Gender: Female Pronunciation: MAR-go Meaning of Margot: "pearl" Origin of Margot: French, diminutive of Margaret Margot's Popularity in 2019: #304

Margot Origin and Meaning

The name Margot is a girl's name of French origin meaning "pearl".

Margot originated as a French pet form of Marguerite, a name that ultimately derived from the Greek margarites, meaning “pearl.” Other spellings include Margo and Margaux. Margaux Hemingway was originally Margot but changed the spelling to honor the wine from the French village of Margaux that was drunk by her parents on the night she was conceived.

Margot is suddenly a star again. After a nearly-half century absence, it hopped back on the Top 1000 list in 2013 and is on the rise. The Margot is now more popular than the Margo one.

Makes sense, as Margot is a name that has a lot going for it: spelled with or without the final 't', it's one of the few girls’ names with the dynamic o-ending sound; it's familiar, yet uncommon enough to be distinctive.

Movie buffs will remember Bette Davis's archetypal role as Margo Channing in All About Eve (the actress named her own daughter Margot), while balletomanes will associate the name with the great English dancer Margot Fonteyn (born Margaret).

In the film Margot at the Wedding, Margot was played by Nicole Kidman; in The Royal Tenenbaums, Gwyneth Paltrow was Margot T. Gorgeous Australian actress Margot Robbie has made an impact here in the film The Wolf of Wall Street.

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private Says:


that's hilarious XD

Boba_Buddy_Le Says:


This is a gorgeous classic.

AliceTiger Says:


My dog is called Margot and we always call her Maggot when she’s naughty 😝

AliceTiger Says:


My dog is called Margot. When she’s being naughty we call her maggot!

bordercollie Says:


Ok, I've finally been converted to the Margot fanbase. An adorable name.

josephinedagnall Says:


One of the main characters from the French film 'Tell No One'.

hermioneameliastyles Says:


Such a beautiful name.

MargotBear Says:


This is my name!!!! I love my name, however it is always pronounced wrong. I often get mistaken for Margaret as well.

mamanmia Says:


makes me think of Anne Frank's sister

madsiemary Says:


I like the spelling 'Margo' a little bit more than 'Margot'. But, I think I would give my daughter this spelling if it were to come to it. Purely because people would most likely spell it like this constantly and it would irk me that they were spelling her name wrong. I just can't help but pronounce it 'Mar-got' in my head whenever I see it.

indiefendi2 Says:


Margot Robbie has done what Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson have done for their names.

cj85 Says:


I think the Margaux spelling is so pretentious.

flamingo Says:


I never liked this name until I taught a girl named Margot... now the name screams personality and sass! I love Margot with a T at the end. So classy.

bordercollie Says:


Never liked this name. The pronunciation is likely to be butchered (I only just realized it's MAR-go not MAR-got).

MadisonMaryLeigh Says:


I have loved the name Margot for a very long time (though I have to admit, I would spell it Margo not Margot as the T at the end reminds me of Maggot and I'm ALWAYS pronouncing it as Mar-Got inside my head). I always thought it wasn't super popular and my child wouldn't have to be 'Margo M' or 'Margo number 2' or something along those lines (then again, my sisters name, whose account I'm using, was the most popular girls name the year she was born and she's the only Madison at her school) but now there's Margot Robbie, whom I adore, and I feel as though everyone is going to start naming their children after here due to how popular Suicide Squad was. I really hope not, I've never been keen on the idea of giving my child a popular name.

Carol Says:


i never knew that was her name i always just called that character "Elaine"

Carol Says:


could always drop the t or do the "french thing", Margaux

Akfox Says:


Named my daughter Margot. One nurse at the hospital said she hadn't delivered a Margot in over thirty years, and everybody who asks her name loves how unique and refined it sounds.

connor Says:


Do some boys have this name?

autumnreverie Says:


Its spelling is very unattractive. I can't separate the name's spelling from its similarity to maggot.

Guest Says:


There are five Margot/Margo/Margauxs in my daughter's small preschool, including my daughter. I feel like this is going to be the next Emma or Olivia.

ThistleThorn Says:


I like this name. I know Margarets that go by Margot and just Margots. I think it looks much better with the -t.

JoJobear Says:


So, so, so cute! One of my favorite "o" ending names along with Shiloh

Saffron_Rice Says:


Classy and elegant like Dame Margot Fonteyn.

Guest Says:


Margot Robbie made this name beautiful to me. She's drop dead gorgeous!

rq79 Says:


Doesn't anybody automatically think of the neighbor lady in Christmas Vacation!?

"And why is the carpet all wet, *Todd*?"
" I don't *know*, Margo(t)"
lol strongly dislike this name!

Zoey_Artemisia Says:


I'm sorry but I picture maggots when I see this name.

Alicia1 Says:


This feels like a pretty classic name. I dont know anyone with this name, not sure why. Very classy!

mabespark Says:


So cute! Spunky, sweet and vintage - this is a great name.