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Gender: M Meaning of Jack: "God is gracious" Origin of Jack: English, diminutive of John Jack's Popularity in 2015: #40

Jack was, until 2011 when he was unseated by Oliver, for years the Number 1 name in England and hit Number 40 last year, having returned to the Top 100 in 1996. Jack is a durable, cheery everyman form of John, and has been chosen for their sons by dozens of celebs, such as Matt Lauer, Luke Perry, Meg Ryan and Kirk Cameron.

How did John get to Jack? It went from John to Johnkin to Jankin to Jackin to Jack.

Familiar to all from earliest childhood via Jack and Jill, Jack Sprat, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Jack Horner et al, the name was so common in the Middle Ages that Jack became a generic term for a man.

Jack is still a recent favorite for novel, TV and movie characters, including "24" 's Jack Bauer, "Lost" 's Jack Shepard and "30 Rock" 's Jack Donaghy. Dads especially seem to like Jack.

Jack has been a top name across the English-speaking world, for well over a decade, and is currently still the Number 1 name in Scotland and Ireland.

The jaunty Scottish version is Jock.

Famous People Named Jack

John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy, 35th President of the United States
Jack Dee, English stand-up comedian
Jack Whitehall, English comedian and TV presenter
Jack Davenport, English actor
Jack the Ripper, English serial killer
Jack Ketch, English hangman notorious for his cruelty
Jackson Frayn "Jack" Harries, English actor and vlogger
Jack Kerouac, American novelist
Jack London, American novelist
Jack Nicholson, American actor
Jack White, American musician
Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black, American comedian and actor
Jack Hemingway, American writer
Jack Palance, American actor
Jack Wagner, American actor
Jack Nicklaus, American golfer
Jack Johnson, musician
Jack Bassam Barakat, guitarist for All Time Low
Jack Pratt, son of actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt
John Christopher "Jack" Depp III, son of Johnny Depp
Jack Holden Marsden, son of actor James Marsden
Jack Gordon Cassidy, son of American actor Patrick Cassidy
Jack Morris, American baseball player
Jack Joseph Osbourne, American celebrity and son of Ozzy Osbourne
Jack Haydon Langer Courteney, son of American actress A.J. Langer
Jack Steinberger, physicist and Nobel prize winner
Jack Whitehall, British Comedian and Actor
Jack William Jones, son of Ethan & Casey Jones (a quintuplet)
Jack Montgomery McDermott (1998), son of Dean McDermott
Jack Antonoff, American musician
Jack Wilshere, British football Player
Jack Falahee, American actor
Jack William Jones, quintuplet from "Quints by Surprise" on TLC
John Patrick "Jack" Douglass, American comedy vlogger
Jack Howard, British vlogger known as part of Jack and Dean
Jack Maynard, British vlogger
Sean "Jack" McLoughlin, Irish YouTuber personality and gamer
Jack Leon Lynch (b. 2013), son of former Belgian professional tennis player Kim Clijsters
Jack Lion Hartzler (b. 2014), son of American singer/songwriter Amy Lee
Jack Steven Dunham (b. 2015), son of American comedian Jeff Dunham

Pop Culture References for the name Jack

Jack/Subject Zero, Female Character of the Mass Effect video game trilogy
Jack Kelly, character from movie and musical 'Newsies'
Jack Hammer, character from 'Ace Attorney'
Jack Shipley, another character from 'Ace Attorney'
Jack Merridew, character from William Goldings award winning novel "Lord of the Flies"
Jack, character from "Into the Woods"
Jack Bauer, main character of the U.S. show "24" and spin-off 24: Live Another Day starring Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer
Jack Twist, a character in the 'House Of Night' series (PC Cast)
Jack Geller, Ross and Monica's father on "Friends"
Jack Bing, son of Monica and Chandler from "Friends"
Jack Plumb, character from novel "The Nest"
Jack Bristow, character from the series "Alias"
Jack Carter, character on "Eureka"
Jack Cox, character on "Scrubs"
Jack Dawson, main character in the film "Titanic"
Jack (John Francis) Donaghy, character on "30 Rock"
Jack Montgomery, rugaru on "Supernatural"
Jack Frost, from the animated movie "Rise of the Guardians"
Jack Simpson, main character in G. A. Henty's, Facing Death
Jack Gallo, character in "Just Shoot Me!"
Captain Jack Harkness, "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood"
Jack Hodgins, character on "Bones"
Jack McFarland, from the U.S. series "Will and Grace"
Jack Malone, character from the series "Without a Trace"
Jack Morgan, main character from the "Dragonback" series
Jack O'Neill, character in "Stargate"
Jack Sadelstein, from the movie "Jack and Jill"
Jack Shephard, male lead on the U.S. hit show "Lost"
Jack Skellington, from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
Captain Jack Sparrow, "Pirates of the Caribbean" series
Jack Stanfield, character of the 2006 film "Firewall"
Jack Thompson, character from TV's "Agent Carter"
Jack Trainer, character of the 1988 film "Working Girl"
Jack Tripper, male lead from "Three's Company"
Jack Twist, from Brokeback Mountain (short story and film)
Jack Torrance, the antagonist of "The Shining"
Dr. Jack McAndrew, character on the Red Band Society played by Dave Annable
Jack, a main character in Ken Follett's "The Pillars of Earth"
Jack Daniels, brother of minor villain Xavier Daniels, in "One Tree Hill"
Jack Simon, Kensi's ex-fiancé in "NCIS: Los Angeles"
Jack McDermott, character on movie "The Dream Team"
Jack Zimmermann, character in webcomic "Check, Please!"
Jack Bunch, character in "The Sims 3" computer game
Jack Johnson, six-year-old character on TV's "Black-ish"
Detective Inspector Jack Robinson, character in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
Jack Wilder, character in the movie "Now You See Me"
Jack Brewer, character from Disney XD's "Kickin' It"
Jack McPhee, character from "Dawson's Creek"
Jack Pearson, father of Randall, Kate, and Kevin on NBC's "This Is Us"
Jack Noir, character from webcomic "Homestuck"
Jack, also known as Ace, a character from "Are you Alice?"
"Jack and Sarah," 1995 film
Hit the Road Jack, song written by Percy Mayfield
"Jumping Jack Flash," song by the Rolling Stones
"Jack and Diane," song by John Cougar Mellencamp
"Jack Slade," 1952 western thriller
Jack and the Beanstalk, fairy tale
"Jack and Jill," a nursery rhyme
"Jack Be Nimble," a nursery rhyme
"Jack Sprat," a nursery rhyme
Little Jack Horner, a nursery rhyme
Jack Wills, British Clothing Line
"Jack Goes Boating", 2010 film with Philip Seymour Hoffman

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