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Gender: Male Meaning of Christopher: "bearer of Christ" Origin of Christopher: Greek and Latin Christopher's Popularity in 2017: #38

The name Christopher is a boy's name of Greek origin meaning "bearer of Christ". Christopher is ranked #38 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Classic Boy Names and discussed in our forums with posts like "Baby a Day".

From the experts:

Christopher is an evergreen classic that dropped from Top 25 status in 2013, in spite of its appealingly strong, sincere, straightforward image, combined with a softer, more modern sound than, say, Robert or Richard.

A Greek name meaning "bearer of Christ," it is sometimes used to honor Saint Christopher, a third century martyr who became the protective saint of travelers, reflecting the legend of Christopher being the giant who carried the Christ Child over a river. The name appeals to a wide range of parents, and has been chosen by several celebrities, including Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The almost ubiquitous American nickname is Chris, but a more recent one is Topher, and there are British variations that might add a more individual spin to the name -- Kit, Kip and Christy. Two Christophers known to every schoolchild: Christopher Columbus and Christopher Robin.

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Famous People Named Christopher

Christopher Columbus, Italian explorer
Christopher Plummer, Canadian actor
Christopher Eccleston, English actor
Christopher Marlowe, English dramatist
Christopher Nolan, British film director and producer
Christopher Lee, English actor
Christopher Paul "Chris" Colfer, American actor and singer
Christopher Robert "Chris" Evans, American actor
Christopher D'Olier Reeve, American actor
Christopher Allen Lloyd, American actor
Christopher Hitchens, English-American author/journalist
Christopher Walken, American actor
Christopher Peter Meroni, American actor
Christopher Kennedy Masterson, American actor
Christopher Whitelaw "Chris" Pine, American actor
Christopher Michael "Chris" Pratt, American actor
Christopher John "Topher" Grace, American actor
Christopher Haden-Guest, British American actor/the 5th Baron Haden-Guest
Christopher David "Chris" Noth, American actor
Christopher Shannon "Chris" Penn, American actor
Christopher "Chris" Tucker, American actor
Christopher Julius "Chris" Rock III, American actor
Christopher Crosby "Chris" Farley, American actor
Christopher W. "Chris" Cooper, American actor
Christopher Moore, American author
Christopher Joseph "Chris" Isaak, American musician
Christopher Taylor Buckley, Canadian American satirist and political speechwriter
Christopher Anthony John "Chris" Martin, British musician
Christopher "Chris" O'Dowd, Irish actor & comedian
Christopher Robin Milne, son of the Winnie-the-Pooh author
Christopher Kelly, Canadian NHL Hockey player
(Christopher) Ashton Kutcher, American actor
Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown, American singer
Christopher Jordan Graves, American actor; twin brother Kevin Graves
Christopher "Chris" Tomlin - American contemporary Christian singer-songwriter
Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse, American actor
Christopher Eugene "Chris" O'Donnell, American actor
Christopher Cross, American musician
Christopher "Chris" Brooks, American artistic gymnast
Christopher Adam "Chris" Daughtry, American musician
Christopher Anton "Chris" Knight, American actor
Christopher James Paolini, American author
Warren Minor Christopher, American lawyer, diplomat and politician
Christopher Pike, pseudonym of American young adult thriller novelist Kevin Christopher McFadden
Christopher Michael Wren, architect who designed St Paul's Cathedral, London
Christopher Mason, American model
Christopher "Chris" Stark, British radio personality
Christopher James "Chris" Kendall, British vlogger
Christopher Burton, Australian horse rider
Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch (br 2015), son of Benedict Cumberbatch
Christopher Neal Jackson, American actor, singer, musician, and composer
Christopher Anne "Chris" Affleck (nee Boldt), mother of actors Ben and Casey Affleck.
Christopher "Chris" Sean Lowe, English musician, singer, and songwriter
Christopher Catesby "Kit" Harington, English actor
Christopher Wolfgang Georg August Schindler, German professional footballer
Christopher "Chris" Lloyd Smalling, English professional footballer

Pop Culture References for the name Christopher

Christopher, main character in short story "My Girlfriend, the Giantess" by author Tina Tirrell
Christopher Boone, character in book/play"The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time"
Christopher Moltisanti, character on TV's "The Sopranos"
Christopher Ewing, character on TV's "Dallas"
Christopher Foyle, main character on TV's "Foyle's War"
Christopher Herrmann, character on TV's "Chicago Fire"
Christopher Robin in "Winnie the Pooh"
Christopher Turk, character on TV's "Scrubs"
Christopher Tietjens, character in "Parade's End" book and TV series
Christopher "Kit" Walker aka The Phantom, comic book character
Christopher "Chris" Nord: Agent Zero, character in Marvel Comics
Christopher "Chris" Perry Halliwell, son of Piper and Leo on TV's "Charmed"
Christopher "Chris" Michael Taub, character on TV's "House M.D."
Christopher, angel in Gabriel's Angel by Mark A Radcliffe
Christopher Lasalle, character from TV series "NCIS"
Christopher "Chris" Dollanganger, character in the book series by V.C. Andrews
Christopher Robin Pike, second captain of the Enterprise in the Star Trek series
Christopher MacLaren, character on TV's "Orange is the New Black"
Christopher Crowquill, character in Jenny Nimmo's "The Children of the Red King" series
Christopher "Chris", character in video game "Until Dawn"
Christopher Castillo, character on "How to Get Away with Murder"
Christopher "The Blond" Castillo, character in DC Universe
Christopher Cross "Chris" Griffin, character on TV's "Family Guy"
Christpher "Kit" Jonathan Herondale, character in Cassandra Clare's "The Dark Artifices" series

* from 1967 to 1990, Christopher was also in the Top 1000 names for girls


GenEric Says:


I like the name, I just hate the cheapened nickname Chris.

cosettes Says:


I hate the nickname "Chris" but recently became aware of the nickname "Kit," which makes me like this name a LOT more.

Daiseymae Says:


I don't care how popular the name is, because Christopher is one of best names for males.

Daiseymae Says:


Alaina is one of my favorite names. What is wrong with Chris?

Alaina Says:


Christopher is a very cute,handsome, and friendly name. But when they get older, They should nn them Chris.

stella2007 Says:


I recently started liking it again because of handsome actor Chris Hemsworth.

paulapuddephatt Says:


This name was mega popular for so long. I like it, but whenever I hear of people wanting to use Christopher, but avoid the nickname Chris...Well, good luck, but most of them do end up being known as Chris, in my experience.

headintheclouds Says:


A lot of the time I forget that Christopher is a classic name, since I know so many Chris-es that it seems a trendy 90's name to me on par with Jason (but then Jason's a classic-ish name with ancient roots as well).

I've never really thought much of this name, but recently I've been looking at it with fresh eyes and really liking it! Christopher sounds dashing with a touch of poetic romance to it. The downside is the nickname Chris; I only like the full name, or the nickname Kit that I imagine on a dark-haired almost Victorian-era ish little boy.

VelvetEar Says:


I have a distant cousin who has this name and goes by Topher.

ElizabethVaughn Says:


I love this name, but everyone would call him Chris, which is so boring.

thorn144 Says:


But Sean Combs does NOT have a son name Christopher... just Christian.

Yessica Says:


I just hate it like this


Impwood Says:


I like Kip, Kit and Toffee as childhood nicknames for Christopher.

Liberty_Bell Says:


I was born in 1975 and was one of 5 Christopher's in my class at school, I used to loathe my name. I love it now, although I hate being called Chris.

Leah3456 Says:


Strong, masculine name.