Gender: Female Meaning of Olivia: "olive tree" Origin of Olivia: Latin Olivia's Popularity in 2019: #1

Olivia Origin and Meaning

The name Olivia is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "olive tree".

Olivia is one of the top US baby names as well as a popular girls' name in English-speaking and European countries around the world.

Records of the name Olivia exist from as far back as 13th century England, but the name was popularized after Shakespeare used it for the name of the countess in Twelfth Night. Olivia is based off of the Latin word oliva, meaning “olive.” In ancient Greece, the olive was a symbol of Athena as well as a token of peace and fertility, and olive wreaths were awarded to the winners at the Olympic games.

Olivia, a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity, is one of the top girls' names in the world. Like her sisters Isabella and Sophia, Olivia is a megapopular name not only in the US but in the UK, Australia, Canada, and throughout the Western World. Olivia is currently the Number 2 name for baby girls in the US, and could be heading towards the very top of the list—so don't say we didn't warn you. It's the undisputed queen of the only four girl names starting with O in the US Top 1000.

In the UK, Olivia was the recent Number 1 girls' name in tandem with twin brother Oliver at the top of the charts. It is still the top girls' name in Canada and Number 4 in both Australia and Scotland.

Olivia has been a popular starbaby name for fifteen years, and has also been a well-used TV character name, such as in Olivia Benson on Law & Order SVU and the recent powerful lead Olivia Pope on Scandal.

Golden Age star Olivia de Havilland was influential in bringing the name to U.S. attention, followed by Olivia Newton-John, and now we have Olivias Wilde, Munn and Williams. If you love popular names, Olivia might be the perfect choice for you, but parents in search of a distinctive name will have to keep looking. Some related alternatives: Olive, Livia, Liv.

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Famous People Named Olivia

Pop Culture References for the name Olivia

Alivia, Olive, Liv, Livy, Oliveea, Olivianne, Olivine, Ollie, Livrie, Alyvia, Olyvia, Oliveia, Olia, Olivija, Olivea, Olivi,

Olivia's International Variations

Oliwa (Hawaiian) Oliviane, Olivette (French) Oliva, Olva, Livia (Spanish) Oliveria (Portuguese)


winterdragon04 Says:


I've never been a fan, and I hate the popularity! Sorry, but it's true.

Lunessence Says:


I don't know any.

Lunessence Says:


Finn is popular now because of Star Wars.

Lunessence Says:


You mean Jessica or Ashley of the 1980's.

ariel44 Says:


I agree but I wish it wasnt too popular.

ariel44 Says:


I love the name Olivia too! So pretty.

Trudy777 Says:


I agree, it makes me think of olive oil and the word 'livid'.

ivy194 Says:


Hmm. Very overused. It doesn't even have a really appealing sound to me, sorry.

Jackiebroadway Says:


I named my daughter Olivia ( yes when it was sooooo popular)! It fits her perfectly, we call her olive and I absolutely wouldn’t think she would have any other name. She is elegant like I envisioned an Olivia. Chestnut hair, blue eyes, and somewhat rugged ...I could go on. She fits the name perfectly! My olive 🧡swoooooooon

Isabella_188 Says:


I know this name is super popular, but I adore this name, and if I had a baby girl, this would be her name!!! My name is Isabella, and I don't mind meeting other Isabella's. I actually babysit a little girl named Isabella, and she is the sweetest thing ever! I hope if I have a daughter, and name her Olivia, she doesn't mind that she may meet a lot of other Olivia's.

Annabvella Says:


This name is the Jessica or Ashley of the 2010s. Every parent is naming their daughters either Olivia or Sophia, and it's undoubtedly getting old. If you realistically were to walk into a room and call out, "Hey, Liv!", over 5+ girls would turn their heads thinking you're talking to them. It's unfortunate, especially because if it weren't for how popular this name was then it'd be kind of cute.

ParanoidAndroid Says:


Although Olivia has always been on the Top 1000, Olivia is now ensconced at the #2 position for most popular girls names. Like Ava, Julia, Sophie, Kenzie, Olivia's once scintillating aura is slowly atrophying at the hands of trite parents. Olivia will surely decline in its popularity, but it'll be remembered as a typical 2000s/2010s name. Just the same with names like Susan, Barbara, Linda, Lisa, Norma, Ethel, Phyllis, Jennifer, Maude. It's not the name itself, but it's just the spontaneous spike in popularity that will make the name Olivia appear as a generational zeitgeist rather than anything timeless.

renaissancetoni Says:


I know at least 10 girls called Olivia and that’s just off the top of my head, this name is cute but ridiculously popular/common.

