Gender: Male Meaning of Harvey: "battle worthy" Origin of Harvey: French Harvey's Popularity in 2019: #404

Harvey Origin and Meaning

The name Harvey is a boy's name of French origin meaning "battle worthy".

Two of the worst events of 2017 involved the name Harvey, the storm and accused sexual harasser Weinstein. And that's not good for the baby name Harvey's future.

Harvey previously had a respectable run as a Top 100 name in the U.S. in the late nineteenth and early decades of the twentieth century, after which it began to get a bit of a nerdy rep.

Harvey, which was brought to England by the Normans and is a version of the French name Herve, has some noteworthy references, such as a blind sixth century saint who was said to be a monk and minstrel able to talk to animals. Later Harveys include industrialist Firestone, martyred San Francisco public figure Milk, comics legend Pekar, and performers Keitel, Korman and Fierstein. Harvey was the name of an invisible man-sized rabbit who could only be seen by Jimmy Stewart's Elwood P. Dowd in a popular 1950 movie, and was the name of the main character in Rudyard Kipling's novel Captains Courageous. But with all that, horrendous storm Harvey and horrendous abuser Weinstein will inevitably have hugely negative effects on the name.

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Harvie, Harvee, Hervey, Herve


Renee5322 Says:


I've always adored this name so much, and I hope it doesn't lose popularity because of stupid Weinstein. It would be a real shame.

Gojii Says:


Wish NB would stick to being a neutral name platform. I'm not a fan of how this site often brings up the negative associations a name might have. In my opinion, you could probably find something negative about any name if you tried hard enough. Just because you name your son Harvey, doesn't mean people will automatically think of Harvey Weinstein. They will probably just think, ''Wow, what a lovely smile this little boy has!''

DBrown Says:


I had plans to name my son Harvey and he ended up being born during Hurricane Harvey. I got cold feet on it and went with another name I love. But, having had time to process all of 2017’s bad Harvey press, I now think it is totally usable. I dare say that if I ever had another baby boy, he would be Harvey.

Bertha Bernard Says:


This name is so handsome! It has a hint of retro, too. Love it.

NameObsession Says:


I may one day use Harvey for a middle name. Harvey is what my mother's family's name was changed to when they came to this country from Ireland in the 1860's.

Carrie Says:


My son’s name is Harvey and I love it. I hate that his name was associated with two negative things in 2017, but I think that these associations will fade pretty quickly. Unfortunately, Hurricane Harvey was only one of many terrible storms that occurred this year and Weinstein was one of many horrendous abusers that came to light. In a couple of years, I think people will associate the name with the young Harveys they know, as opposed to these past events.

kathleen12345 Says:


I think the description forgot the hugely negative impact Weinstein will have on this name. Darn it - it's cute!

indiefendi2 Says:


Harvey is still clunky but cool to me. I won't let the hurricane affect my opinion of it. Hurricanes and tropical storms are named after every letter of the alphabet... that's how it works. There was a storm named Emily earlier in the year. Emily people! Harvey just happens to start with an H. After Harvey came Irma. After Irma will come Jose. After Jose will come Katia. After Katia, Lee. After Lee, Maria (I'm pretty sure it won't make Maria won't just fall *precipitously* off the popularity chart.). After Maria, Nate. Then Ophelia, then Philippe, Rina, Sean (not going anywhere either). Tammy, Vince, then finally Whitney. We can't just be paranoid that any name could be "ruined" by an act of nature. If you want to avoid potential hurricane names for the next 5 years here is the link

ladimon Says:


Like Katrina, this might need a few years before it becomes usuable in the US again.

-EagleEyes- Says:


I love the name Katrina as well, but worry people will now associate these names with flooding and destruction.

Mario500 Says:


That would be sad and unfortunate. I had always liked the name "Harvey" and had grown to love the name "Katrina" since the time of the cyclone that had that name in the year 2005.

-EagleEyes- Says:


Hurricane Harvey is probably going to lower usage of this name in the US, just like Katrina lessened in use after 2005.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I like Harvey.

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:



Wittyusername103 Says:


A) It's in the top 100 in my country (which call me a snob but isn't something I'd do) and B) My dad worked with a company with Harvey in their name that didn't end on good terms.

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:


Why not? Is there something wrong with it?

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:


As soon as I read the name I my mind went straight to girl.

MaryKathryn Says:


Yay! I'm so glad that someone else appreciates Harvey on a girl!

Tammy Tim-Tam (Timmy Tammy) Says:


I agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!

Abbott Says:


If I ever have a son, I am going to name him Harvey :) it's a strong sounding name and a family name.

Introverted Says:


I love this name so much! I thin that it sounds great for a boy, but I don't like it as much on a girl.

Wittyusername103 Says:


I love Harvey but sadly I'll never be able to use it.

kat_amanda Says:


Seriously loving this name!!!

QuxxnAphrosephone Says:


I love this name!

RoddyThlayli Says:


I'm not a huge fan of it on either gender, but I can see where you're coming from.

MaryKathryn Says:


Unpopular Opinion: I prefer Harvey on a girl.

helenlouise Says:


Suave Harv

kate Says:


My sons name is harvey and i love it !!! Better than all these weird made up names!!!

headintheclouds Says:


The meaning of Harvey is nice, and I like the history and roots behind the name. I can objectively see its appeal as this retro-cool off-the-beat revival name, but I personally don't quite like Harvey- I think it's the Harv- sound that bugs me. Harvey still sounds dated-in-a-not-good-way to me, and isn't on my personal list of vintage names I love (like Walter, Verity, etc.).