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Gender: Female Origin of Joy: Word name Joy's Popularity in 2017: #336

The name Joy is a girl's name of English origin. Joy is ranked #336 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Girls and discussed in our forums with posts like "Girls Makeover - Two Middles".

From the experts:

Joy is from an older generation of word names, which also included Merry, Bliss, and Glory -- all of which exert a certain amount of personality pressure on a child. One interesting name that means the same thing: Chara.

Joy began to be used as a name by the seventeenth century Puritans, with the idea of "being joyful in the Lord." It came into more general use in the late nineteenth central, part of the revival of virtue names. Her high point was in 1974, when she reached Number 109 on the popular names charts. Joy has also been often used as a middle name. Two recent bearers: comedian/TV personality Joy Behar and Joy Mangano, the inventor whose life was the basis of Oscar-nominated biopic Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

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Famous People Named Joy

Joy Behar (born Josephina Victoria Occhiuto), American talk show host
Joy Philbin, American TV personality and wife of talk show host Regis Philbin
Joy Lynn Fawcett, American soccer player
Joy Elizabeth Williams, American singer-songwriter of The Civil Wars
Joy Harjo, American poet
Joy Adamson (born Friederike Victoria Gessner), Czech-British author and naturalist
Joy Lauren (born Lauren Joy Jorgensen), American actress
(Marilyn) Joy Quigley, New Zealand politician
Joy Ann Smith, Canadian politician
Joy Charity Enriquez, American singer and actress
Joy Uche Angela Ogwu, Nigerian diplomat
Joy Giovanni, American actress, model and pro wrestler
Joy Womack, American ballerina
Joy Garnett, Canadian-American artist
Joy Rae Brown, birth name of Joi Lansing, American actress
(Helen) Joy Davidman, American poet; wife of novelist C.S. Lewis
Joy Bryant, American model and actress
Joy, stage name of Park Sooyoung; singer, dancer, and member of South Korean girl group Red Velvet
Alison Joy Leggatt, English actress
Joy-Anna Duggar (b. 1997), 9th child (5th daughter) of the reality TV's Duggar family
Joy-Anna Willis (b. 2006), 10th child (7th daughter) of the family band, The Willis Clan
Joy Uygur (b. 2012), daughter of TV personality Cenk Uygur
Hannah Joy Gosselin (b. 2004), daughter of reality TV personalities Kate and Jon Gosselin
Heavenly Joy Jerkins (b. 2009), daughter of musicians Joy Enriquez and Rodney Jerkins
Amber Joy Halsey (b. 2015), daughter of athletes Jaime Moore and Steve Halsey; sister of Erin Aila and Eden Rose
Joy (b. 2017), daughter of model Jessica Michibata

Pop Culture References for the name Joy

Joy Mercer, character on TV's "House of Anubis"
Joy, character in the Wayside School series by Louis Sachar
Nurse Joy, character from Pokemon video game series
Joy, character from Disney's "Inside Out"
Joy Birch, character in 2013 film "Prisoners'
Joy Ruth Keenan, birth name of Dr. Temperance Brennan, main character on TV series "Bones"
Rachel Joy Cuddy, character on TV's "House, MD"
Joy "Ma" Newsome, character in Emma Donohughe's novel/film, "Room"
"Joy," 2015 film
"Joy Luck Club," 1993 film

Joie, Jioya, Joya, Joice, Joi, Gioia, Gioya, Jioia, Joia, Joyann, Joye


MargotBear Says:


I love this name! Short, sweet and beautiful!

Silverlight Says:


My name is Joy and I absolutely love it. I don't think it exerts any personality pressure over me at all. It really is a lovely name, but then again I might be biased a wee bit :)

Myanover Says:


Joy to me is a beautiful, positive name it is just lovely!!!!!.!

iolite Says:


So short and sweet. Reminds me of 'Infant Joy' by William Blake

dearvenus Says:


This is such an adorable name.

sometimeschessie Says:


I know a Joy, and she loves her first name, and irritates her when people assume "Joy" is short for "Joyce." I'd love to hear your ideas: why do you prefer Joyce as a first name over Joy?

TheHumanCanvas Says:


I don't think Joy exerts personality pressure on a child. As Nameberry rightly said, the name came from the Puritans, and it meant "joyful in the Lord," which doesn't refer to personality at all. It's not a synonym for "happy."

scblovesnames Says:


Joy makes a beautiful middle name. If used as a first it might be better to use Joyce.

indiefendi2 Says:


I've met boys with Joy as a middle name. I like virtue names for boys in the middle.

AliciaDawn Says:


Lyric. Definitely go with Lyric.

ShannonLim Says:


Are you looking for boy or girl names? I'd highly recommend you post a thread in the forums ^.^ There are many helpful members around to give you their opinions :)

jan11th Says:


Yes I am! We already have Marlin Joy running around (she goes by MJ, never her actual name) and Dexter James. My boyfriend and I love the names Ariadne, Krew, Starr & Lyric. Tell us what you think ! :) we are desperate

ShannonLim Says:


Are you having twin girls? :p

Some suggestions: Asta (like a star), Blythe (happy, carefree), Carys (love), Evie (life), Vesper (evening star)

jan11th Says:


i love Summer soo much but i think it would just be confusing :( I also love Starr but same problem.

jan11th Says:


Joy and Serena sound nice together ! thank you :)

ShannonLim Says:


I think Joy would work (I have known many Joys in my area) but I'm not keen on Sunny. Perhaps Summer would be a better alternative? Or Serene, Seren (meaning star)? Tell me what you think! :)

ogracefulxo Says:


Personally, I find the combo slightly overwhelming. However, I think Joy makes a lovely middle name... you could try that? xo

jan11th Says:


Would Joy & Sunny be a good sib-set? or is it TOO happy?