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Gender: Male Meaning of Colin: "pup" Origin of Colin: Diminutive of Nicholas or Irish and Scottish Colin's Popularity in 2017: #228

The name Colin is a boy's name of Scottish, Greek, Irish origin meaning "pup". Colin is ranked #228 on our popularity charts and is often added to lists like Names from Harry Potter and discussed in our forums with posts like "Change two letters (5 names)".

From the experts:

Thanks to its dashing Anglo-Irish image--due partly to Colins Firth and Farrell-- and its c-initialed two-syllable sound, Colin and its cousin Collin have enjoyed a long run of popularity, reaching as high as Number 84 in 2004.

The usual pronunciation of Colin is COLL-in, but the alternate COLE-in version was publicized by General Colin Powell, the first U.S. African-American Secretary of State, who was named after World War II hero Colin Kelly.

Literary cred: Colin Craven is a character in The Secret Garden, and Colin Creevey appears in the Harry Potter books.

Both Kevin James and Kiss's Paul Stanley have young sons named Colin, while Tom Hanks has a grown one.

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Famous People Named Colin

Colin Luther Powell, American general and 65th Secretary of State
Colin Ford, American actor
Colin Lewes Hanks, American actor; son of Tom Hanks
Colin Andrew Firth, English actor
Colin Egglesfield, American actor
Colin James Farrell, Irish actor
Colin Morgan, Irish Actor
Colin Campbell Cooper, American painter
Colin Alexander Cunningham, American actor
Colin Edward Quinn, American comedian
Colin Rand Kaepernick, American NFL football player
Colin O'Donoghue, Irish Actor
Colin Thomas Hannah, Australian Air Force commander; 19th Governor of Queensland
Colin Ward, English anarchist writer
Colin Todd, English footballer and manager
Colin Kelly Jost, American actor and comedian
Colin John Bond, Australian racing driver
Colin Cowherd, American radio sportscaster
Colin Patrick Henry Meloy, American lead singer of band The Decemberist
Colin Donnell, American actor
Colin Michael Stanley (b. 2006), son of American musician Paul Stanley

Pop Culture References for the name Colin

Colin Craven, character in F.H. Burnett's "The Secret Garden"
Colin Creevey, character in the Harry Potter series
Colin Fisher, intern on TV's "Bones"
Colin Hart, character on TV's "Everwood"
Colin Hargreaves, character in the Lady Emily Ashton series
Colin, character in "George Dandin ou le Mari confondu" by Moliere
Colin McCrae, character on TV show "Gilmore Girls"
Colin Singleton, in "An Abundance of Katherines" by John Green
Colin Thatcher, a main character in Mary Kubica's novel, "The Good Girl"

Collen, Colan, Cole, Collyn, Collin, Colyn, Collon, Kolin, Collan

Colin's International Variations

Cóilean (Irish Gaelic) Coilin (Irish) Cailean (Scottish Gaelic)


cheesy-biscuit Says:


It wouldn't be pronounced 'Cole-in'. It would be pronounced how it's supposed to be. There are lots of more far-fetched nn's.

cheesy-biscuit Says:


I love this name so much because to me it ages really well and is really cute but I feel everyone would make fun of him/me for naming my child that because it's so oldie. I love the meaning too. A good nn option could be Cole for when the child is a teenager

podsolnechnik13 Says:


It sounds like colon when it's pronounced that way.

Phoebe_Rebecca Says:


I love the name Colin. I think its meaning is also incredibly cute. I also really like the nickname Cole for when the child is younger. I think it's chic and sweet and could suit anyone. I will definitely using this.

beachbear Says:


I love this name...but I don't love when people pronounce it like Colon.

LV51sfan91 Says:


Love Colin;)

EW314 Says:


I find it interesting and even a little amusing that Americans seem to love this name so much. Colins Firth and Farrell are indeed attractive namesakes, but they must be about the youngest Colins in the country! It's such a dad name to me, along with others I see cropping up on NB a lot (Ian, Graham, Julian, etc.) It's not a terrible name, but no matter how hard I try I just can't picture a Colin under the age of 30.

Impwood Says:


I love this name!

headintheclouds Says:


To me, Colin is the ultimate new-classic name. Not in the way of Joseph, Robert, William, more in the vein of Frederick, Julian, Oliver. IMO these are the best kinds of classic names, ones that sound familiar but more distinctive and not overused or common.