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Gender: F Meaning of Carolina: "free man" Origin of Carolina: Variation of Caroline; also place-name Carolina's Popularity in 2016: #422

Languid, romantic, and classy, this variation heats up Caroline and modernizes Carol, adding a southern accent.

Pronounced Caro-LINE-a in English-speaking countries, it is heard as Caro-LEEN-a in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Nicknames can include Caro and Lina, as well as Carrie.

A prominent bearer is Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera (born Maria Carolina), who has designed clothes for First Ladies from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michele Obama. A hauntingly melodic theme song in James Taylor's 'Carolina on My Mind.'

Carolina now ranks at Number 422, while Caroline stands at 56.

Famous People Named Carolina

Carolina Herrera, Venezuelan-American fashion designer
Carolina Evelyn Klüft, Swedish Olympic heptathlete
Carolina Östberg, Swedish opera singer
Carolina Raquel Duer, Argentine world champion boxer
Carolina kostner, Italian figure skater
Carolina Cuomo, daughter of journalist Chris Cuomo

Pop Culture References for the name Carolina

North Carolina and South Carolina, USA
Breathe Carolina, American rock band
Carolina Liar, American rock band
Carolina Chocolate Drops, American folk rock band
"Carolina On My Mind"-James Taylor song
Agent Carolina, character in the Rooster Teeth series, Red vs Blue
Carolina Rose, a flower
"Carolina Rose," a song by Gloriana
"Carolina" a song by Harry Styles