Japanese Word Names

Word names are all the rage these days. But if you don't want your kid to be one of the many nouns in his/her classroom but like the meanings, looking to words in other languages might help. An exotic language such as Japanese can provide many alternatives to virtue and word names but mean the same thing. They also have the added value of Kanji script. - Created by Aurra

  • Amari

    Not very much (Uh-ma-ree)

  • Ami

    Rain, Candy (Ah-meh)

  • Anime

    Animation (Ann-eh-may)

  • Hana

    Flower, Nose (ha-nuh)

  • Haru

    Spring (Ha-rue)

  • Hito

    Friend (Hee-toe)

  • Hitori

    Person (Hee-tor-ee)

  • Kawaii

    Cute (Kuh-why-ee)

  • Keitai

    Cell phone (Kay-tie)

  • Kiiro

    Yellow (Keee-ro)

  • Kintama

    Golden eggs (Kin-tom-uh)

  • Kirei

    Beautiful (Kee-ray)

  • Kuro

    Black (ku-ro)

  • Midori

    Green (Mee-do-ree)

  • Murasaki

    Purple (Mu-ruh-suh-key)

  • Natsu

    Summer (Not-sue)

  • Nene

    Dream (neh-neh)

  • Raidon

    Thunder god (Rye-doe-n)

  • Sakura

    Cherry blossom (Sa-kur-uh)

  • Shiro


  • Sutekina

    Lovely, gorgeous (steh-kee-nuh)

  • Tora

    Tiger (To-ruh)

  • Tori

    Bird (To-ri)