2014 ABC Names List

A list of my top 26 baby names of 2014, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet, for boys and girls. - Created by SweetPraline

  • Abram

    A Biblical name meaning "high father" in Hebrew.

  • Audrina

    An English name meaning "nobility" or "strength'.

  • Bishop

    An English name meaning "bishop" or "overseer".

  • Briar

    An English name meaning "a thorny patch".

  • Callum

    A Scottish name meaning "bald dove". In Gaelic the name means "servant or disciple of Columba".

  • Cora

    A Scottish name meaning "seething pool". In English the name means "maiden".

  • Deacon

    An English name meaning "dusty one" or "servant".

  • Delphine

    A Greek name meaning "dolphin"; also the name of a 13th century French saint.

  • Emma

    In Swedish the name means "universal". Can also mean "nurse" in Teutonic, as well as "whole" or "complete" in German and English.

  • Ethan

    A Biblical name meaning "strong" in Hebrew.

  • Ford

    An English name meaning "river crossing".

  • Francesca

    An American name meaning "free".

  • Georgia

    An English and German name meaning "tiller of the soil" or "farmer".

  • Griffin

    A Welsh name meaning "strong in faith".

  • Hanalei

    An English name meaning "search" or "voyage".

  • Henna

    A color name meaning "reddish dye".

  • Holden

    An English name meaning "from the hollow in the valley". The Teutonic meaning of the name is "gracious".

  • Isla

    A Spanish name meaning "devoted to God". The name of a river in Scotland.

  • Ivan

    A Hebrew name meaning "gift from God". The Spanish meaning of the name is "archer".

  • Juliette

    A French name meaning "youthful".

  • Justus

    A Biblical name meaning "just" or "upright".

  • Kieran

    A Celtic name meaning "dark skinned". In Gaelic the meaning of the name is "black".

  • Kiva

    A Hebrew name meaning "heel" or "replaces". (See also: The Irish name Keeva meaning "gentle" or "precious".)

  • Linden

    An English name meaning "the linden tree".

  • Lucas

    A Biblical name meaning "luminous" or "white".

  • Magnolia

    A English name meaning "flowering shrub". After the Magnolia flower.

  • Micah

    Biblical name meaning "poor" or "humble". Also means "gift from God" in Hebrew. (I prefer the spelling "Mikah" for personal reasons.)

  • Naomi

    A Hebrew name meaning "pleasant". The Biblical meaning of the name is "beautiful" or "agreeable".

  • Nash

    An English name meaning "by the ash tree".

  • Olivia

    A Latin name meaning "olive", the symbol of peace.

  • Orion

    A Greek naming meaning "rising in the sky" or "dawning". Orion was a mighty hunter and son of Poseidon in Greek Mythology.

  • Parish

    A French name meaning "ecclesiastical locality". A parish is the area under care of one pastor or priest.

  • Persephone

    In Greek Mythology Persephone is the wife of Hades, God of the Underworld.

  • Quinn

    A Celtic name meaning "wise". This name also means "counsel" in Gaelic, as well as "intelligent" in Irish.

  • Rhett

    A Welsh name meaning "ardent" or "fiery". Rhett Butler was a hero in the novel "Gone With The Wind".

  • Rowen

    An Irish name meaning "red haired".

  • Sutton

    An English name meaning "from the south farm".

  • Sumner

    A French, and also English, name meaning "summoner".

  • Thane

    An English name meaning "follower", also the title of a Scottish lord.

  • Tziporah

    A Hebrew name meaning "bird". The Biblical wife of Moses.

  • Ulises

    Variation of the name "Ulysses", the clever and resourceful mythological hero of Homer's "The Odyssey".

  • Ulla

    A Biblical name meaning "elevation". Can also mean "leaf" or "young child".

  • Vaughn

    A Welsh name for "little". In Celtic the meaning is "small".

  • Viveca

    A Scandinavian name meaning "life".

  • West

    An English surname meaning "west town".

  • Willa

    An English name meaning "resolute".

  • Xavier

    A Spanish name meaning "owns a new house". In Arabic the name means "splendid" or "bright".

  • Xia

    A Greek name meaning "welcoming" or "hospitable".

  • Yuma

    A Native American name meaning "chief's son".

  • Yves

    A French name meaning "yew" or "archer".

  • Zachariah

    A Biblical name meaning "Memory of the Lord".

  • Zahra

    An Egyptian name meaning "flower". In Arabic this name means "white".