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Gender: Male Meaning of Boaz: "swiftness" Origin of Boaz: Hebrew

The name Boaz is a boy's name of Hebrew origin meaning "swiftness". Boaz and is often added to lists like Bible Names for Boys and discussed in our forums with posts like "Name Association Game".

From the experts:

Now that such Old Testament patriarchs as Elijah and Moses fill the playground, Boaz seems downright baby-friendly, having more pizzazz than many of the others, perhaps as a successor to Noah.

A name that was used by the seventeenth century Pilgrims and is still heard in Israel, but is a rarity in the U.S., Boaz is associated with the Jewish holiday Shavuot, as that is when the Bible story of Ruth is read in the synagogue, and Boaz was Ruth's wealthy and generous second husband, making it logical for Boaz to sometimes be given to boys born at that time.

Extra added attraction: one of the all-time great nicknames — Bo.

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Famous People Named Boaz

Boaz Yakin, American screenwriter and director
Boaz Toporovsky, Israeli politician
Glyn Oliver "Boaz" Myhill, British footballer
Boaz Theofilius Erwin Solossa, Indonesian footballer
Boaz Davidson, Israeli film director, producer and screenwriter
Boaz Joost van Velzen (b. 2012), son of singer VanVelzen

Pop Culture References for the name Boaz

Boaz, the left pillar in the Temple (1 Kings 7:21)
Boaz Priestly, a character from the movie "Ten Inch Hero"

Bo, Boas, Boase


letmein Says:


The "az" part sounds like "a" word for butt. Lmao

NykkiJo Says:


Could this really be a trendy name? It is a good Southern boy name right up there with Bubba and Rhett. I have trouble seeing a Boaz in a metropolitan family, unless they are actually Jewish or something.

MirandaNameNerd Says:


My son's name is Boaz, nicknamed Bo. We get some raised eyebrows, but I love it!

DearestJules Says:


Thank you! Actually I just came back from Sunday school and the name came up today in class. I like the "bo-az" pronunciation, but I still like "boze" for some reason as well. Does sound like Bozo, though.

kendallrhea1 Says:


It's a Hebrew name pronounced "bo-az" :)

DearestJules Says:


Love this name! But is it pronounced "boze" or "bo-az"?

Frankie Says:


Boaz is one of my favorite unexpected ways to get to the nickname Oz.