OliviaBrady Says:


My name is Olivia and I'm 26 years old. When I was little I was the only one I knew called Olivia and only very occasionally met another one. I absolutely loved having a unique, yet classic name (shakespeare vibes) but now I feel that it's lost all appeal with shear popularity. It's lost it's melody :(

BruinsBabe666 Says:


I’ve never understood the appeal of this name

shadykate Says:


It is just too popular right now, but it is a pretty name though.

Clareneko Says:


I just keep getting reminded of the series. XD

Tora Says:


Nothing particularly wrong with this name but I really dont understand why it's soooo popular.

scarletbegonias Says:


Actually, Olivia (given to 1 percent of girls in 2017) has never been as popular as any of the "dated" names mentioned in this thread. Karen was given to 1.8 percent of baby girls in 1965, while Linda was given to 3.5 percent of girls born in 1952. Jessica peaked at 1.5 percent. Olivia is closer in popularity to Elizabeth, which was given to 1.1 percent of girls in 1982 (and, in my opinion, is not at any risk of becoming dated).

rayleemarie Says:


I don't get the hype about this name it's fine but, personally I believe overused and a bit bratty sounding (Maybe just personal experience?). I do like the nickname Via though

Daiseymae Says:


You can't go wrong with this name! I was such an Olivia Newton-John fan when I was a little girl. I am sorry that I never used it.

Scorpio Says:


Everyone and their dog is named Olivia. This name is going to be horribly dated in a few years.

oliviamcdonald Says:


That’s so good that you didnt mind growing up, but a lot of people do hate their own names because they are too common. I find that even my nicknames Liv, Livi, Olly are all used by the other Olivia’s too so it doesnt set us apart at all. Its like telling an Isabella to go by Izzy or Bella... the other Isabella’s will be going by that too.

oliviamcdonald Says:


I’m an Olivia/Liv and I’m glad you like my name :) You should totally use it if you love it, but it is definitely not unique at #2. I hate having such a popular name and I’m thinking of legally changing it to Lydia now... sounds close to Olivia but much less used

ClassyCarolinaGirl Says:


This is such a fun and flirty yet so sharp and refined name! Wow! I can imagine my future daughter with this one of a kind name -- that's right, there's really not another name like it. (For example, it's not Chloe, Sophie, Izzy...) So unique and BEAUTIFUL. I love the name alone and with nickname "Liv"...

fromtheocean12 Says:


Olivia never stood out to me in the past, but recently Olivia caught my eye in a way she never had before. I'm absolutely in love with this name, and I just wish it wasn't so extremely popular. (Also Liv is my favorite nickname for Olivia, although I prefer her without any nickname at all!)

Daiseymae Says:


That is so cute to have all of those nicknames. Elizabeth will never go out of style. I love Olivia too.

josephinedagnall Says:


Olivia was one of my absolute favourite names as a child. Now I'm much more likely to go with the more unusual Livia instead.

Ella Says:


I actually love this name.What I hate is the popularity.I have a similar opinion on my own name.

Leah_ Says:


I have always really disliked this name. The sound is awful.

nora.rosenberg Says:


It's so sweet, though, for an aunt and a niece to share the same name

NatalieRuby Says:


My sister's name is Olivia, and she doesn't like it because 6 months after she was born our brother named his daughter Olivia.

Liz Kent Says:


Your kid won't care about other Olivia's in their class. I'm Elizabeth, and the two other Elizabeth's in my year group and I created "The Elizabeth Club", and we decided on the nicknames of Ellie and Liz and Beth for each other, so that we wouldn't be confused. Olivia also offers a variety of unique nicknames, as well as the commonly used Liv and Livvy - why not nickname your Olivia as Lia, Oli, or Olive?

Piteco Says:


Its a beautiful name but Its so popular that turned Boring nowadays.

sunshinexoxo Says:


I loved this name but wish it wasn't so popular now...

