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Gender: M Pronunciation: LENN-uhd Meaning of Leonard: "brave lion" Origin of Leonard: German Leonard's Popularity in 2016: #600

Leonard is the name of several saints, including one who is the patron saint of childhood, and another medieval saint who's the patron of prisoners--known for freeing prisoners he deemed worthy of God. Popular from 1900 to 1930, Leonard is perhaps more notable for those who dropped the name when they entered show biz than those who kept it: former Leonards include Roy Rogers and Tony Randall. Two musical Leonards did keep their names though--composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein and poet-singer Leonard Cohen. Leonard Woolf was the husband and publisher of great English novellist Virginia Woolf. These days, modern parents tend to prefer Leo or the romantic Italian Leonardo, especially since Leonard does not get pronounced with the trendy "Leo" sound.

Famous People Named Leonard

Leonard Bernstein, American composer
Leonard Nimoy, American actor
Leonard Cohen, Canadian singer
Leonard Maltin, American film critic
Leonard "Lenny" Kravitz, American singer
Leonard Susskind, American physicist, one of the fathers of string theory
Leonard Hankerson, American football player
Leonard Johnson, American football player
Leonard Pope, American football player
Leonard Walter Jerome, American businessman and grandfather of Winston Churchill
Leonard Alfred Schneider "Lenny Bruce," American comedian
Leonard Kimball Firestone, an American businessman, ambassador and philanthropist
Leonard Sandler, son of actors Kathryn Hahn and Ethan Sandler
Leonard Barrie Corbin, an American actor known as Barry Corbin
Elmore John Leonard, American novelist
Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, British politician
Leonard Freeman, American TV writer/producer, creator of "Hawaii Five-0"

Pop Culture References for the name Leonard

Leonard "Lenn(y)" / "Leo" Snart, alias of "Captain Cold" on DC's "The Flash" and "Legends of Tomorrow"
Leonard Leakey Hofstadter, main character on TV's "The Big Bang Theory".
Leonard "Lenny" Kosnowski, main character on TV's "Laverne and Shirley"
Leonard "Bones" McCoy, a main character on TV's "Star Trek".
Leonard Bankhead, main character in "The Marriage Plot" by Jeffrey Eugenides
Leonard "Lenny" Feder, character in movie "Grown Ups"
Leonard L. Church, a main character on Rooster Teeth's "Red vs. Blue"
Leonard, a poodle in the movie "The Secret Life of Pets"

Leonard's International Variations

Leonardo (Spanish) Lionzio (Italian) Leos, Leonti (Slavic) Lennart (Swedish) Leonid (Russian) Leonhard, Lenard, Lennard, Len (German) Leonides, Leon, Leonidas (Greek)