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Gender: M Meaning of Harvey: "battle worthy" Origin of Harvey: French Harvey's Popularity in 2015: #439

Following a huge revival in England, the U.S. has seemed to pick up on the Harvey trend -- it has risen five years in a row.

Harvey previously had a respectable run as a Top 100 name in the U.S. in the late nineteenth and early decades of the twentieth century, after which it began to get a bit of a nerdy rep. But now that's changing.

Harvey, which was brought to England by the Normans and is a version of the French name Herve, has some noteworthy references, such as a blind sixth century saint who was said to be a monk and minstrel able to talk to animals. Later Harveys include industrialist Firestone, martyred San Francisco public figure Milk, comics legend Pekar, and performers Keitel, Korman and Fierstein. Harvey was the name of an invisible man-sized rabbit who could only be seen by Jimmy Stewart's Elwood P. Dowd in a popular 1950 movie, and was the name of the main character in Rudyard Kipling's novel Captains Courageous.

Famous People Named Harvey

Harvey Weinstein, American film mogul, "The Most Powerful Man in Hollywood"
Harvey Forbes Fierstein, American actor and playwright
Harvey Robert Levin, American TV producer and legal analyst
Harvey Keitel, American actor
Harvey William Mason, American jazz drummer
Harvey Kurtzman, American comics creator and editor
Harvey Martin, American football player
Harvey Milk, American politician and LGBT activist
Harvey Redgrave, son of actor Corin Redgrave
Harvey Samuel Firestone, American founder of Firestone tire company
Harvey Spencer Stephens, American actor best known for playing Damien Thorne in "The Omen" (1978)
Harvey Korman, American comedic actor

Pop Culture References for the name Harvey

Harvey Kinkle, character on TV's "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"
Harvey Dent aka Two-Face, character in the Batman series
Harvey Reginald Specter, character on TV's "Suits"
"Harvey," 1950 movie about a giant imaginary rabbit
"Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law," animated series and main character
Harvey Wallbanger, type of mixed drink
Harvey Bullock, character on TV series Gotham
Harvey Norman, Australian electrical/furniture retail company.
Harvey Beaks, the titular character in the Nickelodeon cartoon "Harvey Beaks"
George Harvey, homicidal antagonist of "The Lovely Bones"

Harvie, Harvee, Hervey, Herve