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Gender: Male Meaning of Isaiah: "Salvation of the Lord" Origin of Isaiah: Hebrew Isaiah's Popularity in 2017: #47

The name Isaiah is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "Salvation of the Lord". Isaiah is ranked #47 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Love, Like, Lose... Name Game- BOYS".

From the experts:

Isaiah, like brethren Isaac and Elijah, is a once neglected biblical name now firmly back in favor, already surpassing such long-popular Old Testament stalwarts as Aaron and Adam.

The biblical Isaiah, son of Amos, was the most important of the major prophets, with an Old Testament book named for him. He prophesized that the Children of Israel would be exiled from their homeland but that God would bring the back.

Isaiah has been a star player on the contemporary athletic field, with several prominent basketball and football player namesakes, in addition to a memorable character on Little House on the Prairie, and Grey's Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington.

Beyond that, two sports figures have named their sons Isaiah: Allen Iverson and Tim (and wife Elisabeth) Hasselbeck. Basketball superstar Isiah Thomas helped popularize that streamlined spelling of the name.

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Famous People Named Isaiah

Isaiah Washington, American actor
Isaiah Berlin, English philosopher
Isaiah Rider, American basketball player
Isaiah Rogers, American architecture
Isaiah Thomas, American publisher/author
Isaiah Horowitz, Czech rabbi and mystic
Isaiah Randolph "Ikey" Owens, American musician
Isaiah Marcus Rankin, English soccer player
Isaiah Williams, American NFL football player
Isaiah Trufant, American NFL football player
Isaiah Stanback, American NFL football player
Isaiah Canaan, American NBA basketball player
Isaiah Amir Mustafa, American actor and former NFL football player
Isaiah Firebrace (b. 1999), Australian singer and Australian contestant on Eurovision 2017
Isaiah Bright (b. 2000), son of singer Michelle Gayle and footballer Mark Bright
Isaiah Herre (b. 2002), son of singers Joy Denalane and Max Herre
Isaiah Loyola (b. 2002), son of model/actress Pia Miller
Isaiah Stephens (b. 2003), son of singer Deborah Cox and Lascelles Stephens
Isaiah Rahsaan Iverson (b. 2003), son of basketball player Allen Iverson
Isaiah Courage Bates (b. 2004), 14th child (7th son) of the reality TV's Bringing Up Bates family
Isaiah William Clarence Robertson Preyan (b. 2004), son of rapper Mack Maine
Isaiah Bennington (adopted 2006), son of lead singer Chester Bennington of Linkin Park
Isaiah Crews (b. 2007), son of NFL player and actor Terry Crews
Isaiah Cicero McCracken (b. 2009), son of baseball player Quinton McCracken and reality TV personality Maggie McCracken ("Baseball Wives")
Isaiah Timothy Hasselbeck (b. 2009), son of TV personality Elisabeth and Tim Hasselbeck
Isaiah Malhotra (b. 2012), son of ice hockey player Manny Malhotra
Isaiah Hawk Wilson (b. 2015), son of reality TV personality Holly Montag & Rich Wilson
Isaiah Michael Fisher (b. 2015), son of singer Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher
Isaiah Thomas, American basketball player for the NBA
Isaiah Sion Robert Nesta Marley (b. 2016), son of Jamaican musician Ziggy Marley; grandson of Jamaican singer-songwriter Bob Marley
Isaiah Hendrix (b.2018), son of reality TV personalities Sean and Catherine Lowe
Isaiah Jones Koenig (b. 2018), son of Rashida Jones and Ezra Koenig

Pop Culture References for the name Isaiah

Isaiah, twenty-third book in the Bible
Isaiah Edwards, character on TV's "Little House on the Prairie"
Isaiah Lewin, boy in 1995 movie "Losing Isaiah"
Isaiah "Zay" Babineaux, character on TV's "Girl Meets World"
Nickname: Zay

Essaiah, Isai, Isaia, Isia, Isiah, Issiah, Izaiah, Izeyah, Iziah

Isaiah's International Variations

Issa, Isiah, Issa (Arabic) Isa, Isa (Persian) Isaïe, Isaïe (French) Esaias (Latin) Isaia (Italian) Isaias, Ysai, Ysais (Spanish) Esa (Finnish) Yeshaya (Hebrew) Ikaia (Hawaiian)


SydneyIsGroot Says:


Personally, I prefer the Japanese variant, Izaya. I don't know why, it just sounds great to me.

LV51sfan91 Says:


Strong. Handsome. Love!

mrsford Says:


I am naming my son, due any day, Isaiah. It is an amazing name with a melodic and regal sound, a significant meaning, an admirable namesake, possibly the greatest prophet of the old testament who foretold the coming of Christ. It is rare where I live (Australia) and can be pronounced eye-zay-ah or eye-sigh-ah. Great name!

Guest Says:


I was watching a show and the victim was having a baby and she met another friend, that friend was jealous she had a baby, so she murdered her. She had a baby boy, but he survived, this was his name, but I think it's beautiful.

Essa Says:


In the UK it's pronounce eye-sigh-uh. One name that really does have 2 different pronunciation depending on whether you're from the UK or US.

Essa Says:


In the UK it's pronounce eye-sigh-uh.

indiefendi2 Says:


Every 3rd kid I know is Isaiah.

indiefendi2 Says:



Leah3456 Says:


Another great Biblical name!

Isaiah Says:


I pronounce it eye-zay-ah. I have heard of a similar sounding UK variation though.

ldougie Says:


Not sure how one would pronounce.