Gender: Male Meaning of Desmond: "one from south Munster" Origin of Desmond: Irish surname Desmond's Popularity in 2019: #369

Desmond Origin and Meaning

The name Desmond is a boy's name meaning "one from south Munster".

Desmond is a sophisticated and debonair name, with noble ties to 1984 Nobel Peace Prize-winning Bishop Desmond Tutu, and with some great nicknames: Des/Dez, Desi/Dezi.

Another notable Desmond is British zoologist and anthropologist Desmond Morris, author of The Naked Ape and other popular books.

The character Desmond David Hume on Lost was named in tribute to philosopher David Hume, and the name also appears on Oz. Desmond Harrington plays Detective Joseph Quinn on Dexter. Desmond Miles is the protagonist in video game series Assassin's Creed.

And we can't forget all the references to Desmond in the Beatles song "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"—possibly used in tribute to reggae singer Desmond Dekker.

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Pop Culture References for the name Desmond

Desmond, Dez, Desmund, Desy, Desi, Dezi, Des, Esmond


Morri Arty Says:


I absolutely adore this name.

sandnotshell Says:


The OP referred to the slums of a specific city in Ireland, not Ireland itself. I don't think you need to refer to a sensitive topic as English colonization in Ireland. The OP acknowledged that Desmond sounds nice, so the reason they don't like it is for what they think they know about the name Desmond, however misleading and inaccurate. Desmond is South Munster, not East Munster, and Waterford is only a part of that designation.

Also, the GDP of modern-day Counties Cork and Waterford are one of the highest in all of Ireland, save for Dublin, the capital, obviously, and Ireland is today one of the richest OECD countries, so a reason no longer exists for Irish people to feel inferior.

sandnotshell Says:


The Kingdom of Desmond was a Gaelic Kingdom occupying present-day south County Kerry and County Cork. It preceded the Anglo-Norman invasion of the 12th century which gave unlawful land grants to settlers by order of the English king. The territory occupied by these who were loyal to the English was called the Earldom of Desmond, and encompassed Waterford, south Tipperary, Limerick, north Kerry and north Cork. After the 16th century rebellions of the Earl of Desmond, that title no longer exists.

To me, Desmond has an edgy, grungy rebel and outsider image, just as the nickname for County Cork is rebel County. He's a frequent of a local pub that has litter buried into the soil, he doesn't have a girlfriend, wears well-worn black jeans that he didn't replace when it ripped, and has an I don't care attitude, laid-back, debonair, and cool, like the embodiment of hip hop or rap before it got mainstream. He wears all black but manages to be sophisticated sounding like Edmond, though the two have different roots.

I like that Desmond and Edmond have English history but Desmond doesn't feel as aristocratic. Edmond Gerrit Quince used to be the name I wanted to give my son. As of today I like Des Tripp better.

Also, Waterford is Ireland's oldest city and founded by Vikings, so whether it has slummy parts or not doesn't change the fact that it's historic.

Nameofthewind Says:


Named my little one Desmond and have gotten so many compliments from everyone who hears his name! Love that it is a familiar name to people but still uncommon. We use the nicknames Des and Desi.

D_burr Says:


Damn near all of Ireland was a “slum” when the Kingdom of Desmond was a thing...we’re talking about a place existing centuries ago. Anyone who hears Desmond today, as a surname or a first name, and associates them with slumminess is someone who knows enough about Ireland to sound smart but clearly just doesn’t like the name. Using centuries old realities of impoverished Ireland that no one today thinks about when they meet a Desmond is a bit odd. My cousin Dermot Desmond-Celtic F.Cs largest shareholder-has touched more money this week than you or I will see in our lives...a Macroom man no less.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I really like it.

indiefendi2 Says:


Incredibly, endlessly handsome. Sounds like a king to me!

headintheclouds Says:


Super effortlessly cool and debonair-type name to me, with a similar feel to Miles and Rupert. Sounds very British-elegant, and saying Desmond feels like you're introducing "Bond, James Bond" IMO! :) Des is a nice nickname.

ejmcg22 Says:


Not as sophisticated as it seems, the Des at the start refer to Deis or Deise, an area of east Munster- a poor area of the city of Waterford. Basically it means from a slum. It does sound nice but is long associated with the lower classes in Ireland. DEIS is now a general term referring to a disadvantaged school.

fuzzycub Says:


Sophisticated and handsome. Nickname could be Des.