Baby Girl Names :)

List of potential name's we love, for our daughters. - Created by ToBe_MummyMadi

  • Aniyah

    A form of Anya meaning Gracious or Merciful

  • Ari

    Meaning Lion

  • Aloura

    Meaning My God is my Light

  • Avaline

    Meaning is Life

  • Beatrix

    Meaning Blessed, She who brings Happiness

  • Evie

    Meaning Life

  • Elixcen

    A form of Elixir, meaning Magical Potion

  • Jossalyn

    Meaning Little Goth

  • Macy

  • Nadeen

    Meaning Hope

  • Noa

    Like the traditional boy's name Noah but without the 'H', meaning Rest or Peaceful

  • Quintessa

  • Rosie

    A form of Rose, meaning Flower

  • Sadie

  • Sage

    Meaning Herb or Prophet

  • Teighaar

    A form of Taylor and a unique spelling