Baby Boy's :)

A list of name's that my Husband and I are seriously considering for our future children. We love unique, uncommon, nature and word names. - Created by ToBe_MummaMadi

  • Amaziah

    Meaning Strength of God. Nickname Ziah

  • Bently

  • Bramwell

  • Caedin

    Meaning Fighter. We chose this name of behalf of my parents

  • Dallas

    Meaning Meadow Dwelling

  • Dalton

    Meaning Valley Town

  • Evander

    Meaning Good Man

  • Harlan

    Meaning Rocky Land

  • Huxley

  • Harlow

    Meaning Mound of People

  • Jace

    Meaning The Lord is my Salvation

  • Jessen

    Nickname Jesse

  • Maverick

    Meaning Wildly Independent. Nickname Mave

  • Myall

    Meaning Soldier or Gracious and Merciful

  • Preston

  • Quinciy

    Nickname Quin

  • Seth

    Meaning Appointed

  • Soren

    Meaning Stern

  • Theo

    Meaning Divine Gift