Golden Names

Names that mean gold, are related to gold, or are about gold. Inspired by the names of our family pets, which all have gold themed names. Goldie, Oro, and Pyrite! - Created by Hopelesscause07

  • 79

    Gold's atomic number.

  • Aureli

    Means Golden. Polish version of Aurelius.

  • Aurelio

    The golden one. Italian version of Aurelius.

  • Au

    Atomic symbol for gold. Boy or GIrl.

  • Aurum

    Latin word for gold. Boy or Girl.

  • Baojin

  • Chrysanthemum

    Means golden flower. Could call her Anthem.

  • Crisanta

    Golden flower. Could call her Santa.

  • Coin

    Golden Coin? Its a stretch.

  • Eldora

    Covered in gold. Could call Dora or Dory.

  • Flavia

    Golden, Blond. Latin. Historic Roman clan name.

  • Gilda

    Covered in gold.

  • Goldie

  • Hurasu

    Babylonian for gold.

  • Karrot

    Like 14K Gold. Get it?

  • Melora

    Golden apple. Greek.

  • Millaray

  • Nugget

    Like a gold nugget. Get it?

  • Ofira

  • Ophira

  • Oro

    Spanish for gold

  • Paziah

  • Peta

  • Precious

    Because gold is a precious metal.

  • Pyrite

    Name of Fool's Gold. Boy or Girl.

  • Seventy Nine

    Gold's atomic number.

  • Standard

    Because of the Gold Standard.

  • Tawny

  • Tungsten

    A metal used to counterfeit gold bars and coins because they have an almost identical density.

  • Xanthe

  • Xantho

  • Xanthos

  • Xanthus

  • Zahavi

  • Zarina

  • Zariza

  • Zehava

  • Zorina