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Baby names can take their meanings from a range of sources, and these lists organize them for you. We've got Baby Names That Mean Powerful and Names That Mean Handsome, there are lists of baby names with Christmas meanings and those that relate to the seasons.

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  • Boy names

  • "A" names for girls

    My favorite names that begin with the letter "A".

  • "T" and "L" Middle names

    Names That I love for middle names. Although I'm sure they would be great first names as well.

  • .... Jack Hart ....

    What to use as a first name ?

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  • 10 Names

    Confession: I'm one of THOSE girls that daydreams about names that sound good with HIS last name, even though we're not even close to that point in our relationship... friendship... acquaintance... Anyway, I hope Mr. Man'll have his own well-thought-out opinions (do guys think about this like girls do?), but if not, this is what I've got. I even found middle names. I focused on meaning as that's becoming important to me. But rhythm factored in (Mr. Man has a one syllable last name); I avoided one-syllable middle names. "Why 10?!" b/c I want 5-9 kids. Even with 4 in mine I felt we had more love to give. But I never want to be the parent who doesn't have time to KNOW/LOVE/CHERISH each child uniquely; I've seen families with 9 who do this- others not quite, so we'd play it by ear. But 10, being in the teens, seems too extreme (for me). I'm a fan of adoption, too! There is nothing more beautiful than second chances : ) Obviously Mr. Man will have a say but he's not here yet...

  • 10 Things I Hate About You

    Boys & Girls

  • 11 Names // It's a Hill, Get Over It

    Maybe you are a walker. Maybe you like good hilltop views. Maybe your baby was simply born in a hospital on a hill. These names all have 'hill' in their meaning.

  • 2 Broke Girls

    Boys & Girls

  • 2012 baby girl list