Halloween Names

I love babies named after the time they were born. With Halloween approaching, why not look these dark/spooky boy and girl names for your Halloween baby! - Created by JJWay

  • Abraham

    Linked to Abraham van Helsing, from Bram Stoker's Dracula.

  • Adrian

    A wonderful baby boy's name, often seen to mean Dark and Black.

  • Adriana

    Female version of Adrian.

  • Aiden

    The meaning of Aiden is always in associated with fire, my favourite being 'Bringer of Fire'. The name comes from the Celtic Sun God/Fire God Aodh. A subtle Halloween name for your firey baby.

  • Alcina

    Alcina is a sorceress in the opera of the same name by George Frideric Handel, and the name is often associated with enchantment.

  • Amaya

    This name is commonly thought to mean 'Night Rain', but is actually Basque for The End.

  • Ash

    Ash is of course the word for Burnt Remains. Could be lengthened to Asher, Ashton or Ashley.

  • Auburn

    A name to go with the orange/brown tint of Autumn.

  • Aurora

    Aurora has a magical sound to it, being the name of the Nothren Lights. It's also the name of the Roman Goddess of the Dawn.

  • Autumn

    A season name for an Autumn baby.

  • Aylin

    Turkish for Halo Around the Moon.


    Atropa Belladonna is a plant commonly known as Deadly Nightshade for it's poisonous properties and dark colour.

  • Blair

    Lovely name, often linked to the Blair Witch Project.

  • Blake

    A great juxtaposition meaning both Dark and Light.

  • Blakeley

    If Blakeley isn't to your taste this is a great alternative. It means Dark, Pale Meadow.

  • Bram

    Bram Stoker, author of Dracula.

  • Brenna

    This name means Fire, Burning, Raven and Dark.

  • Briar

    A plant with thorny or prickly stems. e.g Roses.

  • Buffy

    Linked to Buffy Summers, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  • Cain

    Well known as Adam's son and the Earth's first murderer. Also spelt Kane.

  • Candy

    A sweet and sugary Treat.

  • Carmilla

    Carmilla is the name of a Gothic Vampire novel by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

  • Carrie

    Linked to the Stephen King novel of the same name. Or you could use the full version Carrietta.

  • Casper

    A name often associated with friendly ghost.

  • Catherine

    With Cats being an iconic part of Halloween, any name with the nickname Cat is a perfect subtle Halloween name. Also spelt Katherine.

  • Chandra

    Despite being a female name, Chandra is the name of the Hindi Moon God.

  • Chucky

    Linked to Charles 'Chucky' Lee Ray, from Child's Play. Could instead use Chuck, or lengthen to Charles or Charlie.

  • Circe

    Greek Goddess of Magic

  • Claret

    Dark red blood colour.

  • Cole

    Prefect short boy's name, meaning Dark, Coal-Black and Charcoal.

  • Corbin

    Comes from the Anglo-Norman, and Romanian, word 'Corb' meaning Crow or Raven.

  • Cordovan

    A deep brownish red to go with the orange/brown tint of Autumn.

  • Crimson

    Dark red blood colour.

  • Cynthia

    Cynthia is another name for the Greek Moon Goddess.

  • Damian

    Despite starting out as a friendly name, being close to the Greek word for Spirit, it is now seen as demonic after so often being used for the name of the son of the devil.

  • Damon

    If Damian is too demonic for you...

  • Delaney

    Delaney comes from the Irish Gaelic 'Dubhshláine' meaning Dark Challenger.

  • Dolores

    Not so much creepy, but a sad meaning of Sorrow.

  • Draco

    This is of course the name of Harry Potter's nemesis but it also means Dragon.

  • Ebony

    A change of pace to Raven, Ebony meaning Dark Black Wood, is great for a baby born in the darker time of year.

  • Echo

    Who doesn't find an Echo in the middle of the night unnerving? More commonly used for a girl.

  • Edgar

    Linked to Edgar Allan Poe, noted for his Gothic, almost Supernatural Poems.

  • Elvira

    The meaning of Elvira is uncertain, but definitely has a Gothic feel to it. Often it means White and Fair, a ghostly image. Or Gothic for Trustworthy. It's more often entwined with the Don Juan legend.

  • Eve

    For those sweet little baby girls born on All Hallows' Eve.

  • Fairy

    If Faye/Fay is far too subtle why not go with Fairy.

  • Fallon

    A name meaning Leader and Superiority for a baby born in the Fall. Could also use Fallan or Fallen.

  • Faye

    Spelt with or without the 'e', Fay is another name for Fairies.

  • Frank

    Not a name with a dark meaning, instead the name of early Frenchmen. Though the name is short for Frankenstein, an icon Halloween character.

  • Franklin

    If Frank isn't to your taste...

  • Freddy

    Despite meaning Peaceful Ruler, the first thing that comes to mind with Freddy is Freddy Krueger, Nightmare on Elm Street. You could use fuller version, Frederick, or shorter, Fred.

  • Garnet

    A blood red gemstone.

  • Gertrude

    Saint Gertrude was the patron saint of Cats.

  • Hallie

    Cute baby name, short for Halloween

  • Hannibal

    Linked to Hannibal Lecter, from the horror movie Hannibal.

  • Hazel

    Hazel is a prefect name for the orange/brownish tint of Autumn. Hazelnuts are also harvested mid-autumn.

  • Helena

    The name means bright and shining, but if the name Hela/Hella isn't to your taste, this name is absolutely beautiful. A more subtle link to Hell and Halloween.

  • Helga

    An Old Norse name meaning Holy and Sacred, again can be used if Hela/Hella is not to your taste.

  • Hella

    Apart from the obvious link to the word Hell, Hela is also another name of the Norse God Loki's daughter Hel, Queen of the realm by the same name.

  • Heloise

    A beautiful name if Hela/Hella or Helga isn't to your taste.

  • Henna

    Perhaps Autumn's verison of Hannah, with it's red/brown colour.

  • Ichabod

    A biblical name meaning 'Glory is Gone'. It's often linked to Ichabod Crane from Washington Irving's The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

  • Ingrid

    A lovely old fashioned name, also quite vampiric.

  • Jack

    This name actually means 'man', and came from the name John. But the name is shared with Jack Skeleton from Nightmare Before Christmas, is The Joker's real name in the 1989 Batman movie, and of course Jack Torrance from The Shining.

  • Jacob

    Linked to Jacob Grimm, from the Brothers Grimm, authors of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

  • Jason

    A great boy's name meaning to heal, used as the antagonist in Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees.

  • Jet

    Jet is the name of a black mineraloid made from decaying wood.

  • Jezebel

    An interesting name, with an interesting story. The biblical evil queen of Israel has a stained reputation, and one you should read before using Jezebel. On the other hand, Jezebel along with Lilith are two strong independent women.

  • Jinx

    Another word for Spell.

  • Katherina

    Nickname Cat/Kat.

  • Keir

    Although the name sounds similar to 'care', it generally means Dark or Dusky.

  • Kiera

    Female version of Kieran, also meaning Little Dark One.

  • Kieran

    Meaning Little Dark One.

  • Layla

    Beautiful girl's name meaning Night Beauty. Also spelt Laila.

  • Lazarus

    A name associated with resurrection, from the biblical bearer who Jesus rose from the dead.

  • Lenore

    Lenore was a character in the Edgar Allen Poe poem The Raven, and who also wrote a poem called Lenore.

  • Lilith

    A beautiful name with a dark background. Lilith was Adam's first wife who refused to submit to him, and later became the first demon.

  • Luna

    Name comes from the Roman Moon Goddess. A pretty name for your daughter born under the Halloween Moon.


    This name comes from the Old Norse Máni (Moon) and Dís (Goddess), together it means Moon Goddess. Also spelt Mánadís.

  • Melanie

    A gentle baby name meaning black and dark.

  • Melantha

    Dark Flower

  • Minerva

    Roman Goddess of Magic.

  • Misty

    Your own little magical Mist.

  • Morgan

    A very powerful sorceress, and antagonist to King Arthur.

  • Mortimer

    This comes from Mortemer, which comes from Mer and Morte which means Pond and Dead. The meaning of the name is often seen as Dead Sea.

  • Nebula

    Often seen to mean Misty; in astronomy a Nebula is the name of a hazy mass around stars.

  • Nedra

    Female name meaning Underground and Nether.

  • Neko

    Is Japanese for Cat.

  • Neoma

    Another Moon themed name, meaning New Moon.

  • Norman

    Norman Bates, crazy murderer of Psycho.

  • Nyx

    Greek Goddess of Night

  • Octavia

    Similar to October


    Nerium Oleander is an evergreen poisonous shrub. Pronounced Oh-lee-an-der.

  • Pandora

    A beautiful name with an interesting origin. In Greek mythology Pandora is first mortal women to walk to Earth. She is gifted a pithos by Zeus on the day of her wedding and told not to open it. When she does out of curiosity she releases all evils to spread over the Earth.

  • Phoenix

    The name means dark red, but is also a symbol of immortality. When the mythical bird known as Phoenix dies it resurrected from it's own ashes.

  • Pomona

    Since Autumn is the season of Harvest, what better than for your baby than the Roman Goddess of Harvest.

  • Raoul

    An unique looking name meaning Wolf-Counsel.

  • Raven

    A large black bird made famous from the Edgar Allen Poe's poem 'The Raven'.

  • Regan

    The girl from The Exorcist

  • Roan

    Means Little Red One, a name for your cute little devil. Also spelt Rowan, Rowen and Rowyn.

  • Rosemary

    Linked to the horror movie Rosemary's Baby.

  • Rune

    Coming from the word Runes, it has an air of mystery to it, and does mean Secret.

  • Sabrina

    The name is linked to Sabrina Spellman from Sabrina the Teenaged Witch.

  • Salem

    Although meaning Peaceful, the name is often associated with the Massachusetts's town which held many Witch Trials during the Witch Hunt of 1692.

  • Scarlett

    Not only is it the colour of blood, but it also has the 'scar' sound at the beginning.

  • Selene

    Name of the Greek Moon Goddess. If not Selene, there's always Selena.

  • Solomon

    A name meaning Peace, but often associated with the Zombie DC Villian and Poem Solomon Grundy.

  • Stephen

    For those of you who are fans of the classic horror novels by author Stephen King. Alternatively you could spell this Steven, or go with Steve. If your having a girl: Stephanie.

  • Sullivan

    The meaning of Sullivan is Black-Eyed, or Dark Eyes. Demons are often characterized as having black eyes.

  • Tala

    Cute and simple, meaning Wolf.

  • Talon

    A Talon is a sharp claw, often from a bird of prey.

  • Thanos

    Although it's often said to mean Noble, this name could have derived from Thanatos, the Greek God of Death.


    A constantly redeveloped name, going back to mean Thor's Wolf or Thunder Wolf.

  • Twila

    Could be seen as short for Twilight.

  • Victor

    A popular name in Tim Burton movies, also a name for many comic book villains. The name is also connected to Victor Frankenstein.

  • Videl

    The name means Life/Alive but is also an anagram of Devil.

  • Vladimir

    The name Vladimir is often associated with Vampires.

  • Wanda

    Take away the 'a' and we have Wand. A rarely used name, meaning wanderer, for your Halloween Witch.

  • Wednesday

    Even better if your daughter is born on a Wednesday. Linked to Wednesday Addams.

  • Wilhelm

    Linked to Wilhelm Grimm, from the Brothers Grimm, authors of Grimm's Fairy Tales.

  • Willow

    In English folklore Willow Trees are magical and sinister, able to uproot themselves and stalk travelers. In Japanese tradition, the tree is associated with ghosts, and is popular belief that a ghost will appear where a Willow grows.

  • Zilla

    A sweet baby name meaning Shadow. There's also the connection to Godzilla.