Gender: Female Origin of Destiny: Word name Destiny's Popularity in 2019: #309

Destiny Origin and Meaning

The name Destiny is a girl's name .

If Destiny is your daughter's destiny, she probably won't be the only one in her school: until 2009, Destiny was in the Top 50, with three of its alternate spellings in hot pursuit. It has since dipped a bit in popularity but is still widely used. Destiny Hope was the birth name of Miley Cyrus and Destiny Jones is the daughter or rapper Nas.

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Rank in US: #309

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Selkit Says:


I actually rather like this. I doubt I'd use it, except maybe for a middle, but it has a nice sound and a pleasant meaning.

Yessica Says:


The amount of people with this name in my school is frightening
Destiny,Destini,Destony and Destany are some of the variation i've seen.

actingfun Says:


I don't believe in Destiny, but I guess that's not the majority opinion. Because of that, it really has no significance in meaning, and the sound is just meh. I have no reason to like it.

luella_madison Says:


I don't mind this name at all, although it's very popular in my area. What I do mind are all the variant spellings: Destinee, Destini, Destani, Destyny, and the like (I've met at least one of each). Destiny is a WORD, don't spell it wrong.

I feel the same way about Kaydence.

Rosalina_Winter Says:


I love this name. It's beautiful and sounds lovely. :)

clairels Says:


Pretty much anything is better than Fanny.

Zelliew Says:


Well, it's better than : Halycon, Heaven, Discovery, Buttercup & Fanny

clairels Says:


Finally, a guilty pleasure name that actually IS a guilty pleasure. I hate it when people on Nameberry say Hazel or Atticus is their "guilty pleasure." That's like saying "I'm going to indulge myself by eating some kale."

indiefendi2 Says:


Even though it's tacky I kinda love it! 😂 guilty pleasure.

GuineapigGirl15 Says:


This is a beautiful and cute name.In my opinion. =D

kitchi1 Says:


It sounds like a "stripper" name to many people, including me. I also find this name very boring, and don't see what's nice about it. Also I knew a Destiny I didn't like. Just not my cup of tea.

Guest Says:


it's very 80/90s to me and sounds stripper but it's not that bad. It's kind of cool to me. Definitely not as bad as Desiree.

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


No problem. : )

unicornluvgirl Says:


Thanks! :)

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I personally do not hate the name Destiny. I do find it rather boring, because it seems like so many parents pick it. Destiny has a great meaning and a sound that can age well. Now what I absolute loathe, though is when people spell it Destinee. Not only does it look childish, it's misspelled, taking away the meaning.People say Destiny is a "stripper name" I say that's rubbish. I don't associate any names with strippers, because I myself do not associate with anything related. And some people dislike Destiny simply because it was the birth name of Miley Cyrus, I also think that's a rubbish reason. There are many people out there named Destiny, and I believe it is a respectable name choice. I have even usedit for one of my characters. So while I in no way endorse the name, nor is it a favorite of mine, I think Destiny is not bad at all.

unicornluvgirl Says:


Everyone seems to hate this name-- Why?

befx217 Says: