Gender: Male Meaning of Peregrine: "traveler, pilgrim" Origin of Peregrine: Latin

Peregrine Origin and Meaning

The name Peregrine is a boy's name of Latin origin meaning "traveler, pilgrim".

Peregrine is considered to be an elegantly aristocratic name in England, but has never made it to the U.S., where it has been seen as extravagantly eccentric. In the new naming climate, though, it's not beyond consideration — in fact it's already been chosen by at least one Berry.

The meaning of Peregrine, which was borne by several early saints, relates to the transitory nature of life on earth, having nothing to do with the peregrine falcon. In literature, it is best known from the central character of Tobias Smollett's novel Peregrine Pickle.

Historically, Peregrine was the name chosen for the first English child born in the New World — actually on the Mayflower when it was docked in Provincetown.

And there's always the Mad Men-era nickname Perry to make Peregrine more user-friendly.

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Famous People Named Peregrine

Pop Culture References for the name Peregrine

Peregrin, Peregrino, Perry, Peregryn, Peregryne

Peregrine's International Variations

Pellegrino (Italian) Perine (Latin)


TessaDior Says:


I looove this name. Seriously considering it if we have a boy. I prefer the "-in" over the "-ine" for a boy though. I also think another cute nn option is Perrin. Pip, Pippin, Perrin, Pear-Bear, Perry - I love a name with so much nickname potential!!

cmailest Says:


This name is truly whimsical, but I seriously cannot see this name being used in "real life". I say unless you're famous or homeschooling your child for their entire academic career...stay away from this as a first name. :/ How about just Perry or Penn for the sake of the child?

tx903 Says:


That's probably because it's not a girl's name.

tx903 Says:


I agree, this name works well for a boy. A girl, ehh...

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Simply noting that this is a distinctively male name.

WintryMix Says:


LOL. My comment was from 3 years ago, so thanks for saying my now 2 year old’s name is “downright ugly.” I guess we can’t all be fortunate enough to be named Kaylon.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Nothing at all feminine about this name.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


On a boy it sounds distinguished, classic and rounded. On a girl, it is downright ugly.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


This isn't a female name, though. Nothing about the name is remotely feminine.

Kaylon O. Centres Says:


Harsh name to assign to a girl.

emilybelle Says:


No mention of Peregrin Took?!

NameLover 11 Says:


Oh love this name!! Great meaning, not to popular!! One of my favorite boy name combos right now is August Peregrine!! So handsome!!

Plus the peregrine falcon is my favorite bird!!!

AldabellaxWulfe Says:


I'm a huge Lord of the Rings fan, so I've had a soft spot for this name for a very long time, as it's one of the few names from the books/movies that I personally consider to be usable. And while Peregrine is a fine name all on its own, if a nickname were to be used then, no offense to Perry, but it would have to be "Pippin" for me.

Having said that, I favour the more gentle "pear-uh-GRIN" over the harsher "pear-uh-GREEN" pronunciation. And, contrary to some other opinions, I can't see how either of the two could possibly be considered as delicate enough for a girl. But that's just my opinion. In general though, I do think that it's a really cool and interesting choice that should hopefully start picking up some popularity with boys in the next few years.

Peregrine19 Says:


Commenting because this is my own (female) name and it rarely gets mentioned. I go by Perry and am totally cool with it.

Jazzy7 Says:


This name is soon handsome and I like the nickname Pip or Penn.

Floris Says:


Helen Peregrine? I think that sounds pretty. I went to school with a girl called Perrine (not in the US, btw).
I personally would prefer Helena Peregrine (but just because I like names ending in a...), but Helen Peregrine is really cute and plucky! :)

WintryMix Says:


Is it lunacy to be considering this as a middle name for a girl? First name Helen. I feel like it's unknown enough in the US as a name at all that the gender-bending wouldn't even register so much as the name itself.

Floris Says:


Why? Bullied by Alfie, Zachary, Oliver and Felix? Or Florence, Cressida and Allegra?
And anyhow, nowadays some parents give their children much more "exotic" names...

Floris Says:


In my family he'd probably be Pippo or Pippino. oh well, I guess it's still better than Perry.... Bt I'm a bit hesitant, I don't htink anybody has ever heard of this name where I live (well, unless people who read LotR, but that's spelled differently...)!

katinka Says:


Lovely name, and Pip or Pippin are adorable nicknames!

RoddyThlayli Says:


I prefer the nicknames Pip and Pippin to Perry (the platypus would probably inevitably follow it), but I think that Grin or maybe Eren would work as well.

yvonne_virginia Says:


I used to LOVE this for a girl (my absolute favorite name at the time) but now... I don't dislike it, but it doesn't appeal like that to me anymore. And it's only been a year!

I think it works well on either a boy or a girl.

ARead Says:


I love the Lord of the Rings link to this name--yes, it was spelled differently, but who didn't love Pippin?

Noetje Says:


There are only two proper nn’s for this name. Pip and Pippin. The end!

Eva Thyssen Says:


Not for a boy IMO. The -ine ending is very femenine and delicate.

mabespark Says:


Oh, I adore this name. It's strong and handsome and seriously, it's a falcon. Can't get much cooler than that. :D The only thing that I'm afraid of is the nickname Perry. *shudders* I vastly prefer Pippin/Pip.

raevynstar Says:


This is one of my all-time favorites boys' names.

clairels Says:


Please, no. For a girl, sure, but not a boy. He'll spend his school years face-down in a mud puddle.