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Gender: M Meaning of Mitchell: "who is like God" Origin of Mitchell: English variation of Michael Mitchell's Popularity in 2016: #592

Mitchell has had something of a roller coaster ride, showing some panache in the forties and fifties, when it was seen as a sharper alternative to Michael with its cool Mitch nickname, slipping a bit, then resurfacing in the 90s when it reached as high as Number 71. But it's fallen hard since then, sinking down to Number 592 in 2015. Mitchell Pritchett is one of the leading characters on the TV sitcom Modern Family.

Mitchell is an English/Scottish surname name, derived from a medieval nickname of Michael.

Famous People Named Mitchell

Mitchell Craig "Mitch" Pileggi, American actor
Mitchell Hepburn, 11th Premier of Ontario, Canada
Addison Mitchell "Mitch" McConnell, U.S. Senator from Kentucky
Mitchell Elias "Mitch" Daniels Jr.; American politician; 49th Governor of Indiana
Mitchell David "Mitch" Albom, American novelist and journalist
Mitchell Lee "Mitch" Hedberg, American comedian
Mitchell Neil William "Mitch" McGary, American basketball player
Mitchell William "Mitch" Miller, American oboist
Mitchell Guy Johnson, Australian cricketer
Mitchell Aaron Starc, Australian cricketer
Mitchell Coby MichaelMitch" Grassi, American singer of group Pentatonix
(Charles) Mitchell Henry, American NFL player
Mitchell "Mitch" Marner, Canadian ice hockey player
Mitchell Ryan, American actor
Mitchell Islam, Canadian ice dancer
Mitchell Parish, American lyricist
Mitchell Froom, American music producer
Mitchell Leisen, American film and art director
Mitchell William "Mitch" Evans, racing driver from New Zealand
Mitchell Coby Michael "Mitch" Grassi, American singer of group Pentatonix
Mitchell Donnell-Ralph Hughes aka TheBajanCanadian, Canadian YouTuber
Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston, son of American reality TV personality Bristol Palin and grandson of politician Sarah Palin

Pop Culture References for the name Mitchell

Mitchell Pritchett, character in the TV series "Modern Family"
Mitchell McDeere, main character in John Grisham's "The Firm"
Mitchell, minor character in the Hunger Games series
Mitchell Mouse, named used to introduce maestro Mickey Mouse in the Disney short, "Symphony Hour"
Mitchell Carson, character in the movie "Ant-Man"

Mitch, Mytch, Mitchill, Michell, Mitchel