ArtemisArtistic Says:


My name is Lydia and for some reason people always seemed to confuse that with Olivia, so I got called this a lot, as well as Alydia and Olydia... I always used to hate it and the only Olivia I ever knew was a brat. So I generally associate it with that, which is a shame, because it really is a pretty name.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I would say you were right to call your daughter the name you love. I will always love some names, such as Charlotte, Jessica and Emma, and being popular or dated matters less than how much we love our favourite names.

Melissa_Anne Says:


I think that eventually all names will sound dated at some point.
I named my daughter Olivia, not because of its popularity but because I loved that name since I was 5..... 25 years later I named my daughter Olivia. And after two years I have only ever met two other Olivia's and she is the only Olivia in her daycare.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I agree that Ollie for Olivia is cute. I do like Livi, too. It is like Charlotte, Charlie and Lottie, in that you can adjust the nickname, according to which one suits.

livsmama12 Says:


Olivia is my 4 month old daughter's name. As someone who has obsessed over names for years and has issues with my own mega-popular name, I really wanted something unique and I knew I definitely did not want a name from the top 20. However, none of the names on our list "fit". I struggled with how popular the name is, but eventually I realized once you know your baby's name, it's their name. Yes, it's popular but I would rather she be Olivia LastInitial than have a name we only half-liked & used because it wasn't popular. I have a friend with a daughter the same age, whose name ranked 68th and I've heard more kids with her name than Olivia. So I think it's all relative. Everyone has commented how beautiful the name is. I think it'll grow well with her, and Liv is just the most perfect nickname for my little sassy girl.

EsmeKair Says:


Overused, uninspired, fussy, dull.

paulapuddephatt Says:


You're right. It's sad really, but even Emma and Emily could lose their classic feel, through having become so super popular. I love Olivia, Sophia, Sophie, Ava, etc - but people who call their daughters these names, knowing how popular they are right now, need to realise that they are going to end up being the Karen and Linda names of that generation. It will take those names a long time to sound fresh again. Jessica is one of my personal favourites, and Charlotte and Emma are too, but the names are all over-used. With male names, there are more that stay consistently popular and classic. James and Michael are classic. Noah and Mason will sound dated, in my view. Jayden type names will become the next Darren, Karen, Sharon...!

Wittyusername103 Says:


It's going to sound so dated. Like the name Jessica or Linda simply due to sheer volume of people with this name.

VelvetEar Says:


Even though I don't like popular names, I like Olivia. It's the name of my younger sister, but she hates it. She goes by Livvy and was named Olivia purely so we could call her that. I think Ollie is a better nn though. We've never met another Livvy, but plenty of other Olivias. They all went by Liv or Olive or Olivia.

paulapuddephatt Says:


Beautiful name. Fully understand why it has become so popular.

Daiseymae Says:


I agree that Olivia is a beautiful name. Who cares if it is popular? I named my now 7-year-old daughter Katherine, and that has always been popular.

Daiseymae Says:


I love this name in spite of its popularity.

LV51sfan91 Says:


As an interfaith family Olivia, meaning peace, is perfect for us! Popular for a reason!!!

Thepandaprincess223 Says:


Even though this name is HUGLEY popular, I can't help but smile every time I hear this name. People saying that parents that choose a name in the top ten names for their little boy or girl is a bad choice is a bit rude. Names are popular because they are beautiful. Olivia just like Sophia and Isabella are madly used because parents find the beauty in the name. Olivia is also a classics Shakespearean name. I love the name Olivia even though it is popular. I am currently writing a book and the main character is called Olivia. This name impaticular also offers a lot of nice nick names. Liv is my personal favourite.

ol4j Says:


This is my name and I know many Olivias (most are younger) but like everyone said below, a name being popular doesn't make it ugly. It means that others have found it beautiful and that the world is graced with many beautiful Olivias from all walks of life

justlookinaround Says:


My name is Olivia too! Seems like there are a lot of us, but I do love my name.Most of the time I am the only Olivia in a room. My middle name is way more interesting though,so I like the combo.

JazzDeSaturn Says:


Naming preferences are highly subjective. While many parents will follow strict rules regarding popularity, others consider it a factor of many. Never presume to know parents and why they have arrived at the choice they have. Do be more understanding and sensitive. The name might have been chosen to honor a beloved relative long past. Remember a person's name to them is the sweetest and most important sound in language. Its okay to disagree but recognize that disagreement over names is subjective and try to be self aware of when you are being unnecessarily antagonistic.

Rebecca Schminky Says:


My older sister is named olivia and i almost had a sister in law named olivia. I use to call my sister olly as a child. Took me some time to learn her name. lol.

kertheshe Says:


I don't understand why people like this name so much. It's one of my least favorite names: highly overused and the meaning isn't appealing, too.

Olivia Says:


Olivia is the best name in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I'd love to have a name no one knows. Your daughter is very lucky she feels that way because "hate" doesn't even come close to describing my dislike for being known as Abby *last initial*. It's not only annoying for me but also for my teachers. There are 3 girls in my tap class of 8 people named Abby and it's difficult for the teacher to keep us straight and for us to know which girl she's addressing. It's personal preference.

headintheclouds Says:


To me, Olivia is one of the best classic feminine names that also has that lively and spunky element to it. The nicknames (Liv, Livia, Livvy, Olive etc.) abound, and the name's really what the bearer makes of it. I'm rather sad that Olivia's become so popular, but at the same time, I'm glad that it's gotten deserved recognition. With names I love but wouldn't use for myself like this one, I always shrug off the huge popularity and think "it's better to have more Olivias than misspelled Kaydynnes/Mckynzees around"!

berry_chick Says:


I have a friend named Olivia and I really love her name. The name itself makes me think of an intelligent, talented, spunky girl! Olive would also be a good nickname.

germanstar Says:


Popularity doesn't matter to me as well. There are more important things when someone chooses a name for their child. Some of us are not stuck on the popularity. It doesn't matter if you are Olivia A.Olivia B.Olivia C or whatever. My daughter (Maria)never had this problem and there are five Marias in her class only. When someone cares that much for the popularity, I call it surface. If you have a popular name, try to ask someone whose name is completely unknown, how do they feel. Maybe different but in a negative way. I hated that I was the only person I knew, maybe in whole Germany, whose name is Rea. I hate having a name that nobody knows. Thankfully my middle is not that uncommon and many people here have heard it at least once. It is normal that you don't like the name but the whole popularity issue is at least tiring.

germanstar Says:


Olivia is a great name. Since I read your comments, I thought that I was the only one in NameBerry who doesn't care about the popularity. In fact, I named my daughter Maria in 1998 because I wanted to honour a beloved one, and some weeks ago I learnt that it was the top name in my country in 1998. I never regret naming her Maria. You're right, everyone has their own opinion but sometimes the fact that everyone hates popular names is at least tiring. Your name is very beautiful though :)

Rush1986 Says:


so this name is #2, yet i know a total of 0 kids with this name. I know a million Isobels though. Its beautiful in my opinion.

emi_ Says:


I think Olivia is such a beautiful name! It has such a classic ring to it, and I think that would be perfect as any little girl's name. Also, I love the nickname options! (Liv, Livvie, Ollie)

Plutophelia Says:


I will always have a soft spot for this name but I would never use it as a first because of its popularity. Or maybe I would. I really do love it.

Olivia Says:


My name is Olivia and my little siblings call me la la and I like my name

Olivia Says:


My name is Olivia too

JessicaRK467 Says:


Olivia and Amelia are both stunningly beautiful names that I would only use as middle names because of their current popularity. I love them both.

Zelliew Says:


It really like Olivia - It's my grand daughter's middle name. However Olive leaves me cold.

Liv L. Says:


My name is Olivia, and my family has taken to calling me Lival, which I didn't like at first but I like it better now because it's different than all of the other Olivia nicknames. Sometimes they also call me Lival-Bival. (They sound better than they look)

Liv L. Says:


Actually, Oliva is the original spelling.

DaisyMaisie Says:


i think it`s boring

princessmadison Says:


I like this name but there are 2 Olivias in my grade alone.

oliviamcdonald Says:


This is my name, I've always loved it. But when I was a kid it was rare, I was the only girl in my school with the name. I liked it because I never met another Olivia until I was in my twenties. It makes me sad that it became popular. My nicknames were Livvy as a little girl, Olly when I was a primary school tomboy, and Liv in high school. Now my fave nickname is Olive (wish I was called that instead!) but nobody really calls me that. I think I would use Olive for a more unusual version these days

Olivia Janae Says:


I think Olivia is a pretty name and maybe I'm just saying that because I'm named that but my mom didn't know it was a popular name she named me Olivia because I was born on the day her grandmother died, and her name was Ollie and since Olivia is a form of Ollie my mom named me Olivia. Also it's not really popular where I live because I only know one other person with this name where I live.

Catastroffy Says:


Where I live Olivia isn't THAT popular - I only know one Olivia - and I think it is quite nice, although not quite my taste. I prefer Olive.

Saffron_Rice Says:


It's a very pretty name but it's become so common. How about Oriana or Olwen as O name alternatives?

olivia Says:


my name is olivia and I've always loved my name

eveyalecia Says:


I agree with faithnamer about the pronunciation, plus Ollivia would go through life correcting people on the spelling of her name.

MiaMoulopoulos Says:


I love this name, mostly because of Olivia de Havilland.

Caroline Says:



SweetPraline Says:


My man chose this name for our future little one. The thought of it being so popular makes me cringe, but it really is a lovely name that I wouldn't mind using regardless of popularity. We are pairing it with the middle name Noelle, so if anything I have Noelle to fall back on if I grow to regret my naming decision.

Leah3456 Says:


A beautiful, Shakespearian name. The nickname Liv is so cute!

Alicia1 Says:


This is a beautiful name that is very popular now. I loved it 15 years ago.

Ophelia Says:


PLEASE consider Ollie as a nickname for Olivia. In my opinion, it is prettier and less common than Livvy. I love the way it sounds and the fact that it was traditionally a boys nickname.

Ophelia Says:


PLEASE consider Ollie as an Olivia nickname!! It is my favorite nickname and although it is traditionally a boy nickname, I think it is so cute as a nick or a given name!

faithnamer Says:


I wouldn't pronounce Ollivia the same as Olivia because typically 'oll" makes the "ahl" sound, so they would be different names to me.

Alicia1 Says:


I really like the Alivia spelling, secondly the original spelling.

waffles Says:


Another spelling of the name is Ollivia. Do you think this is better or worse than Olivia

Livi Says:


Olivia is my name, too! I usually go by Livi, or Liv-Liv. Even though, I prefer Livi more than any other nickname for the name Olivia, everyone is entitled to their opinions, so .... Share away! :)

unicornluvgirl Says:


Also, my parents didn't know the popularity of Olivia when I was born, they just simply loved the name. I do too. I think more "lowly" on parents who try to make their child's name stand out so much that it's crazy, like Karleigh or Jessykah or something like that. But I don't really care that much because it's not my place. I can choose my name or my children's, but I can't decide somebody else's name for them.

EDIT: Not saying that you are deciding somebody else's name

DearestJules Says:


I don't think there is anything wrong with LIKING a popular name, but I have to admit I do think kind of lowly on parents who choose a Top 10 name for their kid.

raevynstar Says:


Sorry. I really got carried away. :(

SparkleNinja18 Says:


Lol kk. I edited mine too. -_- didn't get what I meant across as well as I would have liked. But it was my initial reaction XD

raevynstar Says:


I edited it to say I didn't mean any offense! And -_- to you to! Geez.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I'm assuming you aren't from America because Finn isn't very popular. I don't mind Finn or Sophie. In fact, I really love Sophie as a middle name.

raevynstar Says:


So you hate me because I have Finn and Sophie on my lists????????? Wow.
I'm referring to
"I hate parents who say "popularity doesn't matter to us""

EDIT: That was kind of rude of me, but I don't take back what I said. I could have said it a little better, however. I'm definitely not a parent, anyway.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


Olivia is not a bad name and I never said it was. And while I prefer just Liv I can understand how many cute nicknames Olivia can offer. That is something my name does not have. All I was saying was that Olivia is a very common name, and therefore to me has lost it's "wow" factor. But then again, 18,256 babies with can do that to a name. I don't like popular names, personally (the top ten lists bore me) but I've been told that I'm in a minority for hating my name because it's popular.

Guest Says:


I've never liked this name, idk why. But I love Liv by itself.

SparkleNinja18 Says:


I do not like how popular this name has gotten. It's cute but overused. I prefer Liv or Livvy.

Sunshine Kid Says:


I may be bias for liking this as this is my name...But hey, it nicely rolls off the tongue and I doubt it will sound dated in the future.