Gender: Female Pronunciation: EL-oh-dee Meaning of Elodie: "foreign riches" Origin of Elodie: French, variation of Greek Alodia Elodie's Popularity in 2019: #862

Elodie Origin and Meaning

The name Elodie is a girl's name of French origin meaning "foreign riches".

Elodie derives from Elodia, the Spanish variation of Alodia, a gothic German name associated with Saint Alodia. Saint Alodia was a child martyr in 9th century Spain, along with her sister Nunilo. In France, Elodie is spelled Élodie, with an accent over the E.

The lyrical and melodious Elodie, a budding Nameberry favorite, could be a more sophisticated tribute to an Aunt Melody.

Élodie is a mono-named Italian singer and model as well as a major character in the Emile Zola novel The Earth. Princess Elodie is the protagonist of the video game Long Live The Queen and there was a character on The Hills named Elodie.

Back on the US Top 1000 in 2019 for the first time in over a century, Elodie is currently enjoying popularity in her native France and in England and Wales.

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Rank in US: #862

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Famous People Named Elodie

Pop Culture References for the name Elodie

Elody, Helodia, Helodie, Elodee, Helodea, Elodea

Elodie's International Variations

Elodia (Spanish)


Voltage Says:



ivy194 Says:


Well, Elodie is now my second favourite girls' name.

Times have changed lol.

I officially love her.

ivy194 Says:


Oh Elodie, oh Elodie. I want to like you. I swear. I really do. You have a nice meaning, and you're my style, but the way you're written and pronounced is just weird to me.
I don't like this name. Sorry.

I feel so bad! I really want to love Elodie but I can't.

I just don't like you and you look incomplete.

Elodie is just weird and, no offense, ugly, sorry, but not very nice too me

KaiLun Says:


I didn't care for this name when I first saw it but then I realized I wasn't pronouncing correctly. Now it nicely sounds melodic haha

Marauder Says:


We named our daughter Elodie Morgana in 2018 :)

Lauren6190 Says:


My little girl was born in July of 2018 and her name is Elodie Jessica May, I absolutely love her name. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the one for my baby. !!! I am slightly concerned about how popular it’s growing. It took my so long to find a such a pretty unique name! I’m also concerned as my partner wants to call our next child (if we’re lucky enough to have one) Penelope 😳

cmailest Says:


Such a cute name to use if you like the nickname/name "Ellie" :)

Sapphire Says:


I don’t pronounce the o in this name I pronounce this name as Ella-dee and I like it much better that way!

janefeb20 Says:


I think it's a very pretty name, but maybe too similar to Melody to me

ceruleanstardust Says:


I completely agree and both combos are lovely too.

Beatrix Says:


That's ridiculous! Kids will always find something to tease about. Go with the names you love.

Beatrix Says:


Love this name. Properly pronounced AY-lo-dee, if you want to stick to its roots.

Ruanne Says:


Thank you for sharing her story.

Ruanne Says:


How pretty. This one is bound to rise!

SharonLee Says:


I was going to use Scarlett Elodie or Elodie Scarlett until I saw the negative comments about being teased with "scar." I had Elodie and then noticed the "die" in the name. I love both of these names but I may be back to the drawing board.

Sady Thaleis Says:


I know this post is 2 years old but I would add my humble opinion to this tread.

I am a french Elodie and I can confirm you my mother choose this name because of the Greek origin, "flower of the field" or "fragile flower" which at least cover the same meaning. The latin meaning "propriety" is the root of the Spanish version "Alodia".

St Alodia was a young Catalan lady born from a christian mother and muslim father during the conquest of Spain by Saracen civilization. she used to be condemned to death when she decided to keep her mother religion and refused to convert to Islam. I never, in my whole life, heard about the "foreign riches" thing and I am almost 40 years old... and a longtime passionista for names etymology.

I am must add I am pretty curious about this new passion english-speaking mothers-to-be seems to have for my name. I wonder if it's because of the sound or whatever ? Here in France, the name tends to regain some popularity after been considered too much 80's for a long Time.

NameLover 11 Says:


I really like this name. It fits in with the "Elle" trend.

sophiejade Says:


This is one of the most beautiful names I've ever heard.. I would love to name my next daughter Elodie Iris.

FawnDance00 Says:


I absolutely fell in love with this name after there was a character named Elodie on The Musketeers

Hlynhart Says:


I have a 12-year-old Elodie, and when she was little her cousins all called her Dee Dee too! No one calls her that anymore though

abertawe Says:



fromtheocean12 Says:


Is this pronounced el-OH-dee, or ELL-ah-dee?

Sugaplum Says:


My daughter is Elodie Rose also! Born in Feb 2013. She couldn't say her own name when she began to talk, and referred to herself as Deedee so she has that now as her nickname.
I'm expecting another girl and can't think of anything I love as much as this name.

Eli Says:


I like Elodie and Eleni I just don't know yet

Leah3456 Says:


This name is so pretty!

KaylaLeFew Says:


love love love

Lumi Rose Says:


I prefer the pronounciation ell-OWE-dee to ELL-uh-dee.

Lindsey Rinaudo Says:


I have loved this name from the first moment I heard it years ago. After I met my husband and we got married in Paris, the French background of this name sealed the deal as the perfect name for a future daughter. This past February we named our daughter Elodie Grace and I love it.

I will say that there are many people who have no idea how to pronounce it (Eh-LOW-dee definitely annoys me) but its countered by the people who do know the name or are first discovering the name and freak out loving it when they hear it. We've been complimented on the name so many times - for the uniqueness and beauty of the name.

I adore this name and am proud of it. I'm hoping my Elodie can be proud of it and let it give her confidence on why I gave it to her -- it is beautiful, strong, unique and worldly. I also interpret the meaning "Foreign Riches" to be something that ties in closely to my husband and my love of travel... we're committed to taking Elodie all over the world. At 6 months she had already been (from NY) to MA, CT, FL, England, Spain, Portugal and France. Next year we'll be taking her to Denmark, Scotland, Norway and Iceland. This baby will certainly be rich in Foreign experiences.

thenameprincess Says:


I love this name and its meanings I'm just worried its too out there/ will become trendy

vito208 Says:


Oh nice ! Thanks ; )

Christy Says:


Elodie Rose is my daughter's name. She was born May 2013! We love the name and get compliments all of the time!

headintheclouds Says:


Elodie has really been growing on me recently. I first discovered it on Nameberry, and I was like eh it's all right- seems like it belongs to the group of trendy E- girl names (Eliana, Emelina) that are too much of variants from their original forms and don't feel like a "grounded" name to me (versus Eleanor, Emma, Evelyn etc.). But then I started taking French classes and hearing it and seeing it spelled out in French just made me fall in love with Elodie! It sounds sweet and dainty, regal and sophisticated and chic, very French :b

The meaning of the name is meh (foreign riches? eh.) but at least it's not terrible and I like that it has a legit meaning and roots VS. being a "made-up" type of frilly name.

I predict Elodie is going to get more popular in the future, and spawn all sorts of alternative spellings like Ellodee, Ellody, Aelloddy or whatever- that's why I tend to shy away from these kind of pretty E-names with universally loved sounds for girl names. Hope this doesn't happen though :/

asimmons21 Says:


I'm in love <3 Originally my little girl (who is due in July) was to be named Eden Rose - after discovering this name, the husband and I agreed that we both love it and the nickname variations you can get out of it! So now, our little one will be named Elodie Rose (Elly or El for short). We love it, and I can already tell it fits her perfectly!

vintageluvs Says:


I did some research on French sites. The website "Les Journal des Femmes" says (in French, translated by me) that the name has various meanings. It can be translated as "foreign riches", but also the Greek "wildflowr, flowers of the field" or "fragile flower" and the Latin "property". Another website that confirm this is "aufeminin canada". Most of the other websites if you type into Google Élodie prénom either promote the Greek or Latin meaning. Very few will tell you it is of Germanic origins.

vito208 Says:


I thought the same thing, I even have it in my 'nature names list' ..hmm..

Guest Says:


@vintageluvs - I thought the same thing, I even have it in my 'nature names list' ..hmm..

Sorceress Says:


I had too choose between this and Melody, and I chose Melody (I had great middle name for it, which I didn't had with Elodie). Sometimes, I miss Elodie and want it back on on the list, but, even though I plan to have only one kid and not use all names on my list, I get negative comment for having Elodie and Melody in the same post. So, I chose Melody.

ShunPun Says:


This is, currently, my dream name. I'm praying it doesn't get extremely popular.

EleanorAll1 Says:


I knew someone named Elodie once and she was lovely. A real factor for me in favor of this name.

helenlouise Says:


Such a musical, pretty, sophistocated name, I really do love this one.

BabyNameCrazy95 Says:


I'm trying to decide on Elodie or Harlow for my next baby ehh decisions xx

Alicia1 Says:


I don't get the popularity of this name, it looks incomplete. It looks like a misspelled Melody.

Kailagood Says:


Felicity would be my first!!! :)

vintageluvs Says:


I always thought Elodie meant "fleur des champs" or flowers of the field. Did I make this up or is this a legit meaning?

kelken17 Says:


This is my 18 month old daughters name and I just love it. We get compliments all the time but have to tell people how to say it "like Melody with out the M" is just what I say, easiest/quickest way to do it. Her middle name is Roy which is also her fathers and it just goes so well together we say her full name a lot

NaomiNY Says:


It's a nice name, but not something I would name my daughter after reading the book "Hex Hall". There's a snobby dark witch in the book whose name is Elodie.

Rush1986 Says:


i think you should go with Elsa. You have said you liked it for a long time and if anyone asks just say "no she isn't named after frozen". My sister get asked that all the time with her daughter and she just corrects them and moves along. People get over it quickly.

Katiedh7 Says:


What's your first favourite? I'm trying to decide between Elodie and Elsa for my daughter. I loved Elsa but I'm a little reluctant with Frozen's popularity.

ambg Says:


This is one of those names like Ofelia that I would never name a child, but I sure love the name. Very melodic and classical.

Kailagood Says:


My second favorite name!