Gender: Male Pronunciation: LENN-uhd Meaning of Leonard: "brave lion" Origin of Leonard: German Leonard's Popularity in 2019: #611

Leonard Origin and Meaning

The name Leonard is a boy's name of German origin meaning "brave lion".

Leonard is the name of several saints, including one who is the patron saint of childhood, and another medieval saint who's the patron of prisoners--known for freeing prisoners he deemed worthy of God. Popular from 1900 to 1930, Leonard is perhaps more notable for those who dropped the name when they entered show biz than those who kept it: former Leonards include Roy Rogers and Tony Randall. Two musical Leonards did keep their names though--composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein and poet-singer Leonard Cohen. Leonard Woolf was the husband and publisher of great English novellist Virginia Woolf. These days, modern parents tend to prefer Leo or the romantic Italian Leonardo, especially since Leonard does not get pronounced with the trendy "Leo" sound.

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Pop Culture References for the name Leonard

Lee, Leo, Lonya, Leonis, Leno, Leanard, Lernard, Lenn, Lynnard, Lonny, Leonnard, Leone, Londard, Lienard, Leondaus, Leontes,

Leonard's International Variations

Leonardo (Spanish) Lionzio (Italian) Leos, Leonti (Slavic) Lennart (Swedish) Leonid (Russian) Leonhard, Lenard, Lennard, Len (German) Leonides, Leon, Leonidas (Greek)


Awishgranted Says:


I am loving the name Leonard for a boy. I like that it’s a classic name that’s hardly used anymore so it will still be unique. I love the name meaning behind it since my baby will be born in August. I love the sound with our surname. The only thing, my husband and family don’t really like it. I want to compromise but love Leonard so much I just can’t make myself like any other name. I’m hoping they can grow to love it. What do you guys think of the name honestly?

mill1020 Says:


There is a toddler named Leonard in my youngest son's preschool class. He wears it well because he seems to have a sort of reserved, "old soul" personality.

silkypumpkin Says:


in my head i always say "leo-nard" even though I know it's len-ard

silkypumpkin Says:


is that a nameberry typo or do people really pronounce it "len-ud"? i thought this was one of those names that didn't have multiple pronunciations.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I'm loving the name Leonard, with Len for short, and I actually like how it's spelt, but also feel quite happy with len-nard as the pronunciation. I do find it slightly surprising that there hasn't been more of a trend towards a pronunciation that reflects the Leo aspect of the name. I wouldn't mind this, although I still prefer the Len sound myself. I like Leonardo, but it doesn't exactly suit every surname, particularly here in the UK, and in USA, etc. Leo on its own is fine, and very cute. I do think that Leo could work as a nickname for Leonard, even though the sound of the full name is different. I must admit that Leo for Leonardo is more logical and obvious, though.

RoddyThlayli Says:


I've always been confused by the fact that this is pronounced Len-ard. When I was younger, I though Leonard was pronounced like Leonardo minus the o and the Len-ard pronunciation was spelled Lenard or Lennard.

kittylover777 Says:


I don't exactly like the name Leonard but I love Leo!

Leonard Challis Says:


I'm called Leonard, as is my father and grandfather and in now my own son. My Grandad was always Len, my dad Lenny and me Leonard. I always preferred Leonard to shortened versions, but I've been called Len, Lenny and even Ned. Leo has never been a nickname I've been called. I have to say, I prefer the full name. Also, I'm really pleased I'm a Leonard and not a Leonardo! Maybe that makes me a fusty grandad? ;)

maibritt Says:


As a German it really confuses me that you pronounce Leonard like Lennard. In Germany Leonard ist pronounced like the name Leo and than the normal
-nard ending. Also the nickname of Lennard is Lenn or Lenny and the nickname of Leonard is Leo.

MJS14 Says:


Leonard is actually a family name from way back in the Netherlands, but our family always pronounced it Lane-ard, and so Lane is a pretty good nickname for Leonard.

headintheclouds Says:


Leonard seems, to me, still a fusty grandpa name, but in the best way ever. It isn't really Frederick or Otis; it belongs more to the Orson-Wilmer-Muriel-Bertha group, but it's awesome regardless! More of a so far out it's in hipster vintage spectrum, not quite in the revival vintage group just yet. Leo or Len are great nicknames though!

indiefendi2 Says:


That extra o in Leonardo makes the difference. Leonard is stately and reserved. Leonardo is lively, cool, and sexy with any surname!

clairelaliberte Says:


May he rest in peace.

Bobcat108 Says:


Leonard Nimoy!