Biblical Names

A list of biblical names and their meanings - Created by estherrose0103

  • Aaron

    A teacher; lofty; mountain of strength

  • Abigail

    The father's joy

  • Abraham

    Father of a great multitude

  • Adam

    Earthy; red

  • Anah


  • Andrew

    A strong man; manly

  • Anna

    Gracious; one who gives

  • Ariel

    Altar; light; lion of God

  • Asher


  • Augustus

    Increased; augmented; venerable

  • Ava

    Variation of Eve; from Chavvah, meaning life; from Ivah, meaning iniquity

  • Barnabas

    Son of the prophet; of consolation

  • Bartholomew

    A son that suspends the waters

  • Ben

    A son

  • Benjamin

    Son of the right hand

  • Bernice

    One that brings victory; bearer of victory

  • Bethany

    House of song; the house of afflictions; house of dates; house of misery

  • Caleb

    A dog; a crow; a basket; bold, impetuous

  • Candace

    Who possesses contrition

  • Chloe

    Green herb

  • Claudia


  • Cornelius

    Of a horn

  • Cyrus

    As miserable; as heir, King of Persia; the son of truth

  • Dan

    Judgment; he that judges

  • Daniel

    Judgment of God; God my judge

  • Darius

    King of Persia; kind man; he that informs himself of a king

  • David

    Well-beloved; dear; beloved; king

  • Deborah

    Word; thing; a bee

  • Delilah

    Poor; small; head of hair; Samson's mistress; languishing

  • Diana

    Luminous; perfect

  • Ed


  • Eli

    The offering; lifting up; my God

  • Elijah

    God the Lord; the strong Lord

  • Elina

    Goddess like

  • Elisha

    Salvation of God

  • Elizabeth

    The oath; fullness; of God

  • Emmanuel

    God with us

  • Esther

    Secret; hidden

  • Ethan

    Strong; the gift of the island; loyal

  • Eve

    Living; enlivening

  • Ezekiel

    The strength of God

  • Ezra

    Help; court

  • Felix

    Happy; prosperous

  • Gabriel

    God is my strength

  • Gideon

    He that bruises or breaks; a destroyer

  • Hadassah

    A myrtle; joy

  • Hannah

    Gracious; merciful; graceful; she that gives

  • Immanuel

    God with us; God is with us

  • India

    Praise; law

  • Isaac

    Laughter; he laughed; laughing one

  • Isaiah

    Salvation of the Lord; God's salvation; Jehovah is helper; salvation is of the Lord

  • Jacob

    That supplants, undermines; the heel; supplanter; one who follows on another's heels; he that supplants or follows after; supplanted

  • James

    Same as Jacob

  • Jared

    A ruling; commanding; coming down

  • Jason

    He that cured; he that will cure; one who will heal

  • Jemima

    Handsome as the day

  • Jeremiah

    Exaltation of Jehovah; raised up; appointed by Jehovah; whom Jehovah has appointed

  • Jesse

    Gift; oblation; one who is

  • Joanna

    Grace or gift of Jehovah; whom Jehovah has graciously given; grace or gift of God

  • Joel

    He that wills or commands

  • John

    The grace or mercy of the Lord; Jehovah's gift

  • Jonah

    (Or Jonas) a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer

  • Jonathan

    Given of God

  • Jordan

    The river of judgement

  • Joseph

    Increase; addition; remover or increaser; may God add

  • Joshua

    A saviour; a deliverer

  • Josiah

    The Lord burns; the fire of Jehovah

  • Judith

    The praise of the Lord; confession; praised; celebrated

  • Julia

    Downy; soft and tender hair

  • Kenan

    Buyer; owner

  • Leah

    Weary; tired

  • Levi

    Associated with him; joined; to adhere; adhesion

  • Lilith

    Demoness of the night

  • Lucas

    Lucius; luminous; white

  • Luke

    Luminous; white; light-giving

  • Malachi

    My messenger; my angel

  • Mara

    Sad; bitter

  • Mark

    Polite; shining; the evangelist

  • Martha

    Who becomes bitter; provoking; a lady

  • Mary

    Same as Miriam

  • Matthew

    Given; a reward; gift of Jehovah

  • Micah

    Poor; humble

  • Michael

    Who is like to God?

  • Miriam

    Rebellion; rebellious; bitterness; their rebellion

  • Moses

    Taken out; drawn forth; to draw; drawn; taken out of water; a son

  • Naomi

    Beautiful; agreeable; sweet; pleasant

  • Nathan

    Given; giving; rewarded

  • Nathanael

    The gift of God

  • Nicolas

    Victory of the people

  • Noah

    Rest; consolation; motion

  • Norah

    Same as Noah

  • Paul

    Small; little

  • Peter

    A rock or stone

  • Philip

    Warlike; a lover of horses

  • Rachel

    Ewe; God's ewe

  • Rebekah

    Fettered by beauty

  • Reuben

    Who sees the son; the vision of the son; behold a son

  • Rhonda

    A rose

  • Rufus


  • Ruth


  • Samson

    His son; his service; there the second time

  • Samuel

    Lent of God; heard by God; asked of God

  • Sapphira

    That relates or tells

  • Sarah

    Lady; mother of the multitude

  • Sarai

    My lady; my princess

  • Seth

    Put; who puts; fixed

  • Sharon

    Plain (as in land)

  • Sia

    Moving; help

  • Silas

    Three, or the third

  • Simon

    That hears; that obeys

  • Solomon

    Peaceable; perfect; one who recompenses

  • Stephen

    Crown; crowned

  • Susanna

    Lily; rose; joy

  • Susi

    Horse; shallow; moth

  • Tabitha


  • Thomas

    A twin

  • Toby

    (Or Tobias) the Lord is kind

  • Uriah

    The Lord is my light or fire

  • Zachariah

    Memory of the Lord; remember by Jehovah; remembered by the Lord

  • Zechariah

    Remembered by the Lord

  • Zia

    Sweat; swelling

  • Zion

    Monument; raised up; sepulchre