company Medic in "Band of Brothers"
Eugene "Gene" Belcher, character in FOX animated series "Bob's Burgers"
Eugene Felsnic, nerdy character in musical "Grease"
Eugene Meltsner, character in radio programme "Adventures in Odyssey"

Gene, Gino

Eugene's International Variations

Yevgeny, Evgeni (Russian) Evzen (Czech) Jenö (Hungarian) Eugen, Eugenios, Jeno (Greek) Eugenio (Italian) Eugène (French) Eugeniusz (Polish) Eugenius (Dutch) Yevhen (Ukrainian)


emcmullen Says:


Am I the only one that associates the name Eugene with Eugenics? Too controversial...

Catherine D Says:


Yes! Adventures In Odyssey for the win! Eugene Meltsener was the BEST!!!!!

RoddyThlayli Says:


I used to find Eugene extremely unappealing, but after a couple of good TV show characters to associate it with, I like it a lot more.

danirose01 Says:


I think Eugene is handsome and smooth. Would ~maybe~ use it.

mymel0dy Says:


I have loved the name Eugene for quite a long time. I think that love is helped by having known a very cool guy who just happened to be named Eugene. A name does not make a person cool or not cool, coolness is all determined by the person. Their name is just what they are called.

alliebelle Says:


I disagree with the description. It takes a very, very, very cool person to pull off the name Eugene... but it can very much be done.

snowsbeloved Says:


Although I wrote a semi-positive comment, I kind of agree with you. And I just can't imagine a baby or preschooler with that name! Sadly, because of film and television using Eugene as a name for a stereotypical nerd character, I CAN imagine a 7yr old+ person with this name.

snowsbeloved Says:


As a kid, I found this name terribly dorky. The children's program Adventures in Odyssey series reinforced this image. Then Disney's Tangled came out. I loved that film and the character that bore that name. But as for the name itself, yep, still hopelessly dorky. I'd never consider this as a name for my future son(s). But... If you're into the nerdy/hipster thing, I think it'll work. Or if you like to blend nerdy/bookish with fusty grandpa, then I can see it. If it catches on, it can be resuscitated to its formal glory as a top name. Go, Eugene!

Zelliew Says:


It's just my first, subjective feeing when I see the name Eugene. Some names you instantly like & some you don't.

Eu Says:


Why, precisely?

EleanorAll1 Says:


Please, God, do not bring this back.

Zelliew Says:


Gene - yes Eugene - no

lesliemarion Says:


Me too. It is sensitive and classic. And Gene is a cool nickname. That being said, I like Eugenia for a girl too.

raevynstar Says:


Yes! I love it too.

Nooshi Says:


I must say, I love Eugene, especially with the nn Gene.