Gender: Female Meaning of Felicity: "good fortune, happy" Origin of Felicity: Latin Felicity's Popularity in 2019: #361

Felicity Origin and Meaning

The name Felicity is a girl's name of Latin origin meaning "good fortune, happy".

Felicity is as accessible a virtue name as Hope and Faith, but much more feminine -- and dare we say, happier. The hit TV show did a lot to soften and modernize the once buttoned-up image of Felicity, and it got further notice as the red-haired Colonial doll, Felicity Merriman, in the American Girl series. A current bearer is actress Felicity Huffman.

Two nicknames for Felicity: Flick and Fee. Other forms include Felicia and Felice.

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Rank in US: #361

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Famous People Named Felicity

Pop Culture References for the name Felicity

Feliciona, Felicitie, Flick, Felisha, Felicitee, Felise, Felita, Feliza, Filicia, Felecia

Felicity's International Variations

Felicidade (Portuguese) Felicidad, Felixa, Felicita, Felice, Feliz, Felicia, Felisa (Spanish) Félicité, Felicienne (French) Felka, Fela (Polish) Felicie (German)


bordercollie Says:


Every name I used to hate, I start inevitably loving! I'm officially part of the Felicity fan base, possibly thanks to Felicity Jones. Genuinely one of the happiest sounding names.

fearlessfirefly Says:


I love this name. If I had two daughters, I would name them Farrah Lucille and Felicity Marilyn.

Anya Ray Says:


I love the name Felicity— It’s on the top of my list for girls, and there are so many possible nicknames! My personal favorite is Libbie; I also like Flick quite a bit.

bordercollie Says:


This name is definitely sweet, maybe overly so. I honestly find it sickly sweet, overly flowery, and not at all fitting for an adult. I totally understand why some people like it, it has a cute meaning and it's not overly popular, but it's a little too childish for me.

actingfun Says:


This is currently my favorite name. It sounds beautiful, has some cute nicknames, and a nice meaning.

EvaThyssen Says:


It's a gorgeous and happy name!

pixelatedinfants Says:


what the fu--full house-- me one year ago lmao

Scorpio Says:


I knew a girl named Felicity. Her nickname was Felix, which I would have never considered before meeting her, but it really suited her.

Chess345 Says:


I agree, every time I see this name I cringe. All that comes to mind is a spoiled, ultra-feminine, doll-like girl who prisses and prunes when she doesn't get her way. I apologize for those who don't share my opinion, however the Felicity's I've encountered in both literature and reality have led me to exercise caution with this name.

Myanover Says:


I LOVE the name Felicity it reminds me of a American girl doll, it just reminds me of the city I live in , San antonio

shellabella05 Says:


Our daughter is Felicity and she's know as FlissFloss or just Fliss.

paulapuddephatt Says:


I adore this name. Lissy is cute, but I mainly love hearing the name in full.

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Ooh I like those nicknames better than the traditional ones for Felicity!

Fluffykitten101 Says:


Felicity is such light and bouncy name. I love it. The only problem I have with it is that I don't find the nicknames appealing. Flick is a verb and Fliss sounds like floss. Fifi would be cute though.

Elaine Venema Says:


My 2 year old is Felicity - we call her Fliss

-EagleEyes- Says:


I love Felicity with the nickname Lissy! You made a beautiful choice!

hermioneameliastyles Says:


I love this name. I would probably pair it with Anne as the middle name and go with the less obvious nickname Flick.

pixelatedinfants Says:


I love this name and I think of the American Girl Doll Felicity. I like the NN Fizzy. I'd use this on a daughter if my partner has a preferance on more feminine, strong, vintage names, as I prefer tomboy-ish ones. I'd use the nn Fizzy, Fliss, Lissy, or Flissy.

pixelatedinfants Says:


Congrats, I can see she's over a year old now, but that's a gr8 choice and Fee is a cute nn

pixelatedinfants Says:


I love that, too!

abertawe Says:


And pronounced FeLEETH in Spain

Kailagood Says:


This is my daughters name!!! We call her lissy.

Amber Renee Says:


I love this name. The way it sounds, the meaning, and all the nick names! (Some of my faves are: Lissy, Sissy, Lizzie, Fizzie, CeCe, Faye, Fee, Filly)

BB Says:


How about Cici as a nickname?

Nozomi Says:


Feliz in spanish means happy ( pronounced fe - LEES ) I'm not a big fan of this name but I can see the apeal. I think Lissy a really cute nn tho!

Impwood Says:


This name is sweet, but personally I prefer Felice and Felicie, and the male Felix.

Lola Says:


Three words:
Tried and True.

Waverly123 Says:


I really like Felicity, and I love the meaning (which I normally don't care much about). However, I don't love any of the NN options... I also find that it looks beautiful, but is a bit awkward to say and my mind automatically shortens it to Flick or Lizzie, So maybe have to use Felicity as a MN.

headintheclouds Says:


Quirky, charming, bright and happy, made accessible by the TV show Felicity instead of seeming like an overly fussy mothbally 1900's name, Felicity is lovely and IMO the wonderful meaning is the best part about it. I personally wouldn't use Felicity because it's overly flowery for me, with few nicknames that I like (Fee/Flissy/Flick/Feli/Lissy? Bleh.), but I think it's a cute name.

bythesea03 Says:


This is my 9 month old daughter's name. I absolutely love it, from its meaning to its femininity to its array of nicknames. She mostly goes by Felicity, but I call her Fee and Liccy as well. Happy name for my happy, beautiful girl.

sirens_sam Says:


I have issues with this name. I think it's the fact that at a glance I see Felisha which is not a nice name.

joberholtzer Says:


Perfect meaning: happiness!

Theodora_Phoenix Says:


I can see the appeal but honestly I'm a bit tired of Felicity.

Essa Says:


I like Flick but love Fliss even more but for some reason I find it really difficult to say so for that reason I won't be naming my child Felicity (unless I suddenly decide I prefer Flick to Fliss).

Guest Says:


that came from Louis Tomlinson's sister. It's adorable!

dovah Says:


I hadn't considered that. It's really cute.

jan11th Says:


I love the nickname Fizzy for this!

faithnamer Says:


This is such a sweet name! The meaning fits the feel of it perfectly!

Christina25 Says:


I used to really dislike this name, but now it's grown on me a lot! Love the nicknames Lissy and Fliss.

AnonymousPerson Says:


I really like this name. Possible nicknames are Filly, Fliss, and Fleece. I like the nickname Flick, but the hard ending doesn't seem to work for Felicity.

fuzzycub Says:


Fun and happy; I like the nickname Lissy.

emmaMasterkey Says:


A better nickname for Felicity is Fliss. I LOVE that nickname

Saranel Says:


I love this name! It sounds so elegant and classy and fun.