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Gender: F Pronunciation: ee-NEZ Meaning of Inez: "pure, virginal" Origin of Inez: Spanish variation of Agnes

Also spelled Ines, this name of the prudish mother of Don Juan in the Byron poem has a touch of mystery, but has also been fully integrated into the American name pool.

Inez Milholland and Inez Hayes Irwin were both important figures in the American suffragist movement. And Inez was the name of the character played by Rachel McAdams in Midnight in Paris.

Other spellings variations of Inez: Ines, Ynes and Ynez. A Russian version is Inessa.

Famous People Named Inez

Inez Milholland Boissevain, American suffragist
Inez Moore Tenenbaum, American lawyer; 9th Chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission
Inez Scott Ryberg, American archaeologist
(Amanda) Inez Knight Allen, American politician and Mormon leader
Inez van Lamsweerde, Dutch fashion photographer
Inez Hayes Irwin, American feminist author
Inez Andrews, American gospel singer
(Tina) Inez Gavilanes, Danish singer
Inez Clough, American actress
Inez Courtney, American actress
Inez Foxx, American R&B singer
Inez Palange, Italian-American actress

Pop Culture References for the name Inez

Inez, character in film "Midnight in Paris"
Little Inez, character in the musical "Hairspray"
Inez, character in book/film 'The Help'
Inez, character on animated series "Cyberchase"
Inez Branko, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series