Arabic yet english/american names

Hey, i am 20 years old & surprisingly not expecting a baby lol But I've always wanted to pick international names for my future babies that are arabic yet useful in the western culture as well. It's not easy at all! Thats why I'm starting to look for such names very early :) - Created by Meshail96

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  • Aria

    I don't think i'm naming my baby this name but it's cool. Spelled آرية in arabic & it means the aryan language. to be honest i don't really like the meaning that's why i'm not considiring it

  • Basil

    Spelled باسل. Not that popular but i like the nickname baz.

  • Dana

    spelled دانة/دانا and means: pearl

  • Donna

    Cute unusual name. Spelled دنى in arabic & means: plural of life

  • Ebba

    spelled إباء, unusual in the arabic community. means: to extremely refuse humiliation and to hate every immoral attitude

  • Elias

    Spelled إلياس, a prophet's name, mentioned in the holy Quran. i really like the nickname Elie. LOVE IT

  • Fay

    Spelled في in arabic. Popular. I don't think i really like it but it's a cool arabic/english name

  • Jana

    same as Janna

  • Janna

    spelled جنا/جنى in arabic. mentioned in the holy Quran.

  • Layla

    It doesn't mean night guys, it's a common mistake! Spelled ليلى in arabic & means the light, giddy feeling when one has the first drink, that is, not drunk but on the way to being drunk, the beginning of the intoxication. Sadly I can't find a nickname for it :(

  • Lilac

    spelled ليلك has the same meaning in english which is a name of a flower.

  • May

    Spelled مي. Means a small beautiful deer. It would be cool if the baby was born in the mounth may

  • Samara

    Spelled سمارة in arabic. Means: night talk. Which would be a great name if i had her at night. Kind of unique in the arabic world because the name Samar (which is a verb of samara (talking at night) is more familiar

  • Savannah

    My favorite!!! Spelled سفانا/سفانة in arabic. I like it since i